Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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My Internet Mess

That's what it feels like with all those social networks. We are all connected now arent we? Web 2.0.. the chaotic numbers of social websites.. there is no end to this madness.

I do admit, I do enjoy connecting with people, and I have my fair number of social websites. Im on Flickr and twitter, and Facebook. This is minimal compared to others who enjoy a much wider social presence online.

However, even with this many social networks, I ask myself

I got my photos on Flickr. Now I want to upload more wait, I can put those on Facebook. Hmm, but cant I put them on both Facebook and Flickr? I can, but why should I? Ill just install the Flickr app on Facebook. What about personal pictures? Oh.. Im not even sure if I should put those up there, or anywhere! I guess Ill keep them locally. Oh but wait, I can always upload the public ones to my Google Picasa web thingie, cant I? And upload the personal ones and set them as hidden? Or wait, cant I integrate that somehow with the rest of the social websites? Bleh!

I need to update my status, something happened and I need to share it with the world. Ill blog about it. Nah, it isnt worth a blog post, how about I tweet it. Hold on, I can also update on Facebook, at least I am not limited by 140 characters. Bummer, if only I can update both at the same time oh wait, I can do that! Great.. so what now?

Alright, I admit, it isnt as chaotic as I had suspected, but still very troublesome none the less. If only there was a way to put it ALL together. *staring at the blog*

welcome to the Internet.


Hand on Cheek I am human you know. I believe there was a group of people out there who thought I was an alien, I assure you, I am an earthling.

Now on to more pressing matters. Seriously.

This is the type of day I hate the most. I wake up early, after a good sleep, and I’m all ready to work and be productive then, I freeze. I dont feel like doing much, but I force myself anyway.

I open up a few windows on my laptop; My email, my reader, my downloads of the day, a couple of other websites for entertainment purposes, and a couple of programs related to work. I sit there staring at the screen. For the life of me, I dont know why, but I cant get myself to start anything.

Alright alright. Ill start with the easy stuff. I go through my email.

Oh nice. 3 unread. Read them, check.

Next. The reader. Now, ever since a couple of days ago, I cleared my reader so today I had only about 150 articles and blog posts to go through, most of which are comments and uninteresting articles so I go through only the headlines.

Reader status? 0 new. Excellent.

Next. Hmm, downloads? Got that done pretty quick anyway, and after that? Work? Read (work related stuff, or other interesting articles)? Surf? Chat? No. None seem quite interesting at the moment (even the interesting articles.)

What now?

I know. Ill blog about being unmotivated.

There you have it folks.

But wait. Blogging? Done. Now what?


Watani Online Nuisance

WOLLogo My password expired. I haven’t logged in for a while (a couple of months) and my password expired. Of every institute that I have ever dealt with, in Kuwait and internationally never has there ever been an expiry on my password!

For those who don’t know, Watani Online, is NBK (National Bank of Kuwait) Online banking service.

Now, if you’d ask, they’d probably say this is added security. I don’t think this is added security at all. It is an inconvenience to the customer. I am not an idiot. I can take care of my passwords, and if I can’t then it is my own problem. Why does NBK have to make it a harder experience for everyone to use their online service!

After I got the notice that my password had expired and that I had to create a new one, I clicked on the link to follow the instructions. I entered my banking information and a new password. My password was the same as my older one, since there is no way ever anyone can guess it, and I am pretty confident about that!

I got an error that my password has to be new, not something I had used before, and should combine letters and numbers and be between 6 and 8 characters. Now, why can I not use my old password? I understand again, that this is a security feature but come on. This only makes it worse for us who seem to have to change their password every few months because we don’t need to/want to log in!

Talking about security, why is the limit between 6 and 8 characters? Doesn’t that limit the number of password one can “create” that he/she can remember? Just imagine this, how many of those people use their 7 digit phone number, and a letter at the end of beginning as their password? Or, how many use a 4 number significant year and a 2-4 letter related or meaningful word? Also, being a tight community, it becomes easier to socially engineer these password being of that length.

Back to the new password form, two new fields popped in! I also needed to include my Civil ID and my account number to create a new password! Oh you have got to be kidding me. I do very much understand security, I am a System Admin, but this is crossing the line into annoyance and customer frustration!

"We are a pessimist society"

Thumbs DownThere isn’t a day that goes by without complaining, anyone and everyone is complaining. Forgive me, for I will begin complaining, but probably for the last time this week, for the time being at least.

We (in Kuwait) have become experts at discovering flaws. We complain about complaining, and we complain about those who complain. Look at me now, complaining about complaining and that we complain. Yikes.

