Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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The Glider

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Slip of the Tongue

Woman Calling from Work Me: Aloo
Her: Aloo, El Akh Nasser … (Is this Nasser…)
Me: Hala (Yes)
Her: Ma3ak sharekat el wataniya leletesalat. (This is Wataniya Telecom Company.)
Me: Ee Hala. (Yes, Hello)
Her: 3endena 3arth 3ala el Internet 3endena, etha momken akheth dedeega men wagtek, aw mash’3ool? (We have an Internet offer, do you have a minute to spare or are you busy?)
Me: La hala tefathely. (No, go ahead.)
Her: Blah Blah.. (Ougha Bouga..)
Me: Blah Blah.. (Ougha Bouga..)
Her: T7eb teshterek weyana fe hatha el 3arth? (Would you like to subscribe to this offer?)
Me: Al7een el wagt maynasebny, yemken 3ala el sena el yededa. (Now is not a suitable time, maybe at the beginning of the new year.)
Her: Eh *sounds a little sad* el 3areth yentehy 3ala 31/12, akeed mat7eb teshterek weyana? (Oh *sounds a little sad* The offer expires on the 31/12, are you sure you wouldn’t like to subscribe with us?)
Me: La walla sam7eny, 7aleyan magdar. (No, sorry, I can’t at this time.)
Her: OK, shakratlek – (Ok, Thank you –)
Me: Mashkoora. (Thank you.)
Her: El3afo 7abeeby. (You’re welcome, darling (love, sweetheart, *insert similar term here*))
Me: Bye.

Some of you may consider this normal, I assure you it wasn’t. I think she noticed in the end she said 7abeeby, and her voice trailed off before I said bye! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud!

P.S. Never use your own breath to blow up an inflatable bed! You’ll pass out! :/

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My Tall Friend, and the Short Me

My Friend and I

I went out with a couple of friend for dinner on Friday, then we went to Raya mall for ice cream. Now, here’s something you should know. My friend is TALL, and I am SHORT. As we walked to find a table, ALL eyes were on us like we were some freaks, and indeed we were.

P.S. Drawing style inspired by Laialy. I would have scanned an actual drawing but I don’t have a working scanner.

Bathroom Invasion

Warning: Crude content ahead.

Bathroom Window What does it take a person to have his privacy. The bathroom at work has a window that overlooks souq sharq. There are no curtains or shutters up on the 7th floor, why should there be? I had just finished cleaning up when I hear a strange whirring sound. I didn’t mind it thinking it has to be something with the aircondtioning.

I felt safe, in my sanctuary. I felt at peace with the world. I got up to get dressed and there he was staring at me through the window! What the heck! I stood there shocked! I was speechless, and motionless. The man was moving lower, and I see behind him cables and equiptment. He’s working on the outter part of the building.

I can’t imagine what they do when they reach the lower floors because some are women’s bathrooms other are mens bathrooms depending on the floor number. Honestly, did they really have to put the construction elevator next to the bathroom windows!

The Experiment: You are my specimens!

Question: What is your strongest sense? What do you notice the most when you experience things with your senses. Vote on the right please! Thank you.

One or the Other The idea wasn’t to get a lot of people to drop by really. It was centered around the idea of saying something totally obscene and misleading [link removed] and finding out how people would react to it. Turns you all have good sportsmanship. Give yourselves a pat on the back! I have also noticed that also a lot more people participated in the polls. Why, I can’t be sure. Maybe people prefer to participate in the polls more than leave a comment. However thank you to all who contributed. Welcome singles, forever free.

Now, on to more pressing matters. Last week there were a few people (Joud, Mark, and Chikapappi) who posted about their traffic violations and how ridicules some of their fines have become. Mine are a bit over 350 KD.  I have however a strategy that has been working for a while, that might help you as well to avoid the cameras.

flagged After a little conversation my brother and I were having he gave me the idea to literally flag the cameras in my car’s GPS system. Being the loyal citizen that I am, I have gone around and flagged A LOT of cameras, I didn’t count how many, but here is a picture. Keep in mind that this picture is not complete and this is only part of Kuwait. Click on a picture for a better view.

juice I have also been enjoying immensely my carrot and orange cocktail juice.  However, this time I gulped the whole thing down before getting into my work clothes.

P.S. I changed my clothes in the car while driving on the fifth ring road. What a rush!

A Glance from Across The Room

Talking to a Woman When he glanced to his right, he was struck by her charming beauty. He led his eyes to her lovely long flowing golden brown hair. Her eyes were enchanting and sparkling. Her nose was small yet long and pretty. Her lips were lush and beautifully drawn. She was wearing a brown and black dress, elegant and very appealing. She sensed him looking at her but did nothing, she kept listening to her friends chat as they sat together at the table drinking their mochas.

