Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Superman Dreams


Poll Question: Ever had a dream about a superhero? vote on the right please!

I doubt that there any cooler dreams for a guy than those that involve Superman. The number one dream would be that the person dreaming would actually be Superman himself.

Last night, I was Superman.

I wasnt actually the Superman, but Clark Kent from SmallVille the TV series. The funny thing is, I couldnt fly but only leap and my laser eyes were busted, and my first encounter was with a hotel security guard (guarding the roof) who was also; from another planet, looked human, but could turn into solid gold, and has a spear that can cut through anything and turn it into gold dust.

The scene commences: Not only was the guard protecting the exit to the roof, but the roof door was huge and made with a type of Kryptonian alloy. With one swoop with his spear, I was mere gold dust slithering down the stairs trying to move away from the Kryptonian roof to regain my strength and go through that door.

I woke up mid way through the fight, but the dream was awesome.

Other characters men like to dream include but are not limited to; Maifa Bosses, any person with a special ability, leader of some sort, a badass, and fictional heroes.

Whats your favorite dream character?

A Web Forum

I have been thinking about this for a while now. I thought I’d just ask everyone who happens to drop by here about what they thought.

Are you in favor of me adding a web forum to this website? Vote on the poll on the right please.

If you’re not familiar with what a web forum is, I’ll explain briefly. A forum, is called a “Montada” in Arabic. It is a place where people can participate in conversations and have a dialogue about certain topics.

So, Why a web forum you may ask? The original reason is to encourage everyone to engage in a dialog about certain topics. In blog posts, this might be achievable through comments, however I believe it is best done through a forum. A website forum, also gives the opportunity for a member to create their own post and give a chance for other members to comment and interact with the ideas of that member.

Please share your thoughts and don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have any.

EDIT UPDATE: Note that the forum will not take the place of this blog. The forum would be an addition to the site. I believe some of you misunderstood. There is no way I’m removing this blog :p

I need a Macbook Pro

Some of you may have seen the latest changes to the MacBook Pro. Since I have the older PPC PowerBook it seems only natural for me to update my laptop, add to that the constant nagging from some people I know *cough* Bojacob *cough* MJKout *cough*cough* G *cough*… excuse me.. seems like I caught something. Another huge reason for me to update is that PPC processors are outdates, most current applications only support Intel processors (especially work related applications in my case).

I went ahead and tried to order it from Apple but they refused my request stating that:

The Apple Store sells and ships products only within the continental
United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. No shipments can be made to APO or
FPO addresses, United States territories, or addresses outside the
United States. You may not export any products purchased at the Apple

And then they said something about…

We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Inconvenience? Yeah, you bet! I’m currently looking for a solution to this dilemma. I would rather buy it from the U.S. since it is much cheaper, and would save me well over 150KD which is approximately 550USD! If anyone has a solution please let me know through the comments or you can get my e-mail from my blogger profile.

Where would my Jacket be now?

A little more than 10 years ago I lost a jacket in Lebanon. I loved that jacket and it meant a lot to me since my Mother had bought it for me. I don’t know why I remembered it yesterday, but I was thinking about where my jacket is right now? What is its fate?

I am getting visual images of it, probably piled up with some other trash in a large area. If it has been disposed of in a landfill it is probably in the dark, or maybe being eaten by some sort of animal on the lower end of the food chain.

Maybe someone had found it, and has given it to a friend and is wearing it right this minute. It could be stowed away in a closet too, someplace foreign, distant.

It could be lost at sea, at the depths of the ocean collecting algae. Maybe floating around, from ocean to ocean, the blue and orange jacket.

Or maybe it got burnt somehow, in a trash can, a burning house, or even lit and discarded to disintegrate from this world.

It might have travelled, from city to city, and is now in a strange land with people who speak a much different language than we do. Where could my jacket be now? My blue and orange jacket?

Come to think of it, I have lost quite a few things, some are mostly forgotten. Others, where would they be now? What life would the be living and what fate would they be having?

I’m not sure why I’m feeling quite sentimental right now, but we all lose things, they do not simply disappear from existence, but they are out there, somewhere.

Foreign labor is destroying our country; Part 1

Question: Do you consider yourself a naughty person? You may have your own definition of naughty, so answer based on that! There is not bad or good here either (I’m proving a point to a friend of mine ;P). Please vote on the right hand side! Thank you! :)

I was going to talk about the foreign laborers that has destroyed responsibility in this country. Then I was going to talk about my trip to Dubai. Then I thought about talking about my late absence and the real reason behind it.

Still and all, I am in no talking mood, not really, not at the moment. I have been feeling down since I came back from Dubai actually. I try to deal with it and not let it affect what I do, so far it has only affected my blogging. I don’t know if it is the weather or not but I will leave all these topics for later.

I want all your input first before I start talking about the foreign laborers. Here is a question to ask yourself: Has foreign labor affected our country negatively? State your ideas and opinions here, and you can comment and debate other people in the comments. Feel free to be defensive and offensive, I want this to be a healthy debate… as long as no sharp weapons are used!

I will post my opinions later. I want it to be understood that I do not hate people in general. I do not hate foreign labor, and I do not hate those who come here to seek a living, you’ll understand better when I post my opinion.

P.S. I also understand that there is no connection between the poll and the topic, but this is just to give those of you who don’t like to discuss politics something to do when you get here :P And thank you to all those who have been participating in all the previous polls! Thank you!

Distractions: A fact of Life

Question: Do you still celebrate your birthday with gifts? Vote on the poll on the right please! Thank you for your participation!

Lost In Thought Isn’t life just full of distractions? First, to better understand where I’m going with this, let us look at the definition of distraction. I like to use Google definition, they always have the most definite definitions.

