Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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My Little Mishap

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Yummy Juices Yes, I have orange and carrot juice on my cloths. I know I shouldn’t have forgotten my bib at home!

You see, today is a special day. My gym routine has gotten an upgraded and my time has been increased on the elliptical machine, the tread mill, and the bicycle. This means I have even less time to eat, less time to shower and even less time to change, since I have to get back to work by 4pm.

I decided to have some lunch at the gym, it was actually very good and quite tasty, however the food arrived late which meant I was definitely going to be arriving late to work. I didn’t care much, I still tried to make it back in time. If you saw a black jeep whizzing by on the first ring road, that was me, I apologize!

I actually made it just in time (4:05), however in the elevator one the customers pointed out that I have juice on my dishdasha. I looked at it, and said, "Ah, 3ad hatha 3a9er bortaqal o jazar, shesheela al7een?" (Oh, This is orange and carrot juice, what’s going to get this out now [for those who don't read arablish]) With a half-disappointed "Oh Well" sort of smile.

I looked up at the guy, he seemed more distressed than I was! Not a smile, not even a, "Everything is OK" look. He actually had a, "OMG We are doomed!" look. I kept smiling and exited the elevator to sign in, and take care of this sucker.

Thank God for the Qutra, a little improvising does wonders. The stain is now covered up, and hidden well under my qutra well. Alrighty then, back to work (or sleep. Those 3 hours I slept are taking a toll on me, looks like I’m going to pass out on my desk).

P.S. I’d also like you to welcome a dear friend of mine, Mrm ( who only recently joined the blog-O-sphere.


deadlineI have been thinking quite a bit about the things that I like to do. None of them involve following a schedule and meeting deadlines. I’m working on a project at work. I have lost inspiration to keep working at it. It is tedious. I have to do (sort of) weekly reports. I also have a vague deadline. The pressure isn’t helping.

Update: Heads are going to start rolling!!! (For those who didn’t understand that, it means I am going to behead some people!) Here I am trying to get this done, and my colleague/semi-supervisor flips through my papers, asking me needless questions.


Nosey People


Don’t you just hate nosey people, especially at the office? What is with those who just stand there, stare at you do your work, or stare at your computer screen. I’ve had my share of encounters with nosey people and it seems you just have to draw the line with some people.

Earlier, I was working in the conference room drawing up some diagrams, mapping things out on the white board. An employee came in and just stood there close to the door looking inside staring at what I was doing. I kept looking at him, but it seemed he was trying to understand the diagram. It bothered me, so I asked him if he needed anything, he lost his smile and kept walking.

Not two minutes later, another employee comes walking by, and stands by the door looking inside impressed by the diagrams. As soon as I turn to look at him, he disappears. I just ended up closing the door. How do you handle nosey people?

Hot, Hot, Hot.

Hot OfficeI work in the very top floor in the building. Recently construction started, and they have begun from the top and will continue down the building. I can’t explain the details of what they are doing but so far they have ripped the windows out and replaced them with a thick cardboard. It is getting hotter by the minute.

Random Q: Do/Would you swim in the sea at night?

Why I Prefer A Shaved Head

Shaved HeadThe place where I work has a formal dress code. Being one of the few Kuwaitis, and also because of the nature of the place, I prefer to dress in a dishdasha with a ghutra and agal. Because of the gahfiya under the ghutra, the hair has usually been pressed for long hours, so it tends to get pretty messed up (either that or it becomes super slick and you know what that looks like don’t you?)

Anyway, I shaved my head the other day and boy does it feel good. I’m a big fan of shaving and have been doing it for a while. I sometimes grow it, but I prefer a shaved head. Even showering is easier :p Never the less, the benefits of a shaved head are far greater than having a non shaved head.

Thanks to Shale for providing 4 – 15.

