Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Who are you really?

“…And what were you before?” Do you know where that is from? A: Casablanca. Such a great movie. Now, on to the topic at hand.

Here is the question for today: Are you as people perceive you? Or do people perceive a totally different YOU?

We may walk the streets with a smile on our faces, interacting with the world around us and making people know us the way we like them to know us. We may not have a care in the world. Or we may, have all types of dilemmas surrounding us, yet we still smile and live on our lives without those around us suspecting a thing.

Don’t get me wrong, when I say how people perveive you I do not mean they know the intimate details of your life, but the essential information as to how you are like, what you do enjoy and who you like to be around.

So who are you really? Are you who you say you are? Really? Or do you wear a mask, that hides who you truly are? Criminals need not answer, as their answer would be obvious.


56586862 I was once told that I work in a very quiet and boring environment. I was told that my job as a Systems Admin doesnt have much action and I dont get to interact with  a lot of people. let me tell you something, I work in a very different environment that you imagine; Geeksville, that is where it is.

Sure, my office is a small cubicle with computers, a telephone, and some other office supplies. Yet, when I work, I enter the virtual space of the server and I wonder off and explore. It is a world like many others, but not accessible by anyone, only the privileged.

I get to meet the processor, oh the processor AKA CPU has a lot of jobs to do and is mostly quite busy but we get to chat a bit. I get to look at all the jobs the CPU is doing. I might sometimes give the CPU a hand and kill off any process that is troubling the CPU.

I get to walk around the file system. Oh the file system! What a great place, It is so easy to find a map and ask around for different paths. There are these little helpers you see, that give directions and information of the different paths and files all over.

Sometimes I design the place as I walk around making changes here and there, by moving files and paths around and create a file system that can do many different things! Other times I give the CPU more tasks to do and do what I can to make it work without being too overloaded.

My job as a System Administrator may lack the typical human contact element, but it is a world of its own out there, a whole world, Geeksville.

Goals Gone for Good

reaching for cookies I have been recently asking myself the scary question, What do I do when I reach my goals? Usually youd naturally think that reaching ones goals is the main objective of life. We set goals and we strive to reach them. So, what happens when we do actually reach them? Is there nothing at the end? Are we left empty? goal-less?

Personally, I think it would be best to create new goals. But, what if the thing you managed to achieve, doesnt feel the way you thought it would? What if with little time, the thing you achieved loses that special effect that it had on you when you first achieved it?

Thinking about this more, it seems that this is normal, but to what extent should it be normal? We await the moment to buy something special for ourselves, for example; a car. When we get it we become excited for quite a while and with time, it doesnt feel so special anymore.

The issue becomes more serious when it is a much bigger goal, education for example or another life changing event. For me, I love to revisit my goals, especially those important to me, because usually I really go through a lot to reach these special goals.

What about you? Do you have goals? Have you achieved some? All?

Erasing the Social Class Lines

RL000657Many of the expatriates in Kuwait, are in the lower income segment of Kuwaiti society. What this means is they can not afford many of the luxuries we (Kuwaiti citizens) entertain ourselves with. We see them everyday, everywhere, and it is not easy not noticing the difference between a relaxed well-dressed Arab, and a tired foreign low income worker.

There is one place where these social classes disappear, and that is currently at the mosque. We all stand in lines, before God and pray, together. We are equals in front of God. I was sitting pondering this today and thought, “Who are we to not see others as equals, when to God we are all equal?”

To my left, was a man, from an African country. He was dressed in rags, and seemed a little dirty, probably from working out in the sun during the day. On my right, was another man, who was also from an African country. He too, was dressed in what seemed to be an old, somewhat torn, colored (signifying home casual attire) Dishdasha. I, on the other hand was wearing a clean white Dishdasha, had also applied some musk and incense oils before leaving to the Masjid.

Socially, the difference is obvious, but I didn’t think of it that way, at least I don’t anymore. It took some time to get used to. It was always an us-them sort of thinking. It was easy to think of the foreign workers as less, especially in our society. Growing up and seeing how servants are treated, how supermarket workers are sometimes scolded, you grow to think that that is the norm.

I learned to change that within myself. It took time, but it is changing still. I had always thought and considered that these men around me, were probably better people than I am. For all I know, they could be working really hard, and yet, be doing such great things, maybe not on a grand scale but still, great things nonetheless. They could be supporting a huge family, taking care of a stray pet, donating money, putting smiles on other’s faces.