He was the type who enjoyed admiring everything beautiful. He could stare at a beautiful scene, painting, or a building for a long time detailing every curve or surface with his eyes. When it came to women, he could not stare for so long, his modesty would never take him that far. At that moment, he felt the need to look at her. She had captivated him, not only by her looks, but she had this bewitching aura and he could not help but steal peeks at her, wanting to spend a few minutes exploring the experience of speaking with this beautiful woman.

He pictured himself getting out of his seat, walking swiftly over to her table standing by her side and saying — nothing. He would freeze in place, enchanted by her yet again. Noticing, that half the people in the Cafe would be looking at him, he would shake the feeling from his head and say, “Hi there, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you are and I had to come over and ask if you have a few minutes to talk? I’m ________ by the way.” She would faintly smile back and say, “I’m ________ nice to meet you, ________. Give me a minute please.” He would walk back, turn and throw her a smile, and continue back to his seat to wait for her.

The sounds got louder, and he slowly started to notice the people around him, the smell of his warm latte between his hands. The beautiful woman who was sitting to his right was fidgeting in her purse, probably looking for her wallet. It seemed they were getting ready to leave. This was his chance, it was either now or never. “Too bad,” he thought, “This isn’t a fantasy world we live in. This is Kuwait and things like this don’t work this way.”

“Oh well.” He signaled to the waiter, “Check please!”

No Limit, There Are No Boundaries

Smashing Boundries In July, I posted about being who you want to be, and that the limits imposed by the mind should not affect who or what you want to be. Today, I come to you with a different approach to being something you always wanted to be.

Imagine yourself in a small room with gray walls, without a door or a window. The thought is depressing I know, but in this example that is your world. You do not have access to anything outside this room. Neither do you know if there exists anything beyond this room. All you know exists, is you, and the room.

Now imagine you have a television in your room [Note: For you smart alecks, ignore the logical need for electricity, a power plant, a camera.. etc. For this argument let us assume that they are not needed.]. It is on. You can see someone else in a similar room but with a different color wall. You may start to wonder what it would be like to be in that other room surrounded by those different colored walls.

Your need to experience the other room may increase, and so you try to search for an exit. There must be a way out shouldn’t there? You investigate every square inch of the room looking for something different that might be a clue to an exit. You find something that looks like a seam. You dig at it with your nails and you follow through the edge and trace a door in the wall.

The door may lead you someplace, it may lead you to the room and it may not, but you decide you need to get out of there anyway because you are ready for something different. You embrace the idea that you can try to be in a different place.

This is what life is at the moment. Your friends, your home, your job and regular hangouts are your little gray room. The television is all the media you have access to from radios to television shows to magazines to the Internet.

The world is much bigger and larger than you imagine. There are possibilities out there, that have not even been documented on television or on paper. There are places that have not been mentioned in mainstream media (or have not come close to being publicized).

The television shows and programming we receive on all our media devices dictate what we know about the world. If a news article is published about an important event, we are bound to believe it because of trust. However, we do not quite experience the actual event. Sometimes we do not wish to experience them because they are terrible events, and other times they are joyous and wonderful.

You do not have to be an engineer if you do not want to. You do not have to be a doctor if you do not want to. You can be anything you want to be. What is stopping you? If it is your family, then that is an issue you will have to tackle on your own. They would want to wish the best for you and would want you to have a better future. Would a parent really deny their daughter or son a chance at living the life they want to live in accordance with certain values? Would you deny your children that chance?

Change is almost always difficult. The world is much bigger than we can imagine, and the opportunities are out there. There are enough people who need help, there is enough money in the world to go around, and there are plenty of people who would be happy to have crossed paths with you.

Do not place any physical boundaries. There are countries out there who would accept you the way you are, and would allow you to do what you love to do.

Do not place any mental boundaries. They say you can do anything if you set your mind to it. The idea here is that you can do anything you can imagine, however silly or strange or odd or unconventional it may seem.

Do not place any emotional boundaries. This may be the hardest to overcome if you decide to make a huge change. We only live once, only once. You may never have a chance to live the way you REALLY want to just by fantasizing about it.

What you see and hear may give you an idea of what you may expect, but the only truth that really matters is experiencing something first hand and being there when and while it happens.

P.S. Every once in a while I may post a long post. For those who love shorter posts (I know who you are.. I know where you live..) you may take the time to read this in stages. Do not feel discouraged. Give it a shot. If you really do not want to read the whole thing, you may skip to the last 4 short paragraphs.

P.S.S. This is the post I was talking about (limiting oneself) a couple of days ago when I had Nothing To Say.

The Collective Poem Project

Cleaning The World If you’re reading, then consider participating. You can do so with an identity or as anonymous, however please consider it.

The collective poem project is something that I came up with recently, which is to create a poem. I will define the rules and YOU will help add to this poem and make it more meaningful, longer, and bigger.

Title (Tag Line): Making The World a Better Place.

