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Burning Car in Rumethiya

Question: Are you traveling this Eid or New Year, or both? I know there is a long way between both vacations but I’m sure expats who have left for Christmas or are planning to leave soon will be gone until after the New Year (please take me with you). What are your plans?

Burning Car in Rumethiya As I was driving to work this morning, I passed by what was obviously a burning car. I can only assume that the people in the car have fled the scene and were getting some help.

I was very tempted to stop and get the fire extinguisher out of my car and use it, however there was no way to get to the burning car without obscuring the current path I was in.

What shook me was that there wasn’t ANYONE who was standing there using some type of fire extinguisher to put out the fire! Wasn’t it required by law that every car have one? How long has this car been burning already? I’m sure it has been at least burning for five minutes, I could see the flames from the opposite light!

I’m slowly beginning to believe that in a time of crises, people would flee rather than help, which is a very very sad thought.

40 Responses to “Burning Car in Rumethiya”

  1. chikapappi |

    People love drama man! why would they help! They’d rather stand & take pictures to blog about LOOOOOOOOL :p hehehe! I will travel after eid!

  2. princess |

    hey! itha feha nas kan wagafo 3ashan iysa3doonhum i hope :S

  3. Marzouq |

    In reality those fire extinguishers can’t do anything to put out a car since they can barely put out normal fires let alone fires which have a fuel source.

    In reality people don’t know how to react to that sort of situation and some people will help.

    Staying for Eid but leaving for new years!

  4. Blue Dress |

    The question here is , did you stop to help?

  5. Zed |

    burning car, how does that even happen?

  6. suspic |

    They just flee so they’d be able to hold hands and jump in the air as the car explodes..

    ..I’d blow up cars, so I’d go help them jump if it’d really happen.

    Once a guy on Conan O’Brien was saying how he stopped to help a guy, and told him “IT’S GONNA BLOW!” and pulled the guy from his burning car as he was saving whatever he could from the fire and they just sat a distance away for 5 minutes quietly and it didn’t blow up as the guy watched his stuff get burned.

  7. hammoodee |

    oh please…

    what’s the hottest thing right now? the dubai new year’s eve concert of amr diab and elissa? too loud and cliche and holllllaila,, I’d rather sit like in a cozy place with friends, new year’s parties are soo 2001, having said that, I’d go to sharm elshaikh if I could :P erm, my plans are basically having no plan…

    dayum watching ur car burn is dramatic and painful, I’d NEVER stop to help coz I’m too shy and and and… :/

  8. KJ |

    LOOOOOOOOOL @ chikapappi

  9. Kaileena |

    Scary!!! Hope no one was harmed!!

    I’m travelling to visit my grandmother for eid ^-^

  10. Amethyst |

    Eee!! My friend told me about that car in the morning. I was like 7ada what the hell?

  11. Greyshorts |

    I can still remember the words of the teacher who got beaten up by the boys in that infamous om alhaiman school : ‘ they just stood there’ ‘nobody helped they just stood there’ the male parents looked on while the little buggers ganged up on the teachers .
    Raa7at ayaam elshahamah .

  12. Nasser |

    lol! Yes there are those who do that :p etro7en o terje3en bel salama enshalla :D

    Yeah, I hope so too.

    Really? Hmm, have you tried those car fire extinguishers? It would really be disappointing if they don’t put out a fuel-sourced fire! Etro7 o terja3 bel salama enshalla!

    Blue Dress,
    No I didn’t stop and help, I honestly would have but there was no safe place for me to park and walk there, I was turning on a highway.

    Hehe, well the movies exaggerate things really which is not good! I don’t believe it blows like in the movies.. it kept on burning for a while!

    Hehe, yeah I actually don’t know what I’m doing myself! Yeah, I know what you mean. I used to be too shy and all that, but what the heck I have an extinguisher might as well put it to good use!

    heh.. I keeeeeeeeeeeeel you!! (yes, it is addictive!)

    I hope so too! Etro7en o terje3en bel salama enshalla :)

    Yeah.. it was freaky..

    Wow.. that is sad.. world is going through some hard times right now, I honestly wouldn’t know what to make of it!

  13. 'GreY' |

    I wont be travelling ! * sigh* but i got my ” Paternity Vacation” starting Jan 02…

    lol @ chika ! well said ! if it was me i would have made a Vid ! ….

  14. Nasser |

    Thats great, enshalla you’ll get a healthy and wonderful baby :D I was thinking of making a video but I was moving with the traffic! I’m lucky I got that shot! hehe

  15. Laialy_q8 |

    i’ll be heading to Cali for the holidays :) but i’ll be beack for new years … About the burning car i think if it as me i’d be in a bit of shock .. first call 777 and if i knew where the fire extinguisher was might give it a try

  16. Mai |

    Waaay! Alla y3eenhom nshalla ;/

    LOL people love drama ;P smart chikapappi

  17. Mai |

    By the way,
    there was a law that each car must have a fire ext., but been canceled, as people who sell the fire ext. was selling it very expensive after the law!!!

