Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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56586862 I was once told that I work in a very quiet and boring environment. I was told that my job as a Systems Admin doesnt have much action and I dont get to interact with  a lot of people. let me tell you something, I work in a very different environment that you imagine; Geeksville, that is where it is.

Sure, my office is a small cubicle with computers, a telephone, and some other office supplies. Yet, when I work, I enter the virtual space of the server and I wonder off and explore. It is a world like many others, but not accessible by anyone, only the privileged.

I get to meet the processor, oh the processor AKA CPU has a lot of jobs to do and is mostly quite busy but we get to chat a bit. I get to look at all the jobs the CPU is doing. I might sometimes give the CPU a hand and kill off any process that is troubling the CPU.

I get to walk around the file system. Oh the file system! What a great place, It is so easy to find a map and ask around for different paths. There are these little helpers you see, that give directions and information of the different paths and files all over.

Sometimes I design the place as I walk around making changes here and there, by moving files and paths around and create a file system that can do many different things! Other times I give the CPU more tasks to do and do what I can to make it work without being too overloaded.

My job as a System Administrator may lack the typical human contact element, but it is a world of its own out there, a whole world, Geeksville.


*3aaaaah* Alright, now that was a good stretch. I feel like I have been hibernating all these months. True true, Im an impulse poster, who posts only when enthusiasm is at its highest. Currently enthusiasm has been pretty low. Reading news online has become a drag, my best news source is BBC radio. Work has been full throttle so I divert most of my energy there, no time to think or be philosophical and such.

I have mentioned earlier on twitter that I was planning on getting the company I work for to buy into the corporate social networking. Blogs, twittering, wikis, the works! Of course, it is not easy, neither will it be, but imagine the potential this strategy has.

What many do not understand is that building an image is not only the PR peoples job! We as a department that provide services to other departments and to our customers as well can have a great (positive) effect on the workplace. Sure, not everything is shiny and sure we are bound to be hit by a backlash, but why not? Dont people deserve to know about certain events? Im sure theyd like to see how we are actually working pretty hard on getting great services out there to the people.

Im working on it, we shall see where this will go.

P.S. Im very much contemplating posting about my extreme geekism, but Im sure Im going to lose my primary readers because it is too technical and geeky =P


Hand on Cheek I am human you know. I believe there was a group of people out there who thought I was an alien, I assure you, I am an earthling.

Now on to more pressing matters. Seriously.

This is the type of day I hate the most. I wake up early, after a good sleep, and I’m all ready to work and be productive then, I freeze. I dont feel like doing much, but I force myself anyway.

I open up a few windows on my laptop; My email, my reader, my downloads of the day, a couple of other websites for entertainment purposes, and a couple of programs related to work. I sit there staring at the screen. For the life of me, I dont know why, but I cant get myself to start anything.

Alright alright. Ill start with the easy stuff. I go through my email.

Oh nice. 3 unread. Read them, check.

Next. The reader. Now, ever since a couple of days ago, I cleared my reader so today I had only about 150 articles and blog posts to go through, most of which are comments and uninteresting articles so I go through only the headlines.

Reader status? 0 new. Excellent.

Next. Hmm, downloads? Got that done pretty quick anyway, and after that? Work? Read (work related stuff, or other interesting articles)? Surf? Chat? No. None seem quite interesting at the moment (even the interesting articles.)

What now?

I know. Ill blog about being unmotivated.

There you have it folks.

But wait. Blogging? Done. Now what?


That Damn Chinese Cat, Again

Ever since Bojacob got that damn Chinese cat, or shall I say, Fu! and Fu! it is indeed! It sits idle on his desk, its hand waving back and forth, calling or pushing back the luck in this place. Disaster has struck since we placed a battery in it! Im not one to believe in such stuff, but it seems that it has become the conversation of the departments.

People walk around trying to sabotage this so called good-luck clay cat charm. So far, no attempt has been successful. Damn Chinese cat indeed.

On a lighter note, I have successfully moved the VMWare image from my desktop to my laptop and can successfully blog using Windows Live Writer as I please. This is seriously the only reason I have Windows at the moment.

…and they’re off

Sprint Race You hear the water dripping, the zippers zipping, and the kettles on the stoves whistling. You hear the keys clinging, doors slamming and car engines igniting.

The clocks are ticking. Every second counts. The engines roar, sucking up gasoline as the person behind the wheel waits… waits.. just a bit more for the car to heat up. Their feet press the breaks as their hands quickly swivel around the gear, and shift into D for Drive. Their feet compress the gas pedal, and the engine roars and the tires spin out of control onto the road…

…to work.

In other news, The Olympics 2008 have started in Beijing if you have not heard already.

Back from the Trip

Outside the Hotel Hello everyone, I’m back from my trip to the U.K. It was a great change and the weather there was just great.