  1. Use less shampoo while taking a shower.
  2. No need to Comb.
  3. Can easily take of head gear without worrying about a messed up hairdo.
  4. No head lice.
  5. No dandruff.
  6. Save a bucket of money on wax. Also, since you live in a hot country, you do not have to worry about your wax melting and your spiky, messy hairstyle falling down.
  7. If you lose weight, people will think you have aids.
  8. You are more like an egg, and people will want you to tap your head with a spoon.
  9. You do not need to wear a hat to the swimming pool.
  10. When you go to prison, you will not feel humiliated by the shaving bit.
  11. If you wear tight black t-shirts, people will think you are gay.
  12. If you get a black eye, people will think you started the fight, because you are a skinhead.
  13. My Mother will look at your head in disappointment, like she looks at my younger brother’s shaved head.
  14. You are more streamlined when you go swimming.
  15. You can tell people you have undergone chemo and ask them if they think your eyebrow wigs look real.

What other benefits would you attribute to a shaved head?

Elevator Scent

Scent I love going up and down in the building. There are only two elevators and usually customers are always coming in, up and down! Every time I go into an elevator it smells different! ?Sometimes it has this bukhour and dihn 3oud scent, I love that. At other times I smell pure coffee, and the beautiful coffee not just regular coffee smell!

A while ago, when I got on the elevator, the smell of flowers and some other sensual female perfume.. I love the fact that I’m working at the topmost floor.

P.S. Scent of a Woman comes to mind..

Under the Weather

Sick ManI am currently sick with the flu and tonsillitis. It sure doesn’t feel good. There is a tip I would like to share with you. If you’re ever sick and want to get a sick leave. Don’t go to the Dr in the evening, go in the morning. Morning Drs can give you two days sick leave, and evening Drs can only give one day sick leave. Why you might ask? Personally I think it is cause of a very twisted system, share in the comments your thoughts!

Work: Investigating, the fun part.

stack of papersGood Morning to you all. How would you go about documenting a massive work flow? The main purpose surrounding my work is to collect information and organize it into a decent documentation as I have mentioned earlier in my posts.

The past few weeks I got around to doing that for a simple small portion of the company, it isn’t 100 percent complete but it was fun creating the sequence diagrams and data flow diagrams. Since it was a minor project, all is done and well and if anything comes up later on, it can easily be changed.

The actual challenge starts now, where I’d have to start investigating and collecting information about the business process. This step is usually referred to as Business Process Modeling or Business Process Discovery. I knew I had to do something to learn more about the topic, and quickly adapt myself to creating a plan to get this information.

I won’t go into details of how to do so at the moment. I might explain later, but what I want to do is share with you this white paper, entitled “The Challenge of Process Discovery” [2004] by Laury Verner, CTO of ProActivity Inc.

Off Site: Download [PDF]
Local: Download [PDF]

What’s in a Name?


I’ve been at the new job for about a week. I also haven’t had that much interaction with many of the employees here — let alone having to know everyone’s name. This is me a few minutes ago:

I received a call from M who wants me to bring him a disk with specific information. I got a hold of a disk, went down to the Administration department and then…

Me (To secretary): Which office is M’s?
Her : That one over there.
ME: Thanks!

I strolled over to the location, and I see two desks; a Kuwaiti guy sitting at one, and the other empty.

Me (To the Kuwaiti guy, while looking over at the other desk): Oh, so M isn’t here yet?
Kuwaiti Dude: I’m M.
Me (Shocked!): Oh!

I took a look at his name tag, and indeed, he was M! My oh My.. when will I ever start learning.. names. I assumed that for some reason the Kuwaiti can’t be named M. M is not a Kuwaiti name! I haven’t met Kuwaiti person with the name M!

No documentation!

Documentation MessWhen was the last time you referred to or used the documentation at work, about how to get things done around the place? I’d bet that some if not ALL businesses have no such documentation that detail exactly what the business process is. The place I’m currently working at is quite reputable offering services to hundreds of thousands! My job is to organize the business process. Imagine doing that, without having any documentation whatsoever!

I’d have to go around, documenting details and details of how the company runs, and I’d have to organize it in a readable manageable fashion. Things that a company that has been doing for over 20 years! I feel like I’m diving in a large large pool of spaghetti. It doesn’t feel good, but the concept sure is wonderful.

Reserved, going to add something here later.