Usually it is only what we see that we think about. There is a whole world out there, one which we do not really see but exists in people’s lives that means much more to the current world we live in that we take for granted. 

Islamists and Liberals: Advice for All Those Who Hate

people hugging This is for those who hate the Islamists who ruined our country. And also to those Islamists who hate the Liberals that ruined our country.

Don’t hate. If you start to hate and reply with arrogance and ignorance you are only being savage and uncivilized. If your points are better, then why don’t you prove it? Why don’t you stop bashing other people and discuss the topic you are into correctly and fully? Don’t hate just because you have only been influenced by what you hear. And don’t hate period, respect the people, and hate the argument.

Don’t be an idiot and start insulting others. You won’t gain respect, or if you do, the respect you gained will be lost once the people see the real you; one who uses slander and heresy to back up one’s argument. Your argument will not stand long, it will crumble and it will only cause you to get more pissed off, and create more accusations and harsh unnecessary statements.

Instead, learn and educate. If you don’t like what you hear; question it, investigate it, solve it, and discuss it. Study the negative and positive impacts of what you aim for. Do not neglect the truth, if you do, you only lie to yourself. Spread your message of understanding. Think. Believe in your cause, work hard, but do not put other down to make it to the top. And finally share your wisdom with the world. Even if you think it is trivial, someone somewhere will benefit.

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Distractions: A fact of Life

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Lost In Thought Isn’t life just full of distractions? First, to better understand where I’m going with this, let us look at the definition of distraction. I like to use Google definition, they always have the most definite definitions.

Google defines distraction (from as:

  • mental turmoil; “he drives me to distraction”
  • an obstacle to attention
  • beguilement: an entertainment that provokes pleased interest and distracts you from worries and vexations
  • the act of distracting; drawing someone’s attention away from something; “conjurers are experts at misdirection”

I tend to like the third one up there. An entertainment, it says. That is quite true in my case. I have spend the past couple of weeks mostly enjoying my Playstation Portable wreaking havoc in GTA (Grand Theft Auto; A game where you play the role of a mobster.) I wanted to start reading, but I didn’t because I was busy playing the game.

I wanted to write down some ideas, get started with some tutorials I have waiting for me, and maybe start writing some code and playing around with software. I didn’t do that because I was busy playing that video game. Not only that, I was also watching some movies and anime. Some of you may think, why is this a distraction? It is normal to want to play and have fun when you have nothing better to do. Here, the real question is asked:

What are they distracting me from?

For those who have these items in their plans, then we can consider them a part of the plan, and not really a distraction. For someone like me, who has other plans in mind, I could call these a distraction. For a person who does not have writing and reading as part of the plan could call those specific actions distractions. We can see here that a distraction, is something that draws our attention away from our original plan.

All around us there are distractions of all types. Entertainment does not end, you can never run out of music, movies, video games, TV shows, TV programs, games, devices, gadgets, books, places to go, things to do, people to talk to, web sites to visit, things to download, etc. How many of these are distractions, and how many are quite necessary for our plan, whatever our plan may be?

What distractions do you have in your own life? How do you deal with distractions?

I Promise

Hanshake Promise The Oxford program of career change is a career counceling program focused on helping you achieve your dreams in terms of trying to find out the career that would fit you best.

One of the exercises in the program is writing down your commitments. It is said that commitments and wants are different, and that difference is the action actually taken to reach the objective you have in mind.

I have written out my commitments and promises, and wanted to share them with you. Write down your own promises, share them with the people around you, and put them in a visible place to remind yourself to always take action towards what you want.

This is what I have written:

My promise to myself is to live my life to my fullest potential. I will start by completing this program. I promise to conquer my procrastination and push myself whenever I need to be pushed to keep on moving. I promise to always be positive and optimistic in everything that I do in my life. I promise to always enhance my strong points and characteristics. I also promise to identify all my weak points and work to fix them. For all those weak points that cannot be fixed, I promise to find a way to use them positively in my life. I promise to live in harmony with myself, my family, my friends, all those who I love and the world around me. I promise to appreciate and recognize all that is good, and remind myself of all the promises I have made and will keep forever.