  18. Chirp |

    Have you heard of the Bystander Effect? Something like ppl are less likely to help out someone in need when there are other ppl around cuz they except others to jump in instead.

  19. Nasser |

    Etro7en o terje3en bel salama enshalla. I was about to call, but I heard the sirens I assumed someone had already called. But yeah, I do have the tendency to call 777 when something comes up.

    Wow, so it was canceled because of that? Very bad.. they could have just made a deal with the sellers not to raise the price!

    I think I heard about that somewhere, but still.. wasn’t there a counter thing to it?

  20. desert-roses |


    My mind is still confused…I am wondering about what is the brand of the car and where is the owner??

    I dont know bout the I have a one in my car besides the driver’s seat..under the seat.. eli next the driver’s kel el cars eli tenshara have it ??
    I thought they do have them….

  21. Nasser |

    I really don’t know and I don’t see anyone near the car! I don’t remember seeing anyone there. Most of the new cars have them.. i guess.. :/

  22. desert-roses |

    ok etha kanat old stupid car..bel 3ana hehe :P

  23. Nasser |

    lol! ee khalas, its gone nooww! ba7

  24. Very.Q8ya |

    and why U didn’t call 777 for help? =/

  25. Nasser |

    I was gona call bs sema3t el dawrya

  26. :::ShoSho:: |

    Yeah they do flee sadly :(

  27. Cat |

    eshfeek yoba .. el nas yemooootoooon 3la hal sewalef ! w 7ashren m3a el nas 3eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed :)

  28. Crystal |

    With almost everybody carrying cell phones(who even uses a land line anymore?),nowa- days,all the cars passing by should have called 777.And then if everybody would stop and use their fire extinguisher,the fire would have soon have been put out.And if the passengers in the burning car would have been hurt,everybody ,that had any knwoledge regarding medical care should have helped anybody that were injured or shook up,and it would have helped if religous persons would volunteer to calm everybody down.

  29. Nasser |

    Yeah :l

    e7ebon el sowalef o el khaz.. lol

    In an ideal world, that is what would happen.. sometimes we’d like to believe that we live in an ideal world.

  30. Mrm |

    N, the fire extinguisher is still a ‘Western thing’. ya3ni, ana my car\bought in 2002 mafeha fire extinguisher. So yeah.. give us idiot third world arab countries a few decades to include them in our lives. ya3ni ppl here still torch their dogs on fire! what do u expect! (i have seen 1 too many videos of this. shocking).

  31. lone.rangeress |

    maybe everyone that passed by and intended to help, was put in the same awkward position u were in;P ..i would have called 777 (even though they’d ask a million questions and assume i was lying, as usual) but altleast my conscience would rest instead of eating me alive the whole day!

    …staying in kuwait, lilasaf ishadeed!!!…wanting to go to the moon and staying there forever!!

  32. Vixen |

    After I read your post, i went to my car to try and figure out if i can actually use the fire extinguisher! It’s terrible that no one was helping… what type of car was it? A family friend passed away yesterday some car hit him and they got to him too late no one could help him out..

    Oh and i couldn’t remove the fire thingy from the car at all!

  33. Nasser |

    Thats sad heh, my brothers car and my car have them. They’re 2006 models. I haven’t tested it out I probably should.

    There was a fire once and I called it in, but the guy was so bored he just said it was already called in thank you hehe. If you find a way to get to the moon let me know ;P

    Wow.. I don’t know it was an old car, you can click on the picture to see a bigger one. Weird you should find out how to remove it and try it out, I think i will try it soon and see if it works and how.

  34. |

    it takes strong moral people nowadays to put the overall good infront of their own… and would risk themselves to actually help put something liek that out… and unfortunately today those people are lacking… sure, im one of them :p but seriously, not many more people liek that around… everyone makes excuses… ie, even you said you woudlnt stop because you would block the road. someone wont because theyre late for work. someone wont because they wont get their clothes dirty.. whatever..

  35. Nasser |

    Yeah, people nowadays.. excuses excuses! :p

  36. lone.rangeress |

    will do!! ;)

  37. Ri |

    Nasser, huh?

    *says it a couple of times to see how it sounds”

    I’m guessing if people can’t see other people in obvious danger, they wouldn’t stop. Now if there was someone trying to get out of the car, I’m sure someone would’ve done something.

    Keep your faith in humanity, young man. It’s one of the few things we have left.

  38. Nasser |

    lone.rangeress :D

    Yeah, how does it sound?

    I have faith in humanity, or what is left of it. Ironic I realize that. It really is one of the few things we have left.

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