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Foreign labor is destroying our country; Part 2

In part 1 of this series I only opened up with a question for all to answer. The question was: Has foreign labor affected our country negatively? I do admit, I got some very positive feedback from everyone. I thank you all very much!

Many of you mentioned that the topic of foreign labor is very large. We cannot talk about every aspect of this topic in detail and hope to reach some positive outcome in the end. I picked the issue of responsibility for today, as I believe it is one of the most important effects of foreign labor in our community.

I thought about why most people do not like to work here. Why do they prefer to take the easy way and have someone else do it for them, or do a very poor job and be OK with that. I came to the conclusion that these people do not understand the importance of their work, and the repercussions it has on society as a whole.

Where does this lack of responsibility and accountability come from? There are a couple of ways a person can end up that way, and I have developed a theory. I could be wrong, I could be right; this is only my personal opinion.

When we start to import foreign labor and depend on foreign workers to do our jobs, we become at ease. We start to enjoy living a casual life, and become dependent on these foreign laborers. How do you think a small child would act and think when he sees that his parents depend so much on a maid or a driver to do their work?

You might say, “…but there are rich people who have servants do everything for them!” These rich people are known to be strict to force their children to learn about responsibility, and accountability while still enjoying a regular life full of servants and drivers who do a lot of their work for them.

This is evident when you go to a government bureau. Who knows what everything is, and how things need to be done? It is usually the tea guy, the farrash (janitor), or the courier. These employees are paid low wages, and they know how everything is done because they are the ones who are doing most of the work*.

The problem revolves around the dependency on foreign labor. We can see this when we compare ourselves to the west. — pause. I said we can compare ourselves to the west, but that would probably turn off a lot of people who think, “Why do you want to be like USA… All the Kuwaitis want to be modern and westernized.” Fine then, let us compare ourselves to how we used to be in the older days.

People lived simple lived, in simple homes. Everyone in the house had a job to do and men were men, women were women. Regardless of the question of equality, everyone had their own responsibilities and they developed that since they were young. They only depended on themselves, and the idea of being responsible and accountable for their actions grew in them.

These people grew up to be responsible people. They grew to be people who had done some hard work earning a living. For those who were at home, they cleaned and cooked on their own. They knew when something had to be done; it had to be done right.

You may wonder if this is going to be it. Am I just going to stop here and finish complaining? That is not all, I have thought of a solution. Again, this is my personal opinion.

How can we learn to be more responsible, and how can we raise a more responsible generation? Is the answer to exile all the foreign workers? No. There are two main influential parts of society that have to take a role in this solution. The families and the government.

The families need to teach their children about responsibility. They themselves might find it hard, but they must learn and must teach their children. You can teach by giving chores, by recognizing hard work and encouraging working together, for a better good (in this case, the betterment of the situation at home for example.)

The families need to limit the roles and responsibilities of the laborers. You can’t have the worker do every single thing for you. You have to be the role model; you have to get up and go get your own things. You’d have to do your own work, especially if you want it done right and done your way.

The government has to enforce accountability and responsibility from the top down through its own hierarchy. They have to teach their employees that every single paper in a file is important. Losing that document is not an option.

They have to preserve the rights of people. When there is a sense of responsibility and accountability there is a natural inclination to deciding what is best for the country as a whole, and not make decisions based on personal affiliations, or personal grudges against others in the community.

Again, I wish to clarify that this is a personal opinion. This is not based on any research, or scientific data, but the science of my mind and what I see and hear. I would hope, and pray that the situation does get better in this country. I am doing what I can, by speaking my mind and putting this out there in hopes that those of you can learn something or see something from a different perspective. Thank you for taking the time to read this very long post! God bless you all!

* I understand this is not true to all agencies, but this is an opinion of a lot of public offices and ministries.

25 Responses to “Foreign labor is destroying our country; Part 2”

  1. Swair |

    I love your use of punctuation marks :p

  2. Laialy_q8 |

    there is a lot of truth to what you said … but there is a lot more to it

  3. Nasser |

    ALL thanks to you for proofreading it for me :D

    There is a lot more to it, but this could be a small beginning, a theory that could be further investigated. A hypothesis lets say.