I will give myself the chance to experience new opportunities. I will not be put down by the negativity around me. I promise to make my own path if I have to. I will find my ideal profession and work that I love to do. I will keep going in my search for as long as it takes. I know I will only be truly happy doing something I love doing. This is my promise.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." – Mark Twain

Relativity of Time: Being busy

Pocket Watch A second, was always a second never more or less. So what changed? We have cars that should take us to our destination faster, but because of traffic we usually spend hours on the road.

Has life become so complicated that there are just so many things for one person to do, that it takes up most of their time? In actuality, if we remove all social norms, and normality out of the equation and we look at how we spend our lives, what in truth becomes necessary is only but a tiny fraction of what we do. Everything else is more or less a filler.

No Limit, There Are No Boundaries

Smashing Boundries In July, I posted about being who you want to be, and that the limits imposed by the mind should not affect who or what you want to be. Today, I come to you with a different approach to being something you always wanted to be.

Imagine yourself in a small room with gray walls, without a door or a window. The thought is depressing I know, but in this example that is your world. You do not have access to anything outside this room. Neither do you know if there exists anything beyond this room. All you know exists, is you, and the room.

Now imagine you have a television in your room [Note: For you smart alecks, ignore the logical need for electricity, a power plant, a camera.. etc. For this argument let us assume that they are not needed.]. It is on. You can see someone else in a similar room but with a different color wall. You may start to wonder what it would be like to be in that other room surrounded by those different colored walls.

Your need to experience the other room may increase, and so you try to search for an exit. There must be a way out shouldn’t there? You investigate every square inch of the room looking for something different that might be a clue to an exit. You find something that looks like a seam. You dig at it with your nails and you follow through the edge and trace a door in the wall.

The door may lead you someplace, it may lead you to the room and it may not, but you decide you need to get out of there anyway because you are ready for something different. You embrace the idea that you can try to be in a different place.

This is what life is at the moment. Your friends, your home, your job and regular hangouts are your little gray room. The television is all the media you have access to from radios to television shows to magazines to the Internet.

The world is much bigger and larger than you imagine. There are possibilities out there, that have not even been documented on television or on paper. There are places that have not been mentioned in mainstream media (or have not come close to being publicized).

The television shows and programming we receive on all our media devices dictate what we know about the world. If a news article is published about an important event, we are bound to believe it because of trust. However, we do not quite experience the actual event. Sometimes we do not wish to experience them because they are terrible events, and other times they are joyous and wonderful.

You do not have to be an engineer if you do not want to. You do not have to be a doctor if you do not want to. You can be anything you want to be. What is stopping you? If it is your family, then that is an issue you will have to tackle on your own. They would want to wish the best for you and would want you to have a better future. Would a parent really deny their daughter or son a chance at living the life they want to live in accordance with certain values? Would you deny your children that chance?

Change is almost always difficult. The world is much bigger than we can imagine, and the opportunities are out there. There are enough people who need help, there is enough money in the world to go around, and there are plenty of people who would be happy to have crossed paths with you.

Do not place any physical boundaries. There are countries out there who would accept you the way you are, and would allow you to do what you love to do.

Do not place any mental boundaries. They say you can do anything if you set your mind to it. The idea here is that you can do anything you can imagine, however silly or strange or odd or unconventional it may seem.

Do not place any emotional boundaries. This may be the hardest to overcome if you decide to make a huge change. We only live once, only once. You may never have a chance to live the way you REALLY want to just by fantasizing about it.

What you see and hear may give you an idea of what you may expect, but the only truth that really matters is experiencing something first hand and being there when and while it happens.

P.S. Every once in a while I may post a long post. For those who love shorter posts (I know who you are.. I know where you live..) you may take the time to read this in stages. Do not feel discouraged. Give it a shot. If you really do not want to read the whole thing, you may skip to the last 4 short paragraphs.

P.S.S. This is the post I was talking about (limiting oneself) a couple of days ago when I had Nothing To Say.

Nice Guys Finish Last

Nice GuyWhen pursuing a relationship, it has been said that nice guys end up with nothing. They mostly end up being friends rather than having a relationship with the person they are interested in.

Nice guys finish last.

The original quote was related to a baseball game, however in terms of a relationship, what’s your take on it? True? False? Why?

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