Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Family Matters

I loved that show very much. As much as I’d like to discuss Urkel and the Winslow family this is about families in general, and Kuwaiti families to be exact. I just received a call from a close family member who was telling me about some issues that were going on in the family. For some reason it felt I was in one of those Mexican Soaps– minus the business conspiracy and who’s after who’s money. I understand this is a fact that is related to large families and (not so) close relatives. It is simply unavoidable.

In this little issue I am supposed to play a certain role, and act differently than who I really am.. and for a very good reason. I certainly don’t feel comfortable doing it but it has to be done. It is like a game, they started, the Kuwaiti rules are already set, and thus I have to take on the roll of the typical Kuwaiti male who behaves in typical ways so as to expect typical results.

I’m an easy going guy, I really am. I dislike taking part in such activities, yet what has to be done just has to be done. *Sigh*

Note: I miss you my friend

13 Responses to “Family Matters”

  1. Sene |

    If something is done for a good reason than I guess it’s OK. But take care it should not hurt anyone.
    Thanks for going by my site.

  2. N. |

    Yeah enshalla it wont hurt anyone. No need for thanks, I’ve been following up since u dropped by my old blog :)

  3. pinkjawbreaker |

    I Understand ..sometimes our culture forces u into playing different roles that u don’t fit in ..

    In your case if its for a good cause and u wont harm n e one ..then what has to be done has to be done ! Allah bless

  4. cixousianpanic |

    Oh yeah I totally agree – our culture sometimes forces us to assume more conservative roles – but I generally believe that it’s for the best because the main aim is to maintain social unity and not just satisfy individual views. It’s for the “collective” good, rather than “self” benefit.

    As long as its nothing that, like Sene said, would hurt anyone, (especially women!) I bless you my child! loool :D :D

    No seriously, good luck!

    And if you miss someone tell them ;p

  5. Nomad |

    just play it like me, ignore everyone and if someone doesn’t like it pull out the mace from the bank…

  6. N. |

    Welcome here. Now that a day has passed since I started prepping for it, I’m actually not sure if anyone is going or not going to get hurt of course, I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone :/ But the social and cultural context can be so bizarre..

    Imagine me telling you, you have to start a fire, to put it out to make everyone safe! Well, not literally and maybe that’s too powerful a concept but it is in some ways like that. Enshalla no one will get hurt!!! No worries :p

    How can you tell someone you miss them, if they’re gone?

    Buddy, I wish it was that easy :)

  7. Fayoor |

    Nice new template.

  8. N. |

    thank you ;)

  9. Laialy_q8 |

    auh yes

  10. N. |

    It never ends :<

  11. lone.rangeress.63 |

    Family Matters…oh the good old dayz!!:P eheh that show cracked me up! and the ability urkel has to transform into this totally different guy really amazed me:P
    and so what with the kuwaiti rules!! its true that at times, u have to act and behave in a certain way so ppl dont look at u weird, but still adapt to the situations and ‘personalize’ them..meaning act respectful and all, but in the way that comforts u.

    lol yeah, he was very cool. He was so odd, and so cool at the same time! ^_^

    Yeah. I totally know what you mean with personalizing the situations. I truly take that to heart, and do not act it out as I used to when I was much much younger. It is a courtesy and a duty at the same time. Thanks. :D

  12. Dreamer at Heart~Soosa |

    Omg, you took me way back! The good old days, Family Matters… and not a care in the world<3

    Hope everything's well on the family front.

  13. Nasser |

    Yep, all is well thanks! :)

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