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Ecological Change, The garden that once was

thick grass In 1986 we used to play around in the garden in front of our house. It was a public garden, not one of those large ones, but just big enough for us and our neighbors to play around in. We used to play soccer in the street as well next to the garden. And how can I forget, actually eating some of the flowers in the garden.

We used to run around in it, exploring, the grass was long, and we liked that because if laid down we would be almost invisible. We’d also love watching the tiny grasshoppers jump out as we ran around the garden. If we’d spot one on a leaf, we’d slowly come up to it and try to catch it. We even developed our own grasshopper-catching strategy — by placing our hands in a certain position and a certain distance, so that even if it jumps we can catch it.

butterfly We let them go, and try to catch them again. What we also loved to catch were small butterflies as well — you’d think I’m talking about some fantasy land, no, this is in Kuwait, right in front of our house in Bayan. One of the last insects we’d run after and try to catch was the ladybird. There were tons of them. We weren’t mean to the creatures, we’d let them go, but exploring was such a fascinating thing to do then.

Fast forward a few years later, and we’re into video games, and running around the house more — breaking things — and not going out as much as we used to. A few years later I remember going out in the garden, it was quiet. I didn’t see any grasshoppers, or butterflies, or ladybirds. There were a few caterpillars. We entertained ourselves with them, but soon enough, we stopped going to the garden.

Ladybird When I look outside the window now at the garden. I see garbage around the edges, and the neglected plants. The flowers were all gone, all that was left was grass, and even it, looked like it was in a terrible state. On one part of the garden there was a huge pile of sand and pebbles for construction.

I went out to look at it, but there was nothing there. I hoped that as I stepped into it, a grasshopper would jump out, or a butterfly would flutter away — there was nothing.

I wondered if these were all gone because of urbanization. Was it all because we were changing the ecology so much? New people had to move in, and the creatures had to move out. Thinking about it that way, I’d suppose the people are more worthy of the place. Somehow.

32 Responses to “Ecological Change, The garden that once was”

  1. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    this is sort of sad..

    I think the problem is, people now tend to build on ALL the land and don’t care about el 7oosh or a garden, which I think is really important.. I HATE those houses too close to each other, feel like suffocated! I think it’s important to have a proper 7oosh and garden.. giving space you know.. now it’s like the door is on the street.. no space.. I hate it!

  2. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    Love the new template BTW!

  3. Grey |

    It is Sad ! our world is changing so much yet ! we dont give a tiny rats ass for the spieces that are becoming extinct… I wonder how long we will wait before we see our own demise in the hands of nature? … Although Kuwait is much MUCH greener than it used to be in when i saw it first in early 90′s .. we have become more poluted , people have become more neglegent, but most of all the Municipality is to be blamed , its not doing enough to clean the streets or garden… the problem lies in the root !

  4. Amethyst |

    I’m into the same thing I was into as a kid, but I still read in our garden.

  5. Amethyst |

    Oh, and I love the new template! Wayed a7san mn eli gabelha;p

  6. Jacqui |

    Slightly off topic but nice design, although a suggestion would be to put a little color in the background, a beige, or off white color so as to give it a more popping up style.

  7. Laialy_q8 |

    funny i can relate to this post a lot, we used to have a garden we still do but its not like before :/

  8. Ruby Redux |

    My cousins and I used to do the same thing in the garden but we did them the early 90s until the late 90s.

    Great post! I’m a first time visitor but I can’t help but notice a great mind behind these words.

  9. AlleyCat |

    I knew this would happen since i was a kid reading about ‘saving the environment’ and watching captain planet (yes i was deemed ‘weird’ :P). It’s primarily due to neglect. If say your neighborhood didnt throw trash around the place.. watered the place.. made sure the weeds were picked and the grass mowed then yes that garden and those creatures might still be there. I dont think humans are worthy of the place over those creatures if we selfishly damage the ecosystem until it’s virtually a deserted patch of land that someone will most likely put a ‘mathala’ over and park their 7 or so cars…

  10. MishMisha |

    we did the same thing in the early 90′s in my grandparents garden, it was also a public garden, and last week i went to see how it was and i saw a couple on a date and making out on the grass.. totally ruined my memories.. =/

  11. manutdfanatic |

    Time passes, people change, so do places.

    I like the template but it needs colour; just a little bit.

  12. Nasser |

    Yeah thing is, people want to use all the space they got, because somewhat it seems that it is is not enough!

    Thanks for the compliment!

    I really don’t know things turn out, but like you said.. not cleaning the streets and taking care of the gardens is at the root of the problem!

    Must be quite something. Thanks, hehe, I like it more too.

    Thanks, I added some color to the background now, hope it looks better!

    Yeah.. it really isn’t.

