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Foreign labor is destroying our country; Part 1

Question: Do you consider yourself a naughty person? You may have your own definition of naughty, so answer based on that! There is not bad or good here either (I’m proving a point to a friend of mine ;P). Please vote on the right hand side! Thank you! :)

I was going to talk about the foreign laborers that has destroyed responsibility in this country. Then I was going to talk about my trip to Dubai. Then I thought about talking about my late absence and the real reason behind it.

Still and all, I am in no talking mood, not really, not at the moment. I have been feeling down since I came back from Dubai actually. I try to deal with it and not let it affect what I do, so far it has only affected my blogging. I don’t know if it is the weather or not but I will leave all these topics for later.

I want all your input first before I start talking about the foreign laborers. Here is a question to ask yourself: Has foreign labor affected our country negatively? State your ideas and opinions here, and you can comment and debate other people in the comments. Feel free to be defensive and offensive, I want this to be a healthy debate… as long as no sharp weapons are used!

I will post my opinions later. I want it to be understood that I do not hate people in general. I do not hate foreign labor, and I do not hate those who come here to seek a living, you’ll understand better when I post my opinion.

P.S. I also understand that there is no connection between the poll and the topic, but this is just to give those of you who don’t like to discuss politics something to do when you get here :P And thank you to all those who have been participating in all the previous polls! Thank you!

50 Responses to “Foreign labor is destroying our country; Part 1”

  1. chikapappi |

    Yes it has to some sorta extent bas I also blame people who get these people to work under harsh circumstances, well not all of them, we get in here some dirty messed up people bas still, it’s on both sides actually

  2. 'GreY' |

    Very complicated ! … will wait for the blog to heat up a bit

  3. EniGma |

    It’s not foreign labour, more like the misuse of it. There seems to be no control on them whatsoever, and of course when you have so many males with no wives and no proper wages and living conditions you an imagine what things they are going to turn to.

  4. Laialy_q8 |

    Do i think Foreign labor has effected our country negatively … YES NO DOUBT
    However, lets face it that some jobs will not be completed by locals … even though they should
    There is a lot of issues behind this matter … and some of it is our own fault … in addition to all the humanitarian issues
    there is just so much in this topic you might want to focus on one thing
    Also, I hope you feel better about the issues you are facing …

  5. asoom |

    Why so down? Lifes’s too short for that wallah!

    When you say “foreign labor” can you be more specific? Do you mean labor labor? or dyou mean any non-national working in kuwait?

    I’ve never been to kuwait, but my mom’s family moved there and temporarily settled after being kicked out of palestine and she was born there so I may have an opinion or 2, I just wanted to clarify what you meant.

  6. AlleyCat |

    Yes i believe it has… and i agree with laialy_q8 that they fulfill the job openings that locals refuse to take…
    I think foreign labor should be more controlled that what it has become. Cuz as you all know.. there’s more foreigners in kuwait than nationals.. scary isnt it? And imagine they revolt or something… scarier… i would not call myself a racist… but everyone likes to have their own country to themselves.. in a sense that you feel you are someone or you are of value in your own country..
    I agree there’s too many different dimensions on these topic that yes you should focus on something in particular..

  7. asoom |

    “Cuz as you all know.. theres more foreigners in kuwait than nationals.. scary isnt it?”

    umm…why would that necessarily be a scary thought in and of itself? and why would they revolt? People don’t just ‘revolt’ for the hell of it!

  8. Marzouq |

    Our government has done a fantastic job of turning our people into bums and materialistic idiots! There is no longer incentives for people to go do something positive, all they want is money in their pocket! And the good people get screwed, I blame our government for making it this way, and making our people so lazy that nothing gets done. Foreign work is the case everywhere, our government has allowed abuse and they don’t prosecute bad people. When it comes to foreign labor, I don’t think its bad, I think what the government does is bad, and I think they make difficult for foreign workers to even get anything done, and a lot of them benefit from the country and help the country improve, while our own local national labor are lazy bums. Thats my humble opinion! :)

  9. suspic |

    Foreign labor is good for business, but it’s terrible to a society. Huge amounts of increasing foreigners + Modernization + Westernization all within a decade or so is just too much. Add to that non-caring citizens in power, and you’d have a nice moral country.