Sometimes we can’t get anything done, because we get put down. The people we love and trust the most, as well as everyone else point out the negative points about whatever it is we seem exited about. Soon enough, if we don’t have enough drive, we lose interest and stop pursuing it.

I’m not saying there isn’t any positive atmosphere in the country, there is, and a lot of it, but it does seem to be overshadowed by the negativity all around. Am I wrong? Honestly, am I just not seeing the positive aspects of life anymore?

When I go home, I expect to have a great time with my family. However, recently there’s been a lot of complaining about many things.

Everyone is complaining about the situation with the parliament. The latest committee formed to restore the traditions and manage negative aspects of our society. Though that initially sounds like a good idea, everyone fears (and what might be very true) that this committee will limit people’s freedoms.

That’s not all, there’s always complaining about the parliament and whatever is going on around the country politically.

Who isn’t complaining about inflation? You always hear about it in the newspapers, in the street, at home. The foreigners who are limited in salary, are even limited by the current addition to their salary. I’m not saying the government did anything wrong, citizens are the priority but inflation isn’t getting really fixed by increasing anyone’s salary.
It has been very well known that everyone doesn’t know what to do in the weekends. Somehow, people manage and are find and in one piece. "There isn’t anything to do in this country" Yeah, sure. You’re not doing anything, its not that there isn’t anything to do. I do admit, the weather does play an important role. Well then find an interesting activity to do indoors, pick a hobby or something.

There’s a lot more here, and if you’re around women you know what I mean. "Jane did this or that" "Did you hear? Jane’s maid said this, or did that" "Did you know that Jane and Kate said blah.." I really can’t be around people who talk like that for too long. It annoys me and is irritating. It is enough that backbiting is a bad habit and forbidden anyway.

You know what the funny thing is? Men are starting to do that too! Some of them are now even worse than women.

Up until recently, the weather has been very bad, we all have seen it, experienced it and complained about it. Till what end though? What is complaining going to do? It won’t make the weather better, neither will it make you feel better. If it does make you feel better to complain, then do it in your diary, no one is very happy with the dust so stating the obvious isn’t really going to help anyone, but only inflame the already suppressed disappointment at the situation.
I don’t think there’s anything more to say about this, everyone knows the problems around the road here.

There are a lot of other subjects that you hear about nearly every day. Where is all the positive energy? The optimism? What happened to this country? What happened to the people? They don’t seem to like anything nowadays.

It does seem like a downward spiral of negativity. It is spreading somewhat, like a venom through a body. Till what end? I haven’t thought about a solution for it yet.

I do plan on doing something about on it on my end at least for a while. It might be difficult but I will try at least.

I will not complain about anything for a  whole week (or as long as I can..) and see how that works out? Is it even possible? I don’t really know.

Do you how know how to overcome this viral symptom of negativity? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Ridiculous Spam

SPAMWe all get spam, if you don’t, don’t worry your time will come soon and you will enjoy the wonders of either reading it, or deleting it. Recently I have noticed that spam has gotten extremely sophisticated or terribly ridiculous.

Siber writes in and says, “Please, do not delete the given message. Money obtained from spam will go to the help hungry to children ugand“.

I doubt that it is true, actually I REALLY doubt the truth of this statement. It is somewhat offensive too, who are they trying to fool!

Another spam I got a while back was something on the lines of. “It does not matter if the right wing or the right wing wins the election, either way we will be flying in circles.

Now that is truly innovative and smart comment and very true!

This all got me thinking. Most of these SPAM are about; male enhancement (enhancement probably isn’t the best word here..), stress medications, anxiety and depression medication as well. Most of the drugs referred to at these sites are produced by large companies, and I doubt that these companies support spam. In the end however, they are the ones who benefit the most.

It makes you wonder (maybe not you.. but I have been..).

P.S. Alright I know I think too much, but what’s a person to do without their dose of Anime and TV shows :p

Law: A Matter of Inconvenience

Traffic Light In Kuwait we are used to this concept: we break the law whenever we feel like it. If we get caught we mostly try to talk our way out of it, or get in contact with certain individuals who help us get out of the trouble we got into. Breaking the law has easily become a matter of convenience.

Most of us have broken the law, at least and most commonly the traffic law. In some roads the speed limit is a joke, and driving at that speed is too ridiculous. At other times we have parked in a no parking zone. Are the parking spots designed that bad that it easily becomes impossible to find a parking spot? Wait, I meant a close parking spot.

The other most common traffic violation (based on my assumption) is breaking the red light. You can see it turning yellow, and you know that if you don’t step on the gas pedal you will be waiting at that traffic light for another 5-10 minutes! You speed ahead, and pass the light just a split second after it has turned red.