The Subject Matter: You can mention nearly anything related to making the world a better place, the exceptions would be related to hurting, removing, or disturbing other people. (So you can’t talk about removing the *insert nationality here* and that would make the world better..) You can talk about the environment, business, society, science, technology, art, music, literature, media, and anything you have in mind as long as it has to do with making the world better.

The Rules, there are only a few:

  1. You can write one line, up to 5 only and no more.
  2. You have to have words rhyming.
  3. You may not post consecutive comments, but you can post again after someone else has posted.

The idea of this project is to have fun and work together to produce something very cool! This isn’t an exam, or a test, so don’t hesitate even if you feel that you are not a writer of any kind, give it a shot.

I’ll begin, and you follow up…

Black tears falling,
Collected from darkened clouds,
The world weeps,
Come dry these tears, trying,
to clear up the skies

It is YOUR Birthday

200313456-001 Yesterday my friends and I had dinner at TGIF. We rarely go there because it is mostly crowded and my cousin has discount cards for other places. I had forgotten about all their birthday ceremonies, but yesterday a phenomenon happened, one that could not repeat itself in history. There were a total of 8 birthdays during the 2 hours we were there! Allah ehaneehom.

Doesn’t that sound like too much. I know there could have been a couple of groups having fun with it, most of them were genuine though, taking pictures, etc. (Why has the sudden thought of taking pictures make it genuine.. hmm) Anyway, they were mostly female groups and families. If indeed there were eight people with their birthday on the same day at TGIF, then my dear friends, that was a historical moment, that will forever be remembered in (my) history.

On a totally unrelated note, I haven’t had a spam comment in a while. That does not seem natural.. I feel abandoned, naked, and unloved.. Where’s the spam? :/

You’ve Changed

Two FriendsHow many times have you heard that? We all change, it is a part of growing up. We are not who we were 5 years ago, or at least we hope we’re not — we’d want to be better wouldn’t we? Are you who you were 5 years ago? 4 years ago? 3, 2, 1 year ago? If you sit right now and think about the stages you’ve been through in your life, and how much you’ve changed.. what do make of it?

At 2 years old…
…You were a baby, if you can remember that far.. then you’ve got one great memory (masha2′alla).
At 6 years old…
…You went to school for the first time. You remember that because there’s something you can never forget about that school. Maybe it was a teacher, a classroom, an event, some friends, or even the lunch you had!
At 9 years old…
…You are loving your birthday parties. You got tons of toys and birthday presents. You watch cartoons most of the time. If you’ve done your homework you even get treated to something good.
At 12 years old…
…You’re half way through middle school, you loved to play, or read, or do something special. You had a passion, something that you loved a lot.
At 15 years old…
…You’re no longer a child but a teenager. You’ve hit puberty and started to notice the other sex more. You have your first, second, or third crush. You did boyish things if you were a boy, and did girly things if you were a girl. Very teenage-like.
At 18 years old…
…You’ve graduated high school, or about to. You are even more interested in the other gender. You are also into another type of passion. For guys, it is mostly either sports or geeky stuff. For girls, it is mostly … [some help here girls?] alright, anyway you get the point ;P
At 21 years old…
…You’re definitely no longer a child, you’re probably in college or working someplace. You’re more involved in society, maybe even more interested in men’s stuff now. Girls are interested in women’s stuff. However both are more into their friends now. They’d rather spend a whole day with them, than with family or at any work/school.
At 24 years old…
…You’ve graduated and ready to face the world. You imagine life to be a huge endless field. All this time you’ve been running through a passageway — the entrance to the real world. Soon you’ll be working or studying some more but you know you’ve become mature now, and people can tell — especially relatives.

Along the way, some have kept their friends since they were in their early stages. There are others who have moved on, or moved away, and met different people, and made new friends. For some of us, the people whom we just met are our friends, and will probably stay that way for a long time to come.

You change, your friends change, everyone changes (to the better I hope). How do you cope when a close person to you starts changing? You gradually noticed the signs, but you ignored them, then soon enough, you know you were right, and the truth is that this person has decided to move on to better and bigger things in their life. This new life cannot quite accommodate you as it did before, you start losing touch and soon enough you’re barely together.

In the Middle of the Road…

I could not find a suitable image to suit the topic today. I do have a picture of road kill (a dead squirrel) and if I post it I would probably not stop receiving e-mails from animal rights activists!

Have you ever seen something totally out of place on a road? Something that certainly does not belong there? I’m most certainly not talking about all the road kill out there, unless it is strange. For example, a friend of mine said once he saw a dead cow here in Kuwait! A cow? I’d be surprised! If he’d said a goat, or a camel, I would think it was normal but a cow? Now that’s new to me! Yet, still very possible!

Here are some of the strange items I have seen: A chair, a mid-size wooden cage, even a mattress! — all in the middle of the road! Sadly I do not have the pictures to prove it! I will try to remember to take pictures if I come across anything new!

What is the strangest thing you have seen on a road?

Reserved, going to add something here later.