Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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The World Around Us

Today marks the day when bloggers unite under the Blog Action Day event. Actions speak louder than words, we all understand that, however without words of guidance how can we initiate a guided action? Today we speak, in order to start moving in a direction we should all consider; that of which is saving the environment.

We live in a country that exports oil, where many would argue is a primary cause of pollution. Saving the environment however isn’t only about eliminating pollution, but it is coexistence with the world around us. Saving animals, plants, terrain, forests, seas, lakes, mountains, all ecosystems, and even people. We can all take part in our personal and working lives to make a change.

I’ve always had this vision of living in a world, with the current sophisticated elements but without all the destruction of nature and such. What I have in mind probably seems more like a fantasy world, who knows, maybe we will only reach that stage after getting into big trouble with the current state of the environment. Alright, I know that sounded a little negative but we can work to make the current world better, not only by fixing what is currently broken but by creating new ways of doing older things.

The idea is to study nature and adopt the studies into current technology. An example would be the invention of the airplane. The idea is based on bird wings. The invention of sonar is based on some animal’s ability to send signals and track object locations and surroundings. When, however, we use nature in a negative way then we get negative results. I’m not saying that burning oil for energy is bad, but there has to be more to it to make it more natural.

19 Responses to “The World Around Us”

  1. chikapappi |

    Thanks :D

  2. :::Shayouma::: |

    Totally agree with you!

  3. 'GreY |

    * proud to be fan of N* .. you are the first one to introduce us about blog action day ….

    Thanks ! you did a great job !

  4. EniGma |

    There are ways to reduce harmful emmisions but here in kuwait they’re too cheap to implement them.

  5. Very.Q8ya |

    arash7ek inik tkoon wazeer il-Be’a =]

  6. Navy Girl |

    its all about us .. we can make it better .. but people need to do something about it .. they throw their rubbish everywhere around you .. you wana them to think about pollution ?? i think we can make our environment better when we take it a step by step .. each person should be responsible i mean your trying so hard and on the other side people are not doing anything and yet making it worse .. its gonna be useless ..

  7. blue dress |

    Action begins.

  8. N. |

    Your welcome :)


    Your welcome, and you did a great job too!

    Because it costs more money.. still not an excuse!

    Thanks :p

    Navy Girl,
    Yeah, you’re right. But we do what we can, sa7.

    Blue Dress,
    It sure does..

  9. AlleyCat |

    Kuwait and the environment??? People simply are too ignorant here to care… and its not just a phenomenon in Kuwait.. but its spread along to other Arab (muslim) countries too. It seems no matter how much you talk and try to teach people.. they WANT to remain ignorant. What i hate the most is the fact that as muslims arent we supposed to work for judgement day and the afterlife?? And isnt taking care of the environment a part of the islamic religion?? .. instead if you talk to the majority about taking care of the environment for the future etc and so on… many times you would be greeted with the fact that ‘i’m going to die soon so why do i care?’… such hypocrites..
    I’m not saying to give up.. i have too much pride to do that :P I guess i’m also stuck in the middle.. yes i am an environmentalist YET at the same time without the oil… kuwait would be quite barren… financially that is.
    I’m sorry i could go on forever about this.. good job N :D

  10. N. |

    You’re right, sadly! I don’t get it either, where are the Muslim movements for bettering the environment?.. you really hit the spot here. You can go on for as much and as long as you like, you have my permission ;P Thanks for the good feedback! :)

  11. |

    im not into action so much… halayam i prefer thrillers… maybe some drama or comedy…

    sorry. im being very silly today

  12. Ri |

    I’m telling you, people will listen to your message if you wear some environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free, make-up. The Body Shop’s Heather Rose blush is to die for. :P

  13. Missy-TheOriginal |

    We all know its fruitless, maybe this is supposed to happen, things are supposed to accumilate until a point of no return and that’s how things are supposed to end. A very dark theory I know, but it’s good to try no matter how small I guess =)

  14. Joel |

    Interesting post, But It’s really hard to think who many will actually plan to shift to skateboards for traveling rather than using an automobile!

  15. Marzouq |

    I think we have other issues in Kuwait to deal with other then just the environment. The first thing we should do is make our refineries better since they are really in horrible shape, producing low quality fuel and polluting as well, it could be done better, much better.

  16. N. |

    I was actually trying to make the post silly, It just didn’t turn out that way somehow, haha.

    Heather Rose blush? Oh.. hahah, ok, bad image here! :p

    Dark, but quite possible. I couldn’t help to relate it to the Islam’s revelations of the end of time.

    Skateboards don’t seem like a bad idea actually! They just have to add engines.. oh wait.. :/

    That is what the country needs to do at the moment. I’m sure they can increase output and efficiency if they manage to get them shaped and cleaned up.

  17. KJ |

    People must use solar energy – they say it is “expensive”… well when the oil runs out you won’t afford it so you might as well invest in it now!

  18. N. |

    The sooner the better I agree!

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