  10. Sarah |

    what point r u proving?!? (don’t remember talking about proving a point?!?) :D


  11. 'GreY' |

    Well its hot enough !

    Is foreign labour destroying this country ? Destroy is a very strong word … Foriegn labour is making Kuwaiti’s ( not all ) Lazy ,.. And also there are certain jobs Kuwaiti’s wont do and can’t do .. I dont want to specify them , The way i look at it foriegn labour is the life line of most of the GCC country …. unless cars run on water .. it will be the case for long long years …

    I work as a salesman ! I dont think any Kuwaiti will ever be work my job for my salary . Point is ” Foreign labour you can’t live with them , can’t live without them ”

    lol@ allycat’s comment …

  12. AlleyCat |

    asoom… its called a joke… people do that sometimes.. and sometimes they’re not really trying to be politically correct (hey N gave us permission)… Carlos mencia and i would get along real fine… not really :P

    Grey… *bows* :P

  13. princess |

    ok, do u mean foreign labor in general (regardless of wat job/social and economic condition theyre in) or just the you know the mostly asian laborors?

    because i have an opinion on both…

    to begin with in most cases (that i know of) the non-national professionals are either specialised in an area that is not so popular or readily available in the national population then its fine, its a benefit actually because it only enriches the quality of watever workforce as a whole and the quality of the business

    and in alot of cases the non national professional does not get the same “package” as the national professional does, so i dnt think theyre hurting anybody, or stealing a job from no body, because its obvious that if a national can fulfill a job role then he’d have that job

    and as for the laborors that are everywhere, seemingly doing nothing, and for the most part are involved in alot of crimes etc, i do think its affecting the country, i think its bad, but i agree with Lialy , there are certain jobs that no one else is willing to fill, and those who do, do so out of necessity, so if kuwait doesnt employ foriegn laborors then what else can they do?

    and lastly, sometimes u cant entirely blame the foriegn laborors for the crimes theyre commiting ,etc, because if u treat people like animals then its only natural that they’ll act like animals

  14. Chirp |

    I agree with what Enigma said, that is not the foreign labourers but the way they are. They are brought in by the busload to do a job of one person. So basically you not only have 10 of them doing nothing, they have no money for it, which leads to crime.

    They also bring in a lot of them to work jobs that they are not made for. They put them as cleaners in hospitals and clinics and they don’t know the whole meaning of a hygenic area.

    I absoloutly HATE the taxi’s. They think they own the road.

  15. Zed |

    only in kuwait, you find a guy in a PUBLIC bathroom waiting for you to wash your hands so that he can pass you some tissues

    only in kuwait, each household has 4 maids and 3 drivers

    only in kuwait, you’d find foreign labourers sweeping the streets with a mop

    yes this does affect the counrty and its people negatively in many ways, and i dont know where to begin with this topic

  16. Ri |

    Ahh… so much to say, so little time.

    So where did Kuwait get the know-how to drill their oil and get this rich?

    Why is Ahmadi as organized as it? Who built it?

    What did Kuwait use for currency before they introduced the Kuwaiti Dinar?

    How many Kuwaitis are willing to make you a Happy Meal and wish you a good day when you’re done?

    And I heard someone say crime. CRIME?
    Say you went to Marina Mall on a Thursday night.
    Say you picked out one of the boys in the 10-strong group harassing the 16 year old girl. Say you asked him his nationality.
    What do you think he would say?
    In the same vein, how many Fillipinos, Indians and Bengalis do you know would chase a girl down Gulf Road in their Porsches and BMWs, endangering the lives of everyone else on the said road?

    Who do you think sexually, physically and mentally abuses the people that care for their children because ‘THEY PAY THEM’?

  17. Lord Nutty |

    The quantity, the quality and personality (psychological, physiological, environmental, etc., of the foreign labourer all need to be analyzed before employment. What negatively affects this country is the management and employment of the said people.

