Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Indecent Exposure

Woman leaving the elevatorA few minutes ago I was in the elevator (there’s something about elevators and I..) with two guys, they were talking about work. The elevator stopped on the next floor and a smokin hot lady got on. She was pretty, wearing a tank top, and tight jeans. I won’t go much into graphic descriptions but the guys talking paused for five seconds and then kept on talking.

She got off the elevator a few floors later. There was another five seconds of silence and the guy next to me bursts out, “Ya Allaah, there should be a law against this! People are in considerate its Ramadan, and people shouldn’t be wearing this!” The other guy says, “Yeah, this is totally not appropriate!” Then I say, “Yeah, they banned food.. ” I stopped, cause I had no Idea what I was getting at.

It was obvious that she was hot, and was wearing somewhat revealing clothes. These guys obviously seemed bothered by it. I didn’t care, I was admiring the pretty designs on the elevator door.. they’re kind of embossed, a little shiny, and you can actually see a distorted… OK I’ll stop. Ahem.

A law would probably be too much. I’d settle for shades.

41 Responses to “Indecent Exposure”

  1. Ri |

    I can almost taste the hypocrisy at the back of my throat.

  2. KJ |


    I’ve seen a lot of cleavage around the office unfortunately during Ramadan.. Some guys here tried to educate them about it but they replied “well how about you not look at me in a horny way?”.

    She was right about it too, I suppose, but she would also help if she would wear a skirt below the knees and button more than 2 buttons on her ridiculously small blouse

  3. 'GreY' |

    i dont know what to say here …. Bless the hot women ? yeah ! guess thats it !

  4. Laialy_q8 |

    “Yeah, they banned food”
    that’s the best you could do!!!!!!
    a9lan mako 3ilaqah

  5. Sarah |

    A woman who isn’t ashamed to be a woman, even when she knows she will be judged by conseravtive and hypocrite freaks… What a beautiful picture!

  6. Shale |

    Who gets credit for denying temptation when their is no temptation?

    How can you possibly get Allah-points when the Ramadan sacrifices are not something you do out of your own conscience, but something that you are forced to do?

    I mean, if I was living in Bahrain, then I would be doing just as good a Ramadan as you, minus the praying. It would not be because I would be a good Muslim, but because I would have to.

  7. Tooomz |

    Pretty picture.

  8. N. |

    It happens, more than you’d think.

    It would help if she wouldn’t tease, and if the guys wouldn’t look. You’re right about that. It is more of a team thang, lol!


    I know! I don’t even know where that came from.. :p I didn’t even say “eating food in public” I just said, “banned food” haha!

    Yeah :D She did what she did. They’re more at fault than her really.

    I agree so much. I can’t even understand why they put bans on eating in public. I don’t really know, but I wonder, was eating in public banned in older days when fasting was first imposed on Muslims? I don’t think there is a religious law against it. I could be wrong.

  9. N. |

    Tooomz, it sure is ^_^

  10. Missy-TheOriginal |

    I think your reply n reaction was cute lol

  11. princess |

    loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool u were fixated on the elevator door ha?? hehehhehee

    and its funny ino u were begining to ramble on hehehehheheehe

    allahuma inik 9ayim :p

  12. blue dress |

    Heelllooo why look “qetho al nathar”

  13. N. |

    There’s nothing cute about a guy being cornered! :/

    I was! Allahoma eny 9ayem!

    blue dress,
    ee walla, thats what I did, el7emdellah.

  14. Marzouq |

    They are just being ridiculous! This is the kind of thinking that I find stupid, if they don’t have the ability to not look then its there fault for being idiots and weak willed. I think they should be able to wear whatever they want, and its always about reason, nudity isn’t accepted but stupidity shoudln’t either.

    This is the type of thinking putting the fault at someone other then the person proceeding with the action.

  15. shurouq |

    Yeah.. they banned food

    Thanks for the much needed laugh, N.

  16. chikapappi |

    Ahaa… the engraved embossed designs were pretty nice huh! :P

  17. Very.Q8ya |

    3ilaQtik ma3a il (aSanSair) wayid wa6eeeda =p

    zain o 3al shabbain il la6effaain .. qitho il bassar lain alla yafrej’ha =/

  18. N. |

    “Nudity isn’t accepted, but stupidity shouldn’t either.” — Marzouq. I’m gonna quote you! You’re right!

    You’re most welcome :)

    It is! You have got to see it! :p

    Jeddan wa6eeda!
    EE walla ;/ qath el basar ba3d el wa7ed shesawi..

  19. Intlxpatr |

    I cannot praise a fugitive and cloistered virtue – Milton

    Where would it stop? If you cover me head to toe, might my sexy little toes peeping out of my shoes cause you a lustful thought or two? The length of my fingers, encased in my black cotton gloves? My profile under the niqab? It’s all my fault? Ban food!

  20. N. |

    You’re right, where would it stop. Some people want to stretch their limits into other’s territory, they can’t do that. You enjoyed the food comment didn’t you! lol.

  21. Fayoora |

    LOL! 3ayal layshofoon ib jam3atna .. Mini skirts, Mini dresses, Leggings and short shirts with tummies out.

