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Burning Car in Fahaheel Road

A few days ago I passed by this car on Fahaheel road. Hmm, so far nearly all my videos have been of burning cars and burning buildings. I’m not a pyromaniac, I assure you.

The music you hear is from the radio.

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26 Responses to “Burning Car in Fahaheel Road”

  1. greyshorts |

    Ha ha i saw that i video taped it too but not for long bitches behind me kept honking for me too move on and i saw it just as it started without the firetruck and everything . It was so fucking cool highlight of my day .

  2. Nasser |

    Did you see how it started were the ppl in the car? yeah it was a pretty (yet disturbing) sight! They kept honking behind me too, but I didn’t give a crap.. I wonder what the fiertruck is doin.. watching the car burn..

  3. greyshorts |

    No there wasn’t anyone inside there were just a couple of people staring from afar i guess it was them nope i really don’t how it started i didn’t bother to check the papers the day after , did you ?

  4. Fayoora |

    OMG. tadree lo imsawer ib a good camera u’d make great shots!!!!!!!!! ?????
    DAMN IT :P

  5. Amethyst |


    Abi wa7ed mn hathaila ur posts eli tetfalsaf fehum law sema7t ya3ni;p

    Malait wana an6er!

  6. Nasser |

    nope didn’t bother to check either.. heh, its old news now enjoying the video is enough for me =p

    LOL! my camera is a good camera! I was in the car! :p

    loool… ;P you are demanding ha… okay I’ll have one up very soon enshalla ;p

  7. Navy Girl |

    WOW THAT LOOKS SO SCARY !!!!!!!! anyone was hurt ???? i really hope not :(

  8. run.out.of.funny.unique.strange.names |

    We ana abi athnin m3a humos mn hathaila ur posts ( shawarma) eli tetfalsaf fehum law sema7t ya3ni . wink & slash


    za pOll ? ” How often do you comment on blogs ” ?

    I dont even know wtf Im doing here :I

    and the vid .. CNN called and they want their LEBANON vid back .. snatcher :I

  9. F. |

    I always have a fear that something might explode in the engine of the car while I’m driving…

    and your video doesn’t help :P

  10. Laialy_q8 |

    nice choice of music

  11. Marzouq |

    That car is on fire!!! lol I hope nobody got hurt..

  12. fashionated |

    abai 7araaaam :(

    on a side note: i’m glad the music was coming from the radio..u had me worried there for a second :P

  13. Sushi |

    tsk tsk tsk … shame on you Nassir…

    Such a big trouble maker you are. You throw in the match then record ur own mess. =P

  14. Sushi |

    O and I don’t know why but despite the horrific situation I felt the video was interesting. Made me feel like one of those cozy drives, nice music, night time… fun… =)

  15. KJ |

    Next time you’re in Dubai tell me so I can go far, far, far away

  16. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    I hope so too, don’t think anyone got hurt.

    the names will come ;p i’m sure. Did you know I’m psychic? You were hungry when you wrote that comment weren’t you! ;p the poll is general, not only about my blog, but you’re welcome to linger, mess around, and say nasty thing :p CNN called you? Ha.. well they can go… they aren’t getting their video back.

    Hehe, don’t be afraid, there is no reason for that to happen! Just pay attention to the engine heat.. and you’ll be fine.

    was that sarcastic? :p

    It is! huge ball of fire.. I hope so too!

    hehe, you thought I’d add the soundtrack in an entertaining sense? :l shaaaaame! :p

    uhhh… I did? you can’t blame me.. It was tempting ;P As long as you felt good.. thats good hehe.

    looooool! ;( why! And here I thought we could hang or something.. just keep all flammable objects away and sealed!

  17. Grey |

    Do you have Sony Erricson?? looks like you got a messaged during the video … ( trying some video forensics)

  18. run.out.of.nerve.cell |

    Nah .. blogs/ blogging start to bored me :I now Im thinking to stop reading them but ! If I did thats mean I’ll never go back again ! never ..ever .. cuz blogging still a big confuse for a lot of ppl ..what to say ? . do they say it all ? how far ? ist therapy ? ist addiction? ist about new friends ? ist creepy way to get friendly ? the social part of it is yet not save ..
    what was my reasons to get to this world ? to know about ppl that I know I’ll never get CLOSE to ( cuz differences ) and I still dont know if what Im reading truth or lies ? I can know theres some kind of freedom but ! I dont think theres ( that kind of that freedom) do exist in your country or mine !

    Ma3alena :)

    I realy consider ending* reading blogs ( world wide / all kind ) any personal site*

    so tell me , do you think Im going to Miss somthing BIG ? :I

    can we say : blogs are dead ( 2010) ? :)

    P.S. ” linger ” ? and … how LONG-er you need to post ? :)

  19. Vixen |

    >___< hope everyone was ok!

  20. FourMe |

    Why can’t I vote! I didn’t get my say, why is the voting over, I demand the right to vote!

  21. Elaine |

    Wow, scarry…I hope all the passengers have been out from the car before it burnt.

  22. suspic |

    1. Fire is cool. (pun..not intended..)

    2. Your text’s ringtone made me think I got one.

    3. Your radio’s homosexual.

    4. The fire makes me want to do African dancing oddly enough.

    5. Your disclaimer saying the music’s from the radio oddly contradicts with how loud you were playing the homosexual song.

    6. Points > Sentences.

  23. suspic |

    Psst.. my blog spammed you for no reason, I saved you. Good thing I deleted all the bots that were in there before, I don’t know what they would’ve done to you.

  24. Shoush |

    Omg, that’s terrible. Was anyone hurt?

  25. asoom |

    so you put your video finds on youtube? hahaha I do that too!

  26. Nasser |

    Yeah, lol.

    Interesting views you have there about it.. why should you stop reading? :p I don’t think you should. You might something big, who’s to know really.. I’m going to need a while to post something, my mind is blank now.

    Yeah me too!

    :l It isn’t over! I don’t close polls, I just replace them.

    Hope so too.

    The music isn’t homosexual, you want a really homosexual song, listen to Mika. They would have assaulted my comment.. rendered it shameful and would want to commit seppuku.

    Don’t think so!

    Hhe yeah :p

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