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Invention: WatZuka Slapper®

Dear friends,
We would like to inform you, our beloved customers, of our newest product as of yet. This product is what you have been waiting for. Many of you remember the Jolt slapper® which we have released not long ago. We gave each and everyone of you a Boomerang Zanooba Slapper® with every piece we shipped out. Many of you were pleased, and asked for more. We changed it, enhanced it and made it much better. However, it was not enough. Many of you did not use it as much because of the injury it would cause. We wanted our customers to enjoy their riding experience without the guilt of having someone killed because they were tazed, or got gunned down with lasers by one of our products.

Our newest product, the WatZuka Slapper® (available in coal black, dirty pink, and gold), will give you that yearned for experience. It is a laser guided water missile that you will be able to shoot out of a lightweight expandable bazooka. The feeling is unmatched. The idea is that if someone bothers you on the street, you can either get ahead, or park the car for a minute, and aim that thing and let her rip! Use it wisely and send us your feedback! We appreciate to hear from you.

Yours Truly,
CEO Slapper® Inc.
Slappers Enhance your driving. Look Ma! No Hands!

For more slapper products please visit the Slapper® link on the right below the main menu.

20 Responses to “Invention: WatZuka Slapper®”

  1. Laialy_q8 |

    i want a gold one with swarovski crystals :p
    when do they start shipping?

  2. N. |

    Very soon! We are currently taking pre-orders. We are aiming to start releasing by the beginning of 2008.

  3. chikapappi |

    Hehehe!!! LOL! that’s funny :D – I need like a dozen in Pink pls!

  4. KJ |

    You should try out my state of the art VaporFlick, which instantly incerinates and pulverizes people within seconds. For an extra 300 bucks you get the slo-mo feature, which pauses time for you to enjoy sadistically the process

  5. GreY |

    How do i pay ? cash or crdit card ? lol !

  6. Very.Q8ya |


  7. Swair |

    the word Bazooka is very funny.. Baaaa Zooo Kaaa.. it’s like an animal going “Baaa”.. and it wants to go to the “Zoooo”, then it wants to make “Kaaaaa Kaaaaaa” :p

    i’m in a weird mood, so excuse the looniness..

    Bazooka lol

  8. cixousianpanic |

    hahahahahah even your tone is very professional… I think if it were really real i would have bought it bas by reading the descriptions!! dirty pink? lol and no but thanx but while driving in Kuwait I WANT to ninflict pain :P~

  9. CeCe |

    *knock knock*

  10. Peony |

    i want the gold one, but i want to have my name engraved on it..
    is it possible ?

  11. Navy Girl |

    lol cool aby !! bs i didnt receive my last order :P

  12. Missy-TheOriginal |

    Dear CEO, Technical Support & FAQ staff,

    Allow me to express my great delight at your ingenius invention. No more lousy cut-throughs, flirtatious transgressions or hooligan behavior and FEB 25th festivity will be a BLAST! I am very much interested in purchasing the Watzuka Slapper, but beforehand I was wondering if the device would enable me to substitute water fluid with permanent ink for I surely believe the latter alternative would leave a memorable mark and far more enjoyable damage. Kindly look into my offer and I shall complete the order form as soon as possible.

    Yours truly,


  13. N. |

    A dozen in pink? Sure thing! We do not usually sell our products in whole sale, however you may contact our sales department, ask for Yosemite Sam.

    Call me, maybe we can do business. I sense a productive partnership here!

    We accept credit, cash, check, tokens, gold, and diamonds.

    Black it is! We’ll get right on it.

    lol! :p Yes, that was pretty loony, but just for that, we’ll send you a little bazooka key chain. If you’re interested in the product you may place an order here or with the sales department.

    We at Slapper® Inc are always professional. If you are interested in inflicting pain, you may Yosemite Sam, He works in the sales department. I’m sure his offers will please you!

    Who’s there ;P It has been quite a while eh! It is good to see you back here. At first, the knock knock joke came to mind. Then the song, Knockin in Heaven’s door. Hmm.. either way, welcome back!

    Engraving and some customizations is possible. We have taken orders with swarovski crystals before. For the engraving you can visit my office, we can talk about the customizations there.

    Navy Girl,
    You haven’t? Hmm. I was pretty sure all orders were sent out to the correct addresses. Don’t worry, we shall send you another one of your last order and a new WatZuka Slapper® free of charge.

    Thank you for your interest in the WatZuka Slapper®. As you know, we at Slapper® Inc provide our customers with the highest quality products. The newest product line can support a multiple of fluids. There has been a request for paint as well, however those were custom made. The new WatZuka Slappers® can support water, ink, paint, and mud. Also you have the option to ad an additive such as soap, shampoo, acid, and (food coloring) blue #2. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

    CEO Slapper® Inc.
    Slappers… Enhance your driving. Look Ma! No Hands!

  14. Marzouq |

    Is it a homing missile because I don’t feel like aiming!!! lol!

  15. N. |

    Mochiron! It is a homing laser guided missile!

  16. Shale |

    Slapping, riding, unmatched feeling, inflicting, without guilt… all in a shade of dirty pink.

    Are you sure this is appropriate for public view. Children could read this N!!

  17. |

    lol. i want the whole collection!

  18. N. |

    lol. They could be, it is up to them to interpret it as they wish!

    We shall take your order and begin processing right away!

  19. rifle |

    I like this games, it’s exciting and very fun…
    fire in the hole!!! :D

  20. fajerwerki |

    I just want to tell you that your blog is very interesting, bookmarked

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