I have tried uploading pictures but I’ve reached my limit with flickr, so I’m thinking now of upgrading my account. Just haven’t decided on it yet. You’ll probably see the rest of this trip’s photos next month :p I just upgraded it, so I uploaded most of the trip images now. I’ll upload the rest tomorrow. For now you can check the ones that I have managed to upload out on my flickr profile at

It will take me a while to catch up on everything that has happened the past two weeks. Work is a little more hectic now, but that is to be expected. However, It sure is great to be back.

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Flying Away, Micro Blogging

Travelling A while back I registered on twitter and created my own profile. I also added the status updates on the sidebar for those of you who have not noticed. The new term for Web 2.0 applications such as Twitter is Micro-blogging.

I’m going to be traveling in a few hours to the U.K. for a business trip. I doubt I’ll be able to follow up on blogs, or even post as much as I would like to, but rest assured there is much to be discussed and much to be posted.

I usually write thoughts in my pocket notebook that I carry with me everywhere I go. I scribble the notes in hopes to publish them and discuss them with those who are interested. Believe it or not, not all the stuff I write makes it here on my blog, only a tiny fraction does. The reason is, some of the notes are questions of the type that have no real or obtainable answer.

Before I conclude, I’ll share with you something that I have written a while back but never posted about.

Comparing life and death. What is life, [but] a conscious ability to experience.


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Mini-Adventures at work

Juice on a Car

I was driving this morning and saw this on the highway. A car with a small carton of juice on it. Odd? Yes. Strange? Not really, you never know what you might see on your way driving to work. Every morning is an adventure!

Some of you may remember my tall friend Bojacob from my previous post about us walking next to each other in a mall. Now, there is nothing weird about walking with a friend, but only when there is a 33 CM gap in height between the two. I recently joined the team at the company where he works.

One day as I was going to pray, I used the washroom next to the praying area, and I was looking for a place to hang my jacket. I looked right and then I looked left, there was nothing there. I was planning on how to keep my jacket dry and clean in this place, and I was running out of options!

I hung the jacket on the door to the cleaner’s room, that seemed like the most reasonable solution thus far. I went over to the sink, looked in the mirror and that is what I saw behind me! A hanger! But wait, how come I missed it? I looked right and left but didn’t see it!

High Hanger

I turned around, and looked up. There it was, right under the ceiling. I could not reach it, I admit I am short. However, even my tall friend was having problems with it! (Or so he claims…). None the less, this hanger always gives me something to laugh about when I think about the wonders and small adventures in my life!

So until the next adventure, I bid you all farwell, and wish you a pleasant and wonderful day!

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I Promise

Hanshake Promise The Oxford program of career change is a career counceling program focused on helping you achieve your dreams in terms of trying to find out the career that would fit you best.

One of the exercises in the program is writing down your commitments. It is said that commitments and wants are different, and that difference is the action actually taken to reach the objective you have in mind.

I have written out my commitments and promises, and wanted to share them with you. Write down your own promises, share them with the people around you, and put them in a visible place to remind yourself to always take action towards what you want.

This is what I have written:

My promise to myself is to live my life to my fullest potential. I will start by completing this program. I promise to conquer my procrastination and push myself whenever I need to be pushed to keep on moving. I promise to always be positive and optimistic in everything that I do in my life. I promise to always enhance my strong points and characteristics. I also promise to identify all my weak points and work to fix them. For all those weak points that cannot be fixed, I promise to find a way to use them positively in my life. I promise to live in harmony with myself, my family, my friends, all those who I love and the world around me. I promise to appreciate and recognize all that is good, and remind myself of all the promises I have made and will keep forever.

I will give myself the chance to experience new opportunities. I will not be put down by the negativity around me. I promise to make my own path if I have to. I will find my ideal profession and work that I love to do. I will keep going in my search for as long as it takes. I know I will only be truly happy doing something I love doing. This is my promise.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." – Mark Twain

Bathroom Invasion

Warning: Crude content ahead.

Bathroom Window What does it take a person to have his privacy. The bathroom at work has a window that overlooks souq sharq. There are no curtains or shutters up on the 7th floor, why should there be? I had just finished cleaning up when I hear a strange whirring sound. I didn’t mind it thinking it has to be something with the aircondtioning.

I felt safe, in my sanctuary. I felt at peace with the world. I got up to get dressed and there he was staring at me through the window! What the heck! I stood there shocked! I was speechless, and motionless. The man was moving lower, and I see behind him cables and equiptment. He’s working on the outter part of the building.

I can’t imagine what they do when they reach the lower floors because some are women’s bathrooms other are mens bathrooms depending on the floor number. Honestly, did they really have to put the construction elevator next to the bathroom windows!

Reserved, going to add something here later.