Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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What’s New? Thoughts on [my] Facebook, Health, Sleep, and Food.

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…on Facebook.
I don’t get on much, I just check statuses and updates, once in a blue moon I’d post a comment, or accept a request. I have my blog feeding off there (my blog posts are posted as notes in my profile). I rarely get friend requests from strangers (those with the fake names). I usually do not accept these strange requests, most of my friends are legitimate (wait, so now does that mean there are bastard friends?).

Recently I got a request from an old, old, OLD friend of mine, who is also a friend of the family. Rarely do I get united with old friends, but the ones that do show up, are always the gems in my life! Real friends, you know those people that you can depended on. Somehow during a period of our lives, circumstances drifted us apart, and it is great to be reunited.

…on Health.
I am starting to get sick. At this rate it seems like I will be sick by Eid! I drank some yummy effervescent Vitamin C twice yesterday, I don’t know how that will play out, we’ll see. I’m actually contemplating getting a stick leave for today and tomorrow. That would get me right into the weekend, ah the joy!
…on Sleep.
I didn’t have enough sleep. I slept for only one hour. I had to wake up to get ready for work, I set up 4 alarms at; 7:00am, 7:03am, 7:06am, and 7:09am. Call me weird, but I picked 3 minute intervals because in case I missed the first one, the trailing effect of the sequential alarms would eventually get me to the last one at 7:09 which is the supposed first snooze alarm after 7:00am (snoozes are usually in 9 minute intervals…). If that made utterly no sense, IT IS OK.
…on Food.
We had pizza and a whole lot other stuff for futoor yesterday. We ordered from pizza hut (I’m not even capitalizing the name! Doesn’t deserve respect!). What the hell happened to that place? Honestly, every time I order from them I’d expect the pizza hut we all knew 5 or 10 years ago! Remember, when the mozzarella cheese was actually white instead of yellow! The pan was actually PAN and soft, instead of bulgy and saturated! I’m never ordering from pizza hut ever again!

Note to self: Eliminate text in parentheses (thats brackets for you British folk) in future posts.
Note to selt 2: There! I did it again!

No Title

I haven’t picked a title for this post, mainly because I don’t know what exactly I’m going to talk about. I have been feeling a little down recently. There have been quite a few things going on around me which, lets just say, are shocking and to a certain unbelievable degree.

You know when you hear a story, and think it is a fairy tale? That these things can’t or don’t happen in real life? I used to think that, and whenever I heard a sad story like that I said, “Allah ekafena el shar”. (May God discharge evil [from us])*. Lately, I have been thinking, sometimes these aren’t too far from the truth, they can indeed happen, and sometimes things you never imaged possible creep up on you.

I’ve learned that patience, and hope are a man’s greatest tools of existence. Without them, a soul’s destruction is inevitable.

* That’s the best translation I could come up with.

Fake Forwards

Lois and Peter GriffinIn the words of Peter Griffin, “You know what really grinds my gears?”: Fake and Hoax forwards! Most of forwards I get in my e-mail are fake except for the faith related ones that tell an anecdote, or have a short du3a and thikr. What is it with these forwards about plastic bottles and cancer, and microwave safety! Most of them are fake, and have no benefit what so ever! I don’t understand why someone would make up such stories and send them to hundreds of people!

As a bonus, here’s a little funny segment from Family guy totally unrelated to e-mail forwards:

Family Guy – What really grinds my gears
[Youtube | 1m02s]
(I can’t find the rating on the IMDB site, It probably is rated MA for Mature Audience, kinda like Southpark)

And before I leave, Kel 3amo w’entow eb khair o Embarak 3alikom el Shahar. :)

Paperwork, When will it end!


Everyone who’s everyone has been through, or will go through a bad experience at a government department. Whether it is lost files, missing documents, wrong documents, wrong files, missing signatures, wrong departments… you get the picture.

I haven’t received my government allowance (da3m el 3amala) in two months. The reason was because when I changed my job I signed a document to cancel my social security tax payment. It automatically canceled the government allowance. However, I also signed another document to start the social security procedure with my current employer. That — however — did not mean they’ll start paying the government allowance again!

To start getting your government allowance again after switching jobs, you do the following:

Here are the documents you need;

  • Salary Certificate from your current employer. (????? ????)
  • Copy of the notarized signature authorization, also from your current employer. (???? ?????? ?????)
  • Copy of your current work contract. (???? ??? ?????)

