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Hala February Carnival Aftermath

I haven’t been to the carnival neither have I seen how pretty it was. The only thing I saw was later that evening when we went to see Jumper at Al Fanar. We were shocked to see these scenes. The next day however, everything was very clean and tidy, but none the less. It was very dirty that night.

Hala February Carnival Aftermath

Hala February Carnival Aftermath

Hala February Carnival Aftermath

Hala February Carnival Aftermath

I only have one question. Did it really have to be that way?

37 Responses to “Hala February Carnival Aftermath”

  1. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    :( so bad wallah! and it’s annoying becasue it’s kuwaitis who do that.. I noticed the non-Kuwaitis take more care than us.. sad.. You should check the Swiss carnival, the next morning, it’s like nothing happened! Donno when they clean, those clean freaks loool!

  2. Shaymaa |

    Dear God! I have never seen anything like this! Not even in Hajj!

  3. Mrm |

    yalait 3ala shay yswa….hala febrayer kilish mayswa, its a joke!

  4. GreY |

    lol! if you come to Block10 Salmiya , it looks like that any given day. One of the clener told me that his company has told him to pick ‘kachra’ only from the streets, not the footpath. for 18KD salary a month i don’t expect anything better. Kuwait Govt should stop giving private tenders if it cares about the cleanlyness. (sorry i derailed the topic)

  5. Skinny Bumblebee |

    Next year im setting to clean it!

  6. Amethyst |

    No, but they seem to like it that way!;\

  7. Sushi |

    Um, what’s so strange? If you’ve ever been to carnivals in Geneve, Greece, South America its very normal that the streets get littered, even worse than this. I7na bilkuwait mo mit3almin nsawi carnivals so maybe everyone isn’t used to seeing this but it’s really 3adi after such occassions- happens around the world =)

  8. Ri |

    I missed it too. I saw the aftermath. I guess as long as it was taken care of the next day, it’s all cool.

    I’m going for Jumper tonight. Was it any good?

  9. suspic |

    It’s bound to happen when a shitload of dirty people get together in a parade with no trash cans in sight.

  10. Nasser |

    Clean freaks! hehe, well I don’t know about the next morning, but by the next night the street was clean spick and span! I think it was just that night and yeah generally I have also noticed that kuwaitis take less care then others, hmm or those that I have seen at least!

    Actually in Hajj I saw something very similar to this. It was so sad really, the saddest part was the people who were laying around everywhere when we left mina (either to and/or from..) can’t quite remember but it was such a sad sight!

    Hehe, 7aram mrm.. the kids love it :p I’m not being sarcastic.. :l

    Yeah I don’t expect it either. Well you see these companies have deals from the Govt for BIG bucks.. but well, you can imagine the rest!

    Skinny Bumblebee,
    Enshalla :p

    Yeah.. ;l

    I understand, I was thinking the same way too, but carnivals shouldn’t be messy. Why should they be? Or cleaning shouldn’t be at the end, should it? Maybe we’re asking for too much here.. Oh and this event seems like the perfect opportunity to promote cleanliness as well!

    Yeah I was surprised the next day, impressed too! The movie was alright, the story was interesting but there was no depth to it. The action was HOT! Tell me if you like it or not.. I enjoyed it, it was a nice average entertaining movie, not a WOW movie for sure.

    Yeah, interesting point about the trash cans! So true..

  11. Laialy_q8 |

    7eeef 7eeef …

  12. Nasser |

    What’s 7eef 7eef?

  13. Soul |

    yuba 3adi nafs ma galat sushi! everywhere chethi ey9eer after el carnaval bas next morning they clean it! wela bas taboon tet7al6omoon 3la everything? ;p 7emdo rabkom some countries showare3ha chethee all the time.. mani gayla wain :X

  14. lone.rangeress.63 |

    those images actually made me smile, in a weird way;p i saw the pic.s and sensed that they actually had fun.. and that shud be gr8… shudint it?

  15. Navy Girl |

    its such a shame really .. bs aint it the case in all over kuwait ??? its always like that !!

  16. Very.Q8ya |


  17. eshda3wa |

    how hard can it be to throw away ur trash in a freaking trash can

  18. FourMe |

    I second sushi and soul. Its a normal outcome after a carnival. You should of seen the trash that was left after the carnival in aug in london. They were removing the trash from 8pm till 5am!

  19. Shoush |

    My God..

    I never liked Hala Febrayir.

  20. Marzouq |

    Very sad that it reaches that point! People aren’t responsible for their own mess!

  21. M. J. Kout |

    if i didn’t know i’d say we’ve been hit with a tornado or a new invasion happened.
    kil hal 3afsa for a couple of hours carnival ? ashwa ina ma 6awal

  22. newbride |

    wooow this is sad walah , i don`t know why it`s only in kuwait people celebrate like that

  23. Elaine |

    It does happen in my country too…and I guess in most places. We need to grow the disciplines of every individu and the earlier we start it the easier we do it. Children can be taught easier than adult.

  24. desert-roses |

    your pictures gave me an inspiration for Koas, I was just reading his blog, he wanted an idea for a comedy speech…
    I think he should talk about the carnival, I was making fun of the kids who showed on tv, and all what they did was singing, criticizing in return our education system who teaches our kids singing and dancing , now the trash thing came up!
    I find it cool!!

    What do you think?

    well, since Kuwaitis still use housemaids in thier houses then, who you got to blame ??!! :P

  25. KJ |

    It is good that it got cleaned up, although there was no reason to make it a mess to begin with. When it is National Day here, people just literally throw everything out of the window. On any other day it is a 500 dhs fine

  26. KJ |

    BTW if I still haven’t told you, I am truly impressed with the look of your blog. It is so professional :)

    I guess I am gonna WordPress when I will be making a pro-related blog

  27. Kaileena |

    Well you are in Kuwait..what did you expect?!

  28. Vixen |

    I didn’t know there was a carnival ^^ 7eloo Jumper? i wanna go bas ma77ad yabee ywadeni!

  29. Maya |

    Utterly disgusting. Do people not respect themselves anymore to care about their surroundings? Leaving things in the hands of others only gets you into trouble. Oh and to top it all off, they’re the ones who think they’re impeccably clean.

  30. Cat |

    eeeeew .. thats bad ! and dirty !

  31. Angelo |

    Oh dear God. I’ve never seen so many trash in one place. It seems when Kuwaitis party…they damn party.

  32. fadidra |

    a lot of effort they spend on “halla Feb” however, mako effort, organizing, or even good plan for after the party lol.
    halla feb sucks big time!!

  33. asoom |

    The part that I”m shocked about is that it was all totally cleaned up the next day. now that is something!

  34. Mai |

    So’alik bareeea’ … Sorry, people may think it should be!!

    Alla yahdeehom … No responsibility at all ! Alsharha 3alla their parents!

  35. Hamad |

    is it only the trash after a carnival.?
    or is there more to see .? and expect .

  36. Nouf |

    Ugh, what a mess!! and a shame.
    im used to see the same and even worse in my lovely country :(

  37. ammaro |

    that just ends up happening at carnivals, etc… and unless the kuwaitis (and the gulf ppl in general) learn to change these habits of throwing everything they dont want on the floor, out of the car window, etc, well, our baladeya will have quite a job every morning to do :p

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