    So I agree with anyone who said that the a) the quantity is all wrong. You drive by a patch of grass and find 20 so-called-gardeners, 3 are working on the patch, 14 have formed groups and are either talking or idly staring at passers by, and 3 are wandering in the streets begging for money. I HATE it when they stare! It makes my skin crawl! And they show no modesty doing it either. Eckh! And can they please refrain from 1) coddling their crotches, 2) liberating their phlegm in artistic and dramatic fashions, 3) penetrating their nostrils with determined fingers?

    I furthermore agree with the people who mentioned b) the quality. They are simply unfit for the job in most cases. And worse still when they dont know how to communicate. Once, I went to a hospital and a loathsome receptionist waved me away and muttered follow the Indian under his breath. So when I turned I saw over 10 Indians (which I am sure were an assortment of people from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc) all just eyeing me like a rare Pokmon. I smiled and said who can tell me where _____ is, in English, Arabic, broken English, broken Arabic, a mixture of the two and they STILL just stood watching me. Occasionally theyd look at one another, then eye me again. I went back to the loathsome receptionists and half-attacked him, so he yelled Inta ya 7amar! Ta3al hinee! Shoof hatha benaya? Wadeee _____ Without responding the Indian shook his head and left, and I followed like a panicked Pikachu :(

    Finally, c) the personality of these people. Does the management that employs them even ask about them? Conduct interviews? Enrol them in training programmes? Investigate their criminal records? Examine their spiritual , moral , and religious beliefs? Do they know how they spend their time when they come to this country? Do they allow them venues to conglomerate and spend their time productively and industriously? Do they even check up on how they are faring? Do they bloody pay them?

    Meh. Im bordering on vexation now so Ill terminate my elongated post. :(

    PS: welcome back N.

  18. eshda3wa |

    very interesting question
    i think the AMOUNT of foreign labor has affected us negatively
    making the job market very hard to break into for the locals
    not that challenges arnt good
    but we do suffer a great deal from unemployment and having the 10 % law enforced
    sensitive subject, but it definitely need analyzing

  19. Amethyst |

    Foreign labor.. Okay, I’m thinking it’s added to the problem of racism. Also, I feel like we (Kuwaitis) need to be more down to earth. These foreign laborers do everything for us. Some look down on them. And some would rather stay poor and unemployed than take to a job usually done by foreign laborers. I don’t think we should do away with it, but I do think we should find a way to decrease it. There are more disadvantages than advantages.

    P.S. Do you know who votes for what on your poll? ;p

  20. Intlxpatr |

    I am so sorry, N., this is going to be long.

    BTW, can you see if we labeled ourselves “naughty” or “nice?”

    I saw in the Kuwait Times a tiny little article stating that the expat population is the source of most of the crime in Kuwait, and it broke my heart.

    Yeh, there are expats stealing and reselling copper wires, selling falsified papers, stealing foods, selling drugs, etc.

    In Kuwait, as in my country, as in every country, these small annoying criminals are nothing, IMHO, compared to the citizens of every country who are above, allowing and even organizing crimes that steal billions out of the pockets of the nation, and will never be arrested, tried or convicted because they are connected. I am not criticizing Kuwait – this problem of corruption plagues every nation, some more than others. The biggest, most successful and least prosecuted crooks have deep pockets.

  21. Navy Girl |

    well well well .. we do we got here .. first of all you mixed up my mind with this cocktail of yours .. to answer your poll .. the answer is ” a lot ” lol :D i admit .. there is nothing wrong with that .. i’ve been known for being naughty since ever .. well actually naughty is my middle name lol ;P

    on a serious note about that topic , i believe its a two edged- weapon .. at some point , companies , universities , and also ministries very well need the knowledge and the experience of those very well educated people .. most of the time Kuwaitis are not available , yet if there are i rather to pick them up .. i believe that they would be more loyal to their own country .. but in the other hand most of them are newbies .. with no experience or even post-graduates degrees … we can always hire them , use them for our own good , learn from the best .. and then beat them up and become even better than the best himself !!! how about that !! :D well at the end you dont expect foreigns to be more loyal to your country than you are .. but now .. no one even cares .. even Kuwaiti themselves .. which is really sad !!