Here’s what you have to do;
First call the MGRP (I think that stands for Manpower Government Restructuring Program) (?????? ????? ????? ????? ???????) and make sure that you can come in directly without scheduling an appointment. If you have to take an appointment, ask them how you can do that and Inshalla they will guide you!

When you’re all set and ready prepare the documents, and head out to the MGRP. These documents are only needed if you are changing your work place. If you are a new applicant, you need a whole ton of other documents.

When I went, and after getting all these documents. I was told to come in the next day because that was when my “appointment” was scheduled. *Sigh*

Updated 6th August 2007:
I’ll make this short. It turned out I didn’t need the copy of notarized signature certification to complete the paperwork. Also, make sure at the reception you tell them you need a number for the “other” counter, where you want to re-apply for the government allowance after changing jobs.

Medicine, Yuck

MedicineWhy does medicine have to taste so bad? My antibiotics supplement finished. I still needed to go a few days more (because initially I was taking two pills when I should have just taken one!) I ran out pretty quick. I am currently on the kids antibiotic mix! That stuff tastes so good! Who decided that medicine should just taste bad? Why does it have to be torture? :/ AND why do pills have to be so huge that you’d nearly choke on them! I hate pills..

Kuwait Blogs

Kuwait Flag

What does it take to get listed on :/ I submitted my blog a couple times over the past 3 months already. :/

Random Quote:
Nothing is certain, only that, is for certain.

No documentation!

Documentation MessWhen was the last time you referred to or used the documentation at work, about how to get things done around the place? I’d bet that some if not ALL businesses have no such documentation that detail exactly what the business process is. The place I’m currently working at is quite reputable offering services to hundreds of thousands! My job is to organize the business process. Imagine doing that, without having any documentation whatsoever!

I’d have to go around, documenting details and details of how the company runs, and I’d have to organize it in a readable manageable fashion. Things that a company that has been doing for over 20 years! I feel like I’m diving in a large large pool of spaghetti. It doesn’t feel good, but the concept sure is wonderful.


We live in a world where we must learn to conserve energy. We learn to limit our energy usage and actually give a crap about the state of the world. Even though I understand that we must promote alternative and environmental changes for the better, why does this have to happen at the expense of no electricity in the summer!

Logically, our country is doing well economically with the soaring oil prices over the past 5 years. What is the problem guys? I’m not going to get pissed (that ship has sailed). It just doesn’t make sense to have these blackouts! Why isn’t there a new power plant? Or better yet, let Kuwait join the action! Lets refine and weaponize transform plutonium into energy i.e. Nuclear power plants!

So we committed a tiny mistake of ruining the ozone, no biggie, we’ll get right back to fixing it (pdf link).


Uninterneted -
Uninterneted (adjective) [N.'s Dictionary]
1. The absence of an internet connection for a prolonged period of time.

Today is day four in which I have had no internet connection. I’m going through a terrible detox period. Emotional outbursts, screaming, “WWW”, and “EMAIL” are only starting to be controlled. The problem seems to originate from the telephone itself! The DSL line is active, I can’t get a dial tone though. I can call the number, it rings, but the house phone doesn’t ring! Weird, today enshalla we’ll be calling the emergency phone service to find out what is the matter. Let us hope all goes well.

Updated: My mom called them (our local phone service support hot line!) and they restored the line! They didn’t even provide an explanation why it was not working!

Family Matters

I loved that show very much. As much as I’d like to discuss Urkel and the Winslow family this is about families in general, and Kuwaiti families to be exact. I just received a call from a close family member who was telling me about some issues that were going on in the family. For some reason it felt I was in one of those Mexican Soaps– minus the business conspiracy and who’s after who’s money. I understand this is a fact that is related to large families and (not so) close relatives. It is simply unavoidable.

In this little issue I am supposed to play a certain role, and act differently than who I really am.. and for a very good reason. I certainly don’t feel comfortable doing it but it has to be done. It is like a game, they started, the Kuwaiti rules are already set, and thus I have to take on the roll of the typical Kuwaiti male who behaves in typical ways so as to expect typical results.

I’m an easy going guy, I really am. I dislike taking part in such activities, yet what has to be done just has to be done. *Sigh*

Note: I miss you my friend

Reserved, going to add something here later.