Driving this morning I saw cars pass a red light simply because they saw that no one was coming from the other side. It was inconvenient to them to wait for a few minutes (2..3…5.. or even 10 on some of those traffic lights) and seeing that there clearly wasn’t a camera in place or a police car they simply drove off, casually, crossing the red light. If you’d ask them why, they would probably say, “Why not? I’m busy, and there was no one on the road.” Sure, they could say that now, and probably get away with it.

Why has the law become so much a matter of convenience, and breaking it has become such a casual activity, that everyone does it and feels inferior if they see someone else do it, and they themselves don’t!

Do the people in charge believe the installation of more speed/light cameras and higher ticket fines would make it more convenient for people to respect the law? Of course not. People will actually start feeling bitter. Since they are inconvenienced by the current situation, adding more strict laws would only make it all the more less convenient for some. To others, it would make them feel trapped, with stress of laws they have to follow and fear of being caught and/or breaking the laws they are not so quite aware of.

Love Light What would be the solution? Why do we need a solution? The law is there to protect people from themselves. The law is a government decree and should be respected. They are the higher authority and they have a right to place the laws they see fit. This does not mean that we cannot challenge these laws in an administrative manner. Isn’t this why there is a National Assembly? In the U.S. and probably other areas there is a City Council where regular citizens can take the podium and voice their concerns. I don’t believe there is such an entity in Kuwait. If there is however, I have not heard of such a thing.

How is it possible then for citizens to speak their minds, and contribute to this country? We do love Kuwait. There are also people who are not Kuwaiti but have lived here for many years and also love this country. All we can really do is try to talk to the people in charge, however inefficient that may be, or simply complain. Complain. And complain some more.

There is a lot of hate, anger, and resentment that we see in the news, in the streets, and even at work sometimes. I believe it is truly about time these issues get addressed and something serious be done about them.

P.S. To the people with a lot of hate I say: Don’t insult this country. Don’t insult the government. Certainly don’t insult the people. You will not gain respect by doing so, neither will you gain any results.

Photocopied: Your Life

PhotocopySo what’s the problem? You go into an institute or something along those lines to get a service or buy something. Usually you’re already part of this institute because you have an account with them, or, they are part of the government. Naturally they would ask for (a) document(s), and you would kindly and happily provide them.

Here comes the problem. They don’t only check your I.D. but they make copies as well. Every. Single. Time. Not only do they make copies of your Civil ID card but your bank card (ATM, VISA, MasterCard..), other I.D., copies of other photocopies.

Tell me, is there a goofy green drooling monster these people have in their basement that feeds off copies of people’s I.D. and private documents?

Enough with the copying!

I need a Macbook Pro

Some of you may have seen the latest changes to the MacBook Pro. Since I have the older PPC PowerBook it seems only natural for me to update my laptop, add to that the constant nagging from some people I know *cough* Bojacob *cough* MJKout *cough*cough* G *cough*… excuse me.. seems like I caught something. Another huge reason for me to update is that PPC processors are outdates, most current applications only support Intel processors (especially work related applications in my case).

I went ahead and tried to order it from Apple but they refused my request stating that:

The Apple Store sells and ships products only within the continental
United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. No shipments can be made to APO or
FPO addresses, United States territories, or addresses outside the
United States. You may not export any products purchased at the Apple

And then they said something about…

We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Inconvenience? Yeah, you bet! I’m currently looking for a solution to this dilemma. I would rather buy it from the U.S. since it is much cheaper, and would save me well over 150KD which is approximately 550USD! If anyone has a solution please let me know through the comments or you can get my e-mail from my blogger profile.

Bathroom Invasion

Warning: Crude content ahead.

Bathroom Window What does it take a person to have his privacy. The bathroom at work has a window that overlooks souq sharq. There are no curtains or shutters up on the 7th floor, why should there be? I had just finished cleaning up when I hear a strange whirring sound. I didn’t mind it thinking it has to be something with the aircondtioning.

I felt safe, in my sanctuary. I felt at peace with the world. I got up to get dressed and there he was staring at me through the window! What the heck! I stood there shocked! I was speechless, and motionless. The man was moving lower, and I see behind him cables and equiptment. He’s working on the outter part of the building.

I can’t imagine what they do when they reach the lower floors because some are women’s bathrooms other are mens bathrooms depending on the floor number. Honestly, did they really have to put the construction elevator next to the bathroom windows!

A Fly Incident

Dead Fly Before I talk about the evil fly, I just want to say that I was away for the weekend, enjoying the sun and warm weather. It was beautiful.

If a fly comes next to me again, I wont kill it, no. I’ll just wound it, so it can tell its little fly friends how dangerous I am and to stay away from me. Stupid flies.

Reserved, going to add something here later.