  22. Navy Girl |

    oh oh .. forgot to say … hope you feel better soon .. ooo dont blame it on the weather , weather is just great !! :D

  23. Nasser |

    For those who asked about my state, thanks I don’t know the real reason but I’m feeling better, slowly. :)

    I didn’t specify the type of labor. I understand that we are dependent and that some jobs will not be filled by nationals.

    Sarah, proving that there are more naughty people visiting my blog than not, lol!

    Nutty they don’t ask them these questions, the topic of racial discrimination is non existent, they are all equals, they are all indians, and their history does not matter! (that was sarcasm btw, and no offense to any indians *ahem! lol* You know I love all types of people:P)

    Amethyst and Intlxpatr,
    Yeah, the IP addresses are saved so no person can vote more than once.

    I don’t think the expats are the source of most of the crime. If you think about it, all what is going on is because of white collar crime. Blue collar crime is only bigger in the news because of what makes it out to the public. This is exactly what Intlxpatr and Ri pointed out.

    The area I’m going to concentrate on is responsibility and is in line mostly with what Marzouq said.

  24. lone.rangeress |

    *in no feeling to get into politics today* then its settled! ill lend u my magic wand for the weekend.. that way, u can zap up the world and make it exactly the way u want it to be;) (if only it were that easy!)

  25. Kaileena |

    It has..the amount of crimes caused by them is rising and branching..the economy isn’t benefitting that much since a huge chunk of the salaries foriegners acquire leave the country.

  26. Mrm |


    KUWAIT is destroying our country. we should never blame outside variables for the insecurity and instability in Kuwait. it is OUR dependence on these laborers that is causing all these problems.

  27. fadidra |

    the problem is not foreign labour! taking advantage of these poor people is the main problem!
    think of it, they came here for new chances in their crappy lives.. and you know what the screw them over with awful jobs, abuse, insult you name it! and that create crime, suicide etc all the bad things we read in the newspapers.
    after all they are humans, and they deserve the right to be treated like one for a change.

  28. fadidra |


  29. Lord Nutty |

    LOL but eery

    “Those damned [replace Jews with Foreign Labourers] are infiltrating our pure country, pilfering our jobs, taking our chances! Infesting the streets, stealing our money, numbing us with their quantities! [Replace Goebbels with lone.rangeress] mentioned wands? Screw the wands! I say concentration camps!”

    “Heil N.!”

    Just for fun, can we all wear a swastika tomorrow? XD Then we can all call ourselves the N.zies. XD O.K. I’m officially going to Hell now XD

  30. fourme |

    The poll is not accurate! One person may think crossing a red light is naughty while the other may think getting wasted, jumping into their car and ramping down a police station is naughty. You can’t have a poll where people answer but their defination’s of naughty vary. I shall refrain from voting.

  31. Nasser |

    LOL! Nutty! That is so disturbing it is actually hilarious! hehe.

    fourme I know the definitions vary, but this isn’t about finding how many did what, it is about the essence of the question itself! Vote I say! :p

  32. KJ |

    Not necessarily ruining the country but definitely controlling it racially. When it specially comes to the British (sorry guys) – at least in my field – they tend to see themselves above all others and are quite racial in the ways they conduct things.

    For instance, we were called into a meeting to discuss a project in Saudi and the people who are going there. Then the leader of the meeting, who is British, said that “depending on your grade and position, you will be given housing compensation. For the British of course they will be provided compensation for all expenses necessary as they see fit”.

