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Refugees International (AlBidoon)

I passed by Desert Girl‘s blog a couple of days ago by accident and came across her post about Refugees International and I thought I would share that with you here, and hopefully you’ll help and spread the word out to get these people help.

Basically a representative will be coming to Kuwait within the next month. The representative will be here to collect data and to talk with a few stateless people (I’ll refrain from using bidoon because it is such a negative word). You can contact Desert Girl and she will forward your contact information to the representative. Your privacy will be kept in confidence.

7 Responses to “Refugees International (AlBidoon)”

  1. Nomad |


  2. Marzouq |

    it is a difficult subject to tackle in Kuwait, inshalla it works out. Too many factors for one organization to deal with.

  3. Vinnie |

    It is complicated, I think we should totally outsource the bidoon problem to people who r competent

  4. N. |

    sure its difficult, we’ll have to find a solution sooner or later.

  5. EniGma |

    I hope they find a solution for these people. Just give them all the stupid nationality, and end it!

  6. N. |

    They can’t just five them the nationality! That shouldn’t prevent them however from finding a solution! It has been going on for many many years no!

  7. EniGma |

    N. THey can give them all the nationality, and say bas khalas NO MORE.

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