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It was an Earthquake in Iran

earthquake_iran Yesterday I posted about the building wobbling (my new word). It turns out it is the aftereffects of a 5.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Iran. It was later reported that it was felt on the coastline in Kuwait. My colleague and I thought it was related to a construction nearby.

29 Responses to “It was an Earthquake in Iran”

  1. The Building Just Shook | N. |

    [...] Update 2: It was actually an earthquake in Iran. [...]

  2. EniGma |

    I KNEW IT!!! gilt the bed shaking wasnt normal, i thought it was le2ana it was 8 am and i still haven’t slept lol.

  3. Navy Girl |

    seeee i told ya someone was dancing ! :D

  4. Laialy_q8 |


  5. 'GreY |

    oooops ! that was close innit ?

  6. Swair |

    Sub7an Allah shlon the aftereffects are like a ripple in the water.. scary..

  7. Missy-TheOriginal |

    It’s all your fault! Go stand in one corner and think about what you did =P

  8. eshda3wa |

    oh man, that was one strong quake!

  9. Shayouma::: |

    Oh that is scary..

  10. princess |

    that sucks!! i much prefered the theory of it just having the ability to shake it shake shake it shake it shake shake it shake it like polaroid picture

    ok now go away! u ruined it!!

  11. Chirp |

    LOL @ what missy said!!!!

  12. Noufa |

    why didn’t that earthquake hit Kuwait? I want some action :/

    j/k of course :P

  13. Zed |

    i knoew it, thats what when you feel the building shaking again, you get the fuck out. you think the survivors of 9/11 stayed in the building after they felt it “shake” ???

  14. Zed |

    what the hell did i just comment??? i lost my ability to type proper english after this earthquake

    what i mean is

    “i knew it, when you feel the building shaking again, you get the fuck out. you think the survivors of 9/11 stayed in the building after they felt it shake ???”

  15. Zed |

    which superhero am i?

    peter patrelli, i dont mind being pratt either oh wait peter patrelli has all the powers

  16. Kaos |

    Hmm, so what they taught us in geography about the gulf area being out of earthquakes’ reach is false? anyone has any information on that?

  17. pearls |

    what he felt were only earthquake vibrations, bas wow

  18. N. |

    lol! Yeah very freaky!

    Navy Girl,
    lol, and who would that be?


    Yep! Very close!

    Yeah sub7ana Allah! I wonder how the ocean looked from above, if it actually rippled or not!

    Mine? I think these vibrations were because someone was throwing a fit while losing playing video games on the Xbox! ;P cough *cheater*

    It certainly was!

    lol! afa :p I say get your boom box, and lets test it out! The building might get in a shakin it mood lol.

    Psh, yeah, who’s she kiddin! :p


    Now who’s on something? Care to share? You know sharing is caring! lol.

    I probably wouldn’t have stayed if it was a little stronger than how it was. I was really on guard! What’s with the superhero thingie?

    Yeah, I really dunno about that. Technically speaking Iran isn’t in the middle east, err or so I think. I can’t remember from geography class!

    Yep! Imagine, it was freaky.

  19. Angelo |

    Better call my parents and see if they have felt it too.

  20. N. |

    Check with them, I doubt it though it was very subtle!

  21. Marzouq |

    Thats pretty funny! We felt nothing in Shuweikh! Also our buildling is two stories! So nothing there!

  22. N. |

    Yeah I doubt you’d feel it there! It was funny and freaky, though more freaky lol.. I started questioning my own sanity and that aint fun loooool!

  23. Vixen |

    How come I never feel them ?!! what time was it 8 am ? I prob wouldn’t feel our neighbors house blowing up :P

  24. Zed |

    i’m just watching too much HEROES

  25. N. |

    lol, yeah around 8-9am! That.. I’m sure you’d feel hehe.

    you are! I want that muscle adapting ability, you can see anything and do it whenever u want!

  26. Navy Girl |

    loooooooooooool laaa dont get me wrong :P Iran was dancing :D

  27. Mrm |

    dear iran,

    plz just send us some aash n kabab.. and of course some of ur bread… none of this natural disaster crap ok?


  28. lone.rangeress |

    Lucky u felt it! I’ve always wanted to feel an earthquake or atleast be aware of it while it lasted!…..earthquakes r truly interesting!! wow..

  29. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    LOL! It sure was, and thats a very very big dance! :p

    lol. Welcome! ;D

    It didn’t feel good really, it was very odd. They sure are interesting, careful what you wish for :p

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