    Understandably not all Brits are like that, but in my company at least, they’re a most horrible bunch

  33. Kaos |

    I’ll join those who ask what your trying to prove at first.
    I agree w/ xpat and Mrm.
    1st there is a need for foreign labor in this countyr
    The foreigners here are the majority because we need them to do a lot of the jobs we won’t do
    Do foreigners commit crime? the locals commit wayyyy more significant crimes. I heard about the insurance employee who embezzled millions and tried to escape the country, but we keep hearing about these high ranking managers who embezzle 10′s of millions all the time and every project and every level of the public money it gets stolen.
    Its because I know you I know your question doesn’t mean that your against any certain race, I can totally vouch for that although the question itself does give that impression :)
    95% of our Kuwaiti work force works for the government w/ productivity in the bottom.
    And to declare a bias, I would never say something like oh they’re changing our culture because I belive all cultures do and should evolve. Another bias to declare, I believe that all humans should be able to travel anywhere in the world w/ no boundries visas nor nothing. How it would be nice to just randomly travel somewhere and tell the taxi take me to the nearest hotel please.
    Soo the only thing foreigners are destroying I would argue is how crowded the streets are now and even that the locals are contributing to majorly

  34. Intlxpatr |

    Wooo Hoooo, N. You raise the greatest topics, and all of your commenters remain civil. Amazing and congratulations!

  35. Navy Girl |

    shm3na anaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ignore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  36. Nasser |

    Intlxpatr thanks, love this crowd! :D

    Navy Girl sweety I’m not ignoring you, hehe. This is more of a conversation type, rather than a “i’ll reply to everyone who commented thing..” I read your comment and acknowledge how naughty you are and your great idea in learning and disposing of those who employ :P

  37. fourme |

    Naah not convinced I’ll pass, I’ll vote on more accurate polls :P

  38. Sarah |

    oooh yeah, but i kinda guessed there would be… and ppl are more honest too coz it’s anonymous ;)

  39. Navy Girl |


  40. Nasser |

    laish afa :/

  41. Cat |

    fee wayed misuse 7ag el labour here in kuwait and that wat is causing problems

  42. Shaymaa |

    ok, I am still debating with myself for a final answer, it’s getting serious… will keep you posted!

  43. ????? |

    I think each family should not be able to bring more than 1 maid. Move people and do something around the house! Lol that’s all i can say

  44. :::ShoSho::: |

    Hmm, donno it’s complicated but for starters I think each family shouldn’t be allowed to have more than 1 maid.. I think it’s enough, and our people have got to move and do something!

  45. :::ShoSho::: |

    I mean in the house, mo kil shay 3ala el khadam..

  46. Foreign labor is destroying our country; Part 2 | N. |

    [...] part 1 of this series I only opened up with a question for all to answer. The question was: Has foreign labor affected [...]

  47. ammaro |

    foreign labour isnt necessarily a bad thing. you bring in skills from other countries that arent available in your country, you can get more experienced people in some aspects, cheaper labor in others… but again, it depends on the regulations put in terms of this foreign labor; are people allowed to come in ridiculous numbers? no specific regulations? then, it starts to become a real problem… weve had really bad problems when it comes to foregin labor in bahrain; traffic, lack of jobs, strain on resources, etc… but again, thats because our govt didnt put the adequate restrictions on importing labor

  48. :::ShoSho::: |

    lol that comment with my name in Arabic was something i tried from the mobile, it didn’t come up at the same time so I wrote from my pc again.. sorry!!

  49. Music Site |

    I agree with you that foriegn labors affect any country they go to, I mean look at it this way, those foriegn labor wouldn’t go to work in a country that its economy lower than theirs they always tend to go to a country that has higher economy and here we have the troubles cause they will work for money lower than the citizen of that country, it happens everywhere, only in rare cases when the foriegner has a high degree certificate and then he or she would go to a country and then work for higher salary but of course not labor work,

    but there are things you have to put in mind, sometimes those foriegn labors have no choice, as an example of that the Iraqi people who had to leave their country and went to other countries cause they got threatened to death, of course those people want to survive and they had to work for less money, I agree they affected the economy of those country but the question is: what would we do if we were in their place? may God protect us and help us not to.

    Thank you for this nice topic,

  50. si |

    It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not.

Reserved, going to add something here later.