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A Kuwaiti Movie: One More Chance

Abdal MoviesIn the news of latest innovation in Kuwait. Please allow me to share with you, a Kuwaiti Movie (Action, Comedy, Drama) by Abdal Movies. You may check out the trailer on YouTube, or you may download the trailer from their website in WMV format.

Youtube link:
Abdal Movies Website Link: One More Chance.

20 Responses to “A Kuwaiti Movie: One More Chance”

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  2. Laialy_q8 |

    ok ok I admit it, I did laugh a little BUT I am very interested in watching it
    I wanna Support my peeps :p

  3. Marzouq |

    That is a good thing, I hope they start producing more and more movies!

  4. chikapappi |

    Olla olla that scene with guns! Let’s wait & see…

  5. N. |

    Hehe, it will be worth the watch I’m sure. I’ve seen their previous movie, “Plan B” and it is very funny o mat3oob 3aleh!

    They will enshalla! They have a couple of movies out, if you get a chance you should watch, “Plan B” I think I still have a a copy. Let me know if you need one!

    Yeah! :D It seems very exciting! Enshalla it will be out on DVD soon!

  6. Sarah |

    too bad i don’t understand… :( but one day i will insh’Allah :)

  7. princess |

    i didnt get it, i think lani i wasnt listening 3adil, il mohim, yay! i wanna see

  8. Kaos |

    I can’t view it from the office but omg they released something after “Plan B” ?
    Lookin forward to c what they have in mind

  9. N. |

    Aww, enshalla one day, I’ll save you a copy!

    Eh, it looks very worth it!

    Yeah, the trailer is cool! And this one looks like it has a lot more action and a better story! :D

  10. 3baid |

    I just saw it and I think it’s not too bad for a start. At least someone’s motivated :/

  11. Navy Girl |

    ummm hope it turn out good … cant wait ..

  12. N. |

    Yep definitly not bad! I think they’re doing pretty good actually!

    Navy Girl,
    It will be enshalla :D

  13. Shayouna |

    LoL.. well not bad for a start..

    Ok I do want to see it though..

    P.S: the gun scene is quite funny.. suddenly the Indian films aren’t funny anymore huh?

  14. N. |

    lol! No, these guys are really going to make it funny! ;p Nothing better than Action, drama and comedy!

  15. Very.Q8ya |

    chenni baQaldik =[

  16. N. |

    Afa 3alech, ekhthy ra7tech! ^_^

  17. Very.Q8ya |

    hal comment supposed to be Mennaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak =[
    me sorry me kent daykha =]

  18. N. |

    lol, 3adi its ok ;P Akeed men el you3!

  19. Ali Deera Chat |

    well i BOUGHT the movie plan B and i have to say it was good … at least it was WAY better than the shabab cool movie … well it wasn’t a movie it was just a piece of crap man

  20. N. |

    I haven’t seen Shabab cool movie.. but yeah Plan B was very good! I’m only assuming that One More Chance will be even better! Enshalla! :)

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