  4. Sushi |

    Kil 3illah bidirah min soo2 itarbiyah. Mako nas trabi 3adil, they grow up and become irresponsible, rude, mannerless creatures with no substance that roam around the streets with no principles, faith or identity. Then to compensate they immitate the West blindly and immitate the wrong things.

    6ool 3omorna 3aishin barra likuwait fi byoot z’3eera sh7alat’ha o bidoon 5adam, ma9ar feena shai, lankasrat idna wala ryoolna. I don’t know why here we have to live in castles that force you to bring in labors. I don’t have anything against big constructions, I just hate carelessness o complete dependence.

    From a positive side, I’m happy to see a lot of newly weds with me at work who refuse to bring in labors in their small apartments. They choose to start off their lives very productively mashallah. Some of them even postpone having children until they organize themselves and improve emotionally, spiritually and financially. Their husbands help wash the dishes, take the laundry. I feel these things bring them together no matter how silly they are- its about being a family. Allah ykathir min amthalhom wihaneehom ya rab.

  5. :::ShoSho::: |

    I really like what you said.. I am going to comment on my part as a woman, a mum. See I don’t have a maid. I live abroad. I have to cook, clean, sort things out in the house, wash alongside my parenting chores such as washing the kids, helping in homework and all that. I have a lady who comes 2 times in the week for like5 hours. i pay her for each hour. I need her mostly for ironing because I just H.A.T.E it lool.. bas, I don’t have a maid in the house with me all the time..

    It can be hard sometimes, especially when I have 3azeema or I have to go out. I can’t leave my little kid with someone, I usually plan it with his father to look after him. But I am happy this way. I once had a maid for 5 months but i made her leave, I felt i was being suffocated lol maybe if i was in Kuwait it would be different who knows but in Kuwait or out, i don’t like to depend on them in everything. I prefer to keep my kids in nursary than leave them at home with babysitters/nannies etc..

  6. Marzouq |

    alah yestir, I really don’t know whats going to happen to our government in the near future!

  7. Marzouq |

    Its just without accountability people are not going to straighten out!

  8. Nasser |

    Allah ehaneehom enshalla. I’m noticing that a little as well, and I believe that that is the right path! Hopefully this should have great effects in the long term!

    Yeah nurseries are better if you have to go away to do something. O mashallah Allah ehaneekom really, that is quite a lot of work to do but you so it still and you’re doing well. :) You should let your kids help you :p

    Thats the prob :/ The right ppl aren’t being punished for their wrong actions, and it really blows, its having a negative effect throughout the country as a whole! They don’t see that!

  9. Amethyst |

    If the parents don’t act with responsibility, their kids will never learn;\ Plus, the lazy people who don’t put enough effort into their job aren’t punished in any way.. So, why would they get off their asses and work properly? 7allaa;\

  10. Wordsmith |

    I agree with the ideas you have put forward, but they’re very idealistic, don’t you think? If people would change willingly and governments take responsibility these problems wouldn’t have occured in the first place.

  11. Nasser |

    It is a problem and thats why someone’s gotta start doin something! I know they’re not punished but that doesn’t mean that punishment is the ultimate answer either..

    They are idealistic of course, however even if a part of what I had said is taking place that would be good enough in the long run. As Sushi mentioned, current married couples are beginning to depend on themselves, even though it is not easy, it can be done and will have long term benefits.

  12. Amethyst |

    The ultimate answer is for everyone to have the right motivation while doing their job.

  13. Mai |

    Great post.

    Responsibility is very critical and must taught to children from their early ages. Even if a child fall down, we should not go and pick him up, he should stand alone.. I see such behaviors everyday every where.. The maid goes around the baby as a bodyguard, he will think that “oh no need to bother my self, she will do me every thing” .. I hate this, and I try my best to stop it when I see it, or tell mothers about it..
    I believe, from my experience in dealing with children and raising them, that parents are uneducated in such tiny things, and never pay attention to it, once they know, they get excited, then they become lazy to implement it day after day.. So it depends on parents and their desire to help their children become successful and dependable once they grow up… It start early..