    Thanks for dropping by. Your comments are always welcome :)

    Hey I used to watch captain planet too! I liked it! :p I used to play the video game as well.. haha. I think you’re right about not being worthy, we do have to take care of the place if we choose to occupy it don’t we.. :l

    What a scene haha.. I bet you were scarred for life :p Yeah, gardens are more scarce now, not a lot of people actually go to them.

    I added a color to the background, does that make it better? Hope so!

  13. suspic |

    Perhaps it’s just the same, but the gathering of friends made it extra beautiful? =O

    Okay this obviously isn’t for me…

  14. Nasser |

    It wasn’t about the experience of it, rather the change it went through over the years.

  15. Mai |

    Wow Nasser, nice new template =)

  16. TAT |

    Damn you reminded me of those damn ladybugs, cant remember when was the last time I saw one

  17. FourMe |

    Off the topic, I like the template change very emm clean-cut. nice one..

    p.s. demanding a new controversial poll!

  18. Chirp |

    Mabrook 3ala il new template .. me like!

    Also, ppl stopped caring about the environment and all that. Land is becoming less, and with our obsession with huge mansions, we forget to build gardens.
    Drive down most places in kuwait and the houses are built from edge to egde they don’t leave room for car parking either.
    Its sad .. I miss the days when there were gardens all over! Ppl are starting to even put kaashy on their “gardens” which I think is just crazy.

  19. fashionated |

    i remember running into the sprinklers which i still do with my niece :P ur post brought back memories, its sad how all activities are indoors now..i blame the weather but i blame construction more

  20. Marzouq |

    I think times are changing, and to a lot of these people in the government these places are just not a huge priority so they don’t maintain it which is very sad..

  21. Kaos |

    Harsh weather, Dust, dirty beechs and parks. It is nothing like it used to be.

  22. nyxxie |

    The world is changing so much, but we are the ones who are changing it. I miss those years.

  23. Angelo |

    I can relate to your emotions in some level. When my father our old house, the new owner took off and removed the beautiful garden that my father grew all those years for a sake of building a dewaniya. My dad was so pissed as why the owner didn’t say he wanted to take off the garden in the first place.

    Thankfully, our garden in our new house is starting to bloom again.

  24. Shaymaa |

    I’d blame it on time, technology, and even politics… but it’s really our fault.

    I love sitting out in the garden.. it’s peaceful.

    Nice work with the theme :)

  25. M. J. Kout |

    i remember back in the 80′s ( i’m not that old but probably some of u where not born yet your problem for arriving late not mine :P ) i had a jar full of lady birds, and in school we used to sing them a song that goes like lady bird lady bird fly away home your house is on fire and your children will burn.
    and once there was a caterpillar stuck next to our door i watched it for days as it stayed there until it transformed into a nice butter fly

    now i rarely see any of them around

  26. Sushi |

    lol do you know what I like? I like those funny comic strips. I’m not sure how but they popped into my reader and everyday I just laugh at work at the funny stories.

  27. Desert-Roses |

    That was sad :(

    Yes it is changing..

    wanted to pull ur attention..tara el pics..o el title gives another image about the post ..chenha scientific…wrong choice..shakli bafta7 maktab estesharat 7a8 el bloggers to help them choosing the words and the images :P

  28. Mrm |

    that was nostalgic…id encourage u to write more about childhood memories but with ur crappy memory i would be wasting my time.

    so, im not going to encourage u. i am just going to say this once and hope that u can remember it.

    write more about ur childhood memories.

  29. Elaine |

    That’s a sad fact which happened in many places. We are loosing our nature more and more everyday. Every space are turning to housing, commercial places, building…No more place for playing.

  30. Nasser |

    Thanks! :)

    Yeah, can’t remember when was the last time I saw one either.

    Thanks and Enshalla new poll comin your way ;p

    Thanks! It sure is, 7aram walla!

    we can blame them both, then what, we need a solution for that.

    They don’t maintain it and rip out the gardens when ppl grow them!

    True.. so true.. and it never will be.

    We are and we should do something about it.

    ouch! I understand why your dad would be pissed, I would be furious!

    Thanks, and yeah it takes effort to build but people don’t.

    M. J. Kout,
    Hehe yeah ayam gabel.. :l I remember walla ayam!

    lol! You get those! :p I’m glad you’re enjoying them hehe.

    lol yalla fet7y maktab o ana awal zebon! :p It is somewhat scientific though, its a primary resource :p

    lol! I won’t forget!

    Yeah it is sad really, I think people should do something about it.

  31. KJ |

    When I was in Syria I was surprised at how green it was. Now that I am back in Dubai, I realized that there is no room to plant trees. Cranes are Dubai trees.

  32. Nasser |

    “Cranes are Dubai Trees.” That’s deep really, I’m all in hope of a better greener urban world…just not sure when all that is going to happen.

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