Google defines distraction (from as:

  • mental turmoil; “he drives me to distraction”
  • an obstacle to attention
  • beguilement: an entertainment that provokes pleased interest and distracts you from worries and vexations
  • the act of distracting; drawing someone’s attention away from something; “conjurers are experts at misdirection”

I tend to like the third one up there. An entertainment, it says. That is quite true in my case. I have spend the past couple of weeks mostly enjoying my Playstation Portable wreaking havoc in GTA (Grand Theft Auto; A game where you play the role of a mobster.) I wanted to start reading, but I didn’t because I was busy playing the game.

I wanted to write down some ideas, get started with some tutorials I have waiting for me, and maybe start writing some code and playing around with software. I didn’t do that because I was busy playing that video game. Not only that, I was also watching some movies and anime. Some of you may think, why is this a distraction? It is normal to want to play and have fun when you have nothing better to do. Here, the real question is asked:

What are they distracting me from?

For those who have these items in their plans, then we can consider them a part of the plan, and not really a distraction. For someone like me, who has other plans in mind, I could call these a distraction. For a person who does not have writing and reading as part of the plan could call those specific actions distractions. We can see here that a distraction, is something that draws our attention away from our original plan.

All around us there are distractions of all types. Entertainment does not end, you can never run out of music, movies, video games, TV shows, TV programs, games, devices, gadgets, books, places to go, things to do, people to talk to, web sites to visit, things to download, etc. How many of these are distractions, and how many are quite necessary for our plan, whatever our plan may be?

What distractions do you have in your own life? How do you deal with distractions?

My Girlfriend’s Boy Friend

Two women dancing with a man This isn’t about my imaginary girlfriend’s boy friend, rather about the idea of a spouse or a partner who has friends of the opposite gender. I was talking with a friend about this topic and she said she would want her partner to accept her male friends.

What about you? Would you accept your girlfriend’s boy friends? Would you accept your boyfriend’s girl friends?

If you are or when you do get married. Will things change as well? Will you accept your wife’s male friends? Would you accept your husband’s female friends?

If your answer is to accept but with limitations, then what are these limitations?

If you would refuse, why would you refuse and how would you let your friends know you can’t be friends with them, or what would you do?

What’s in your Car?

Pandoras box Shayouma gave me an Idea a while back while suggesting I should have an extra dishdasha in my car. Today for example I learned that I should keep some money in the car because I forgot my wallet at home, and there was no way I was going to go and get it because there wasn’t enough time.

I’ll update the list below according to what you all contribute.

What do you think would be a good item that is useful in an emergency to have in your car?

  • An Emergency Money stash.
  • Tide To-Go.
  • An Extra ID Card
  • Emergency Contact list
  • An extra charged mobile phone with a spare chip
  • Drinking Water
  • Gum
  • Toothpaste/toothbrush
  • Extra pair of clothes (Jeans and a T-shirt)
  • Shoes and socks
  • A light Blanket
  • Front window shade
  • First Aid Kit
  • Mobile Chargers
  • Media; CDs, DVDs, MP3 Players, Magazines, Pens, Papers
  • A Camera (Unless you have a good phone camera)
  • An umbrella
  • A portable chair
  • Girly Stuff
    • Moisturizer
    • Make-up Kit
    • Hair Brush
    • Pins (Hair, Cloth, Safety)
  • Glasses cleaner cloth
  • Lens Solution
  • Perfume
  • Wet Wipes (Dettol/Scented)
  • Antibacterial Hand sanitizer
  • Kleenex
  • Torch/Flash light
  • Plastic bag and Disposable Garbage bags
  • Jumper Cables
  • Wrench
  • Screw Driver
  • Pliers
  • Mechanix Gloves
  • A weapon for self defense (Not sure about weapon carrying laws here)

What else?

The Experiment: You are my specimens!

Question: What is your strongest sense? What do you notice the most when you experience things with your senses. Vote on the right please! Thank you.

One or the Other The idea wasn’t to get a lot of people to drop by really. It was centered around the idea of saying something totally obscene and misleading [link removed] and finding out how people would react to it. Turns you all have good sportsmanship. Give yourselves a pat on the back! I have also noticed that also a lot more people participated in the polls. Why, I can’t be sure. Maybe people prefer to participate in the polls more than leave a comment. However thank you to all who contributed. Welcome singles, forever free.

Now, on to more pressing matters. Last week there were a few people (Joud, Mark, and Chikapappi) who posted about their traffic violations and how ridicules some of their fines have become. Mine are a bit over 350 KD.  I have however a strategy that has been working for a while, that might help you as well to avoid the cameras.

flagged After a little conversation my brother and I were having he gave me the idea to literally flag the cameras in my car’s GPS system. Being the loyal citizen that I am, I have gone around and flagged A LOT of cameras, I didn’t count how many, but here is a picture. Keep in mind that this picture is not complete and this is only part of Kuwait. Click on a picture for a better view.

juice I have also been enjoying immensely my carrot and orange cocktail juice.  However, this time I gulped the whole thing down before getting into my work clothes.

P.S. I changed my clothes in the car while driving on the fifth ring road. What a rush!

Are you a Multitasker?

Multitasker Only recently I posted about the relativity of time and how it makes us all feel very busy. I received quite a few comments about multitasking. In our current environment it is important, rather imperative and crucial that a person learn to do more than one thing at a time. Sometimes you can do one, two, three or more things however to truly reach the maximum potential you’d have to get creative!

Multitasking is usually attributed to people who are talking on the telephone and doing other things at the same time, such as reading, writing, typing, watching TV, or anything else while still being able to maintain a balanced conversation with the other person.

Another common multitasking activity is typing on the computer and talking to someone around you, or watching TV at the same time.

The question here is how can you be a creative multitasker? What do you usually do together at the same time? The idea here is to be creative!

Reserved, going to add something here later.