    As for government, you said a great opinion, HOPE it can be employed, for me, I can not talk here .. As its complicated, and wont be solved as long the gov. is gov…. Its all about the Kuwaiti agent him/her self … If he is responsible it will be solved, if he is not, it wont.. Coz they are stressed from upper levels, so they don’t show ANY responsibilities, or even respect, to citizens “ela mn ra7ima rabi” ..

    By the way, Naboki Natohara, the Japanese writer, wrote a book about Arabs for Japanese point of view, it says mostly every thing about the government problems that we face, and stops us from getting improved :’( I love Kuwait, walla, please Alla save us ..

    Thanks Nasser for ur concern in writing such a wonderful post.

  14. Mai |

    For who wants to read the book, or search about it: ‘The Arabs: A Japanese Point of View,’ by Japanese researcher Nobuaki Notohara

    I read the Arabic version three years a go, its great. I am not sure if it was translated to English.

  15. Intlxpatr |

    There are some small things to start with – like teaching children NOT to just throw trash, but to put it in the trash bin, and to buckly up their seatbelts in the car. Mummie and Daddie setting the example and explaining “it’s the law!” Teaching that love for your country is respect for the law and respect for the environment. The domestic servants aren’t going to teach that.

    Treating the foreign laborors with respect, from the tea-boy up to the manager, and honoring the contracts, paying them on time, giving them leave when they have earned it, etc. It’s tough when the country is so dependent on foreign labor.

  16. Touch |

    That’s a well written post, provoked the audience in one direction and then aroused your point of view from a different angle, I loved the prelude.

    I could imagine the smile on your face while reading part 1 comments where non were close to what you had had in mind, absolutely smart :)

    Let’s get to it, kindly allow me to differ a little bit with the first point only regarding the family effects.

    Most of our parents have lived the simple life, yet it was a full life. They carried their experience to their kids (presumably) and tried to show them how to live up to the standards. Yet, some of them failed their task and resulted with dependable and unaccountable children. Not because of their lack in capabilities or their desire to spoil them the way they ended up. It’s because of the accumulated attributes with so many variables to maintain the equilibrium of the equation. It’s more like an identity to the new generation with the influence of the poor government guidance and policies, shallow standards and environment resemblance onto their lives. Kids are exposed to many things nowadays and can’t possibly limit the effects of the surrounding environment.

    If I take your argument, then all siblings should be alike in regard of characteristics and personality which is not applicable. It’s like raising your kids to the best morals and ethics and ending up with a corrupted one who has no value for what have been taught, it’s not the parents fault that one of the kids screwed up (maybe not entirely their faults, as many shall claim that there must be some degree of flaws which is most probably due to favoring one to another or not being able to treat them equally). Still, the main fact is that their are many attributes that caused such skewing (too many to tackle).

    I know it’s not a new solution or a well thought plan but had to discuss the family effect.

  17. ammaro |

    actually, not many people enforce the “live hard and learn” strategy on their kids. most families want their children to be happy and to take it easy, and with all this ‘comfort’ around them comes the dependancy and the laziness, and getting others to do everything. i dont like this concept; i rather do most things myself, whether its changing a tire, getting my own tea, cooking my own food, loading my own cement blocks into the car, and so on. you become weak when you depend too much on others.

    when i get kids i swear im gonna let them live the live of peasants, treating them every once in a while. you learn that way. you learn the value of hard work, of money, of life. and when they grow up they can earn their own money rather than spend mine :p

  18. Vixen |

    *waves* im going to sleep now, but will read your post soon ^^

  19. Sbecha |

    its true ..i know its ur own opinion but i want to add few things to it . when u mention responsibilities .. you should mention kuwait as country .. when u say the old women and men where simple .. before less then a 100 yr there was no country .. so every technology got to have postives and negtives… when u talk about out mothers and fathers jobs .. well it tougher but not as much as what we got right now.. and when we talk about forig. we’re not talkine about maids and drivers we also include doctors and engineers .. why do we need them .. Payments thats one thing and the other is education .. why is it the baboooo engineer know more then a kuwaiti one .. or lets say the depend on John or James .. more then a local doctor .. you figure it out .. to fix this small problem ou got to change a whole country .. and to start from that . u go for the big targets .. like a war .. when u want to distroy a country or get rid of a problem you go for the source .. which is kuwait .. then u can go to the big fish.. then the maids and such …