    Today there was this Kuwaiti girl with a really tight short dress..
    I to my cousin : Do you think it’s okay if they were like this in ramadhan?

    I’m kind of not realy against what people wear .. kaifhum bas wayed asma3 sbayan yit7al6imoon. so i too think its wrong to wear such things in ramadhan .. y3nee there sure should be some RESPECT.

    wala this other girl passed
    Me: OH MY GOD.. is this a dress or a shirt?
    La seriously? moo noo3y a3aliq :P
    bas THIS was tooooo much!
    lo ana min il m6aw3a chan 6ageit’ha 3ala Ryoolha lenna literally BADE3AT!!
    china Men’s shirt .. y3ne bas imgha6e her butt then kil iryoolha revealed … ITS RAMADHAN!! i7tarmay gheirich !!!! inconsiderate people

  22. shoosha |

    tara in kuwait in general the dress code 9ayer metfa9e3 eshway :S its not all about ramadhan. Ham mo ib ramadhan il banat imbad3een oo as fayoora mentioned the mini skirt, ee 9aar shay 3adi, awal you would be ” obay eshlabsa hathy” now u just pass by without giving that much of the attention.
    bas as the say, ” live and let live” fa kaifhum

  23. AlleyCat |

    LOL good one N :P

    Personally I think individuals (both men and women) should exhibit better self control around these kind of situations during ramadan. Yes the chick.. sorry i mean the HOT chick should have been more considerate and respectful BUT at the same time the other occupants of the elevator once again should have tried harder not to notice lol

    Think of it this way… inconsiderate people like the HOT chick can provide us with more ‘Allah Brownie’ points if we worked on our will power shwaya and avoided temptation.. or the thought of it ;)

  24. MishMisha |

    i’m sure the elevator doors were very pretty (^_^)

  25. N. |

    Yeah, I heard el jam3at in general are mostly like Hollywood blvd! lol. What’s up with the fashion there? And its true, I used to be one of the guys that complained! Especially guys from ages 16-25 or so (mostly) easily get swayed by what they see. And its a shock sometimes, the guy turns around and sees thighs in his face! lol..ok yeah but I think both ppl should just be considerate of each other :p

    eh bs leh emuta, awal mini skirts was too much, al7en 3adi, then what? until ppl start walkin naked! (or in bikinis!)

    I totally agree with you, they both should be considerate. If the woman knows how hot she is, why does she have to flash that around! :p we see it! we get it! :p I love the ‘Allah Brownie’ points thing! :D

  26. N. |

    They were :p

  27. Angelo |

    Was she a Kuwaiti or from another nationality?

    It’s ironic really because most Kuwaiti guys wear shorts above the knees and yet they pray while wearing them. Double-stranded. but your replay…instant classic :)

  28. Vixen |

    How come we don’t get to see any hot men! It’s always the women who are on display u_u..

  29. N. |

    It looked like she was from another nationality, but who knows. She could have been Kuwaiti! You never know these days.

    I have no clue. I think men complain about hot women, but I don’t see women complaining about hot men haha!

  30. palo-girl |

    nice door huh? :P

  31. Vixen |

    Because there aren’t any :P

  32. Shayouma |

    I think the way your dress shouldnt really be any different in Ramdan, I mean, Allah is not going to yi7aseb only in Ramdan, you know..

  33. N. |

    It is! :p

    lol, I’m sorry I can’t really agree or disagree there!

    It probably isn’t, but it seems that it is more noticeable during Ramadan!

  34. |

    its silly banning everything and expecting people to just follow it. wheres the sense in that? its like saudi people; inside the country everything is restricted, just see how some of them act as soon as they leave on holiday; total baboons. we have one huge headache in bahrain every weekend cuz of them.

  35. N. |

    That must be a total pain! I’d hate it if every weekend foreigners were there to wreak havoc!

  36. Navy Girl |

    hehehe stop looking I hate it when men stare :P ay foood N lol :P

    seriously .. I believe in freedom yet still with limits .. I mean you cant go out naked and not expect others to stare at you or call you names lol :p but yep .. they should have some rules against overexposed clothes during work .. I mean even abroad you cant wear anything at some places .. its just not professional at all .. you cant work with a high heel or with a tight short skirt etc .. you can wear whatsoever you wana whenever you wana .. yet when it comes to work .. I think they should do something about it

  37. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    lol, who’s staring!

    Well, you see, the thing she’s a customer not an employee! It would be much different if she was an employee. If she was wearing revealing stuff and she was an employee, that would definitely fall under the law of sexual harassment! (I think it does, doesn’t it?).

    We have hot customers, what can we do? :p

  38. pearls |

    loool! that was funny !! :p oo ee sij ya3ni ppl lazem ye7tarmoon this month, lana i think some girls yetlai3enon they dress like this ib rmethaan! :P oo btw ur food comment?! :P WAT?!? nice post btw ;p

  39. Navy Girl |


  40. N. |

    lol there are girls who do this on purpose? :/ 7aram 3alehom! Have some compassion! :p I was probably hungry ;/

    Navy Girl,
    Of course! ;P

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