    thats all lol iam sorry if what i said was boring .. :P

  20. Angelo |

    You brought a good point in this segment, which is teaching our children responsibility. We cannot dwell on foreign labor forever and definitely we mustn’t depend on them for everything. For example, I see neither harm nor self-degradation if a Kuwaiti worked in a restaurant as a waiter or as a taxi driver. My cousin actually worked in Starbucks and Zara even though she didnt do it for the money, but she definitely gained a lot of experience, especially on how to deal with people. Even the folks who hired her now found it extremely appealing that a Kuwaiti worked in these industries despite the fact she has a college degree.

    We must teach the younger generation that it is fine to obtain the latest gadgets, as long as they do work around the house or in school to earn them. And finally, I see no harm in adapting western values; we should learn to distinguish between western values and western lifestyles because the former can be imported to our culture, while the latter, isnt in some cases.

  21. EniGma |

    yalla make a new post

  22. Nasser |

    Yep, motivation does help a lot!

    It does depend on their parents of course. Sometimes however I can’t really say that the parents can do everything because even them, they might have not been taught how to live responsibly and well I guess there was some loss of communication between the growing generations. Don’t worry enshalla everything will get better, etha mo 3ala wagtna, enshalla 3ala wagt e3yalna. Allah ya7feeth deratna enshalla men kel shar! :)

    Those are great things to start off with! I would highly recommend cleaning and taking care of the environment as a step towards being responsible. Respecting the law, though hard, must be done. It is only hard because those who respect the law, are (sometimes) the one who get affected negatively the most. For example, driving like a civilized person can get you killed (in some of course, not all cases)!

    Thanks! Yeah, that was the plan ;P It followed through well, I’m glad for that. I enjoy everyones input here and greatly respect my readership! You’re right about the many attributes that are actually the cause of the current behavior of people. Even though their personalities differ, everyone has strong and weak points. It would be perfect if everyone’s greatness was exposed, worked on, enhanced, and made much stronger. This is ideal, but on the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to try and with those who do succeed, will be great people in society! If you notice, there aren’t too many social and cultural campaigns, not like how there used to be before.

    Of course, not all people are perfect, but is there someone to blame? I don’t really think we should blame anyone, this is how a society develops, how people learn and how cultures reach high societal standards. You want to let your kids live like peasants? heheh, I think I’ll do something similar :p well not really, but some harsh living is in effect! :p

    *waves back*! nom el 3awafi Vixie! ;p

    Yeah it was tougher before, and there was no Kuwait a long time ago. Does this mean that technology and easier living now should deprive us from being responsible people? la ma3teqed.. I understand that we do need other people to come and work here, that of course is a need even in a business point of view, where there is a need for doctors and engineers, there will be ones available and if the country can’t provide them, then they will come from different countries. 7ayahum Allah o it is nice seeing different types of people, and having competent workers. The title probably should have been something different, but this just is a more controversial title.. I was going to change it but I left it that way. That wasn’t boring either :P You have some very good and great perspectives that we all should look into because we can’t just see something from one angle and expect to find a solution!

    Perfect, very well said! Especially the idea of separating the Western Lifestyle from Western values, and this is where a lot of the problem lies. You see a lot of people just following lifestyles, without even considering the values that come with it (because of responsibility I presume.. ) Great comment! Thanks! :)

    Enshalla! :p

  23. Touch |

    Social campaigns, feels like a myth nowadays.

    Sometimes I hope to go back into school and see how things are being brewed out there, to discover the mentality that roves around.

  24. Music Site |

    Now that is a really good point, in fact it is a wonderful point, yes many people don’t appreciate works and they think their money can bring them whatever they want, they became lazy and wouldn’t spend even little effort to hold a tea cup or something like that,

    and that will lead to a lack a responsibility and their kids will learn that from them and if they lost their money then they will be lost too,

    again this is a really nice topic, congradulation,


  25. Nasser |

    I’m sure it would be terribly shocking!

    Thanks a lot, of course we always hope for the best and that things will change some day! Hopefully! :)

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