Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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The Glider

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Select Star

Contrary to what you might think, “select star” is no more than a geek reference.

This is what happens in my head when I try to remember things. I imagine there are many SQL tables. I then do a “select * from faces” if I was to remember someone I might have known before.

Soon enough I get the message, “Error: MySQL server has gone away.” Huh? The query timed out. I then try a few other queries. “Select * from events where in (‘white’,'male’,'funny mustache’,'smiles a lot’)”

A few minutes later and there is a potential result, I can feel my brain working hard. Sadly there are no results even for a few more minutes. I then decide heck, I’m not going to remember this guy even if I run multiple queries on a memcached MySQL cluser grid.

# killall mysql && /etc/init.d/mysql start

And there it is, what happens in my brain when I try to remember someone’s face.

“Powered by MySQL”


56586862 I was once told that I work in a very quiet and boring environment. I was told that my job as a Systems Admin doesnt have much action and I dont get to interact with  a lot of people. let me tell you something, I work in a very different environment that you imagine; Geeksville, that is where it is.

Sure, my office is a small cubicle with computers, a telephone, and some other office supplies. Yet, when I work, I enter the virtual space of the server and I wonder off and explore. It is a world like many others, but not accessible by anyone, only the privileged.

I get to meet the processor, oh the processor AKA CPU has a lot of jobs to do and is mostly quite busy but we get to chat a bit. I get to look at all the jobs the CPU is doing. I might sometimes give the CPU a hand and kill off any process that is troubling the CPU.

I get to walk around the file system. Oh the file system! What a great place, It is so easy to find a map and ask around for different paths. There are these little helpers you see, that give directions and information of the different paths and files all over.

Sometimes I design the place as I walk around making changes here and there, by moving files and paths around and create a file system that can do many different things! Other times I give the CPU more tasks to do and do what I can to make it work without being too overloaded.

My job as a System Administrator may lack the typical human contact element, but it is a world of its own out there, a whole world, Geeksville.

Superman Dreams


Poll Question: Ever had a dream about a superhero? vote on the right please!

I doubt that there any cooler dreams for a guy than those that involve Superman. The number one dream would be that the person dreaming would actually be Superman himself.

Last night, I was Superman.

I wasnt actually the Superman, but Clark Kent from SmallVille the TV series. The funny thing is, I couldnt fly but only leap and my laser eyes were busted, and my first encounter was with a hotel security guard (guarding the roof) who was also; from another planet, looked human, but could turn into solid gold, and has a spear that can cut through anything and turn it into gold dust.

The scene commences: Not only was the guard protecting the exit to the roof, but the roof door was huge and made with a type of Kryptonian alloy. With one swoop with his spear, I was mere gold dust slithering down the stairs trying to move away from the Kryptonian roof to regain my strength and go through that door.

I woke up mid way through the fight, but the dream was awesome.

Other characters men like to dream include but are not limited to; Maifa Bosses, any person with a special ability, leader of some sort, a badass, and fictional heroes.

Whats your favorite dream character?

The Elegant Banana

Elegant Banana Bananas are very elegant. You may wonder how or why but it is quite simple really. The shape of the banana makes it easy to handle. It can be held with one hand easily and pealed with the other with just as much ease.

The shape of the skin also helps to guide the person who is pealing the banana. The banana has seeds but they are soft and are easily considered an edible part of the banana.

The process of eating the banana is also simple and illustrates the elegance quite well. You can hold it with one hand and have your other hand free only to peal as you get closer to finishing it. It is also not so messy as you devour it you are slowly left with a peal that you discard at the end.

Elegance indeed.

Contemplating Blogging

Thinking on a Mountain I know I’ve been stagnant for quite a while now. I haven’t been updating here as much as I have liked. For reasons that a little but escape me.. . Now, for latest list of random thoughts.

I was going to write about random thoughts, but something dawned on me while I was preparing the list. There are things that I prefer not to say, because of anticipated comments I’m bound to get on them. No, I don’t have a problem saying what is on my mind, but I tend to mostly avoid the obvious post, yielding the most expected comments.

I have been talking with a friend about this issue, and have a few times decided to close off comments, or just keep them as a comment (without needing a reply) on each post. But… one day I decided to put up that poll on the right, just to get a feel of how many people feel that comment replies are important.

I’m quite surprised that there is about a huge 25% of you who would feel offended if I (or on any other blog, the author) did not reply to your comments. I’m used to replying though sometimes I cannot be bothered.

As far as content goes. I’m hoping to freshen up, with content that comes really from within, though I don’t know what type of content it will be, but it will be deep.. probably.

My question now for you is, if you are a blogger; Do you write for yourself? Or do you write for others (your fans readers)?

Friday, The day I went to the mall with my Backpack

This past weekend I went to see Iron Man with a couple of friends. I was out at a coffee shop before our meeting and had my laptop with me. I arrived at the mall before my friends did so I chilled at another cafe with my laptop, and I started working.

My Trusy Backpack The night started to get exciting when I went to pray. There I was, walking in the mall, with my somewhat strange looking backpack. I felt uneasy, people were there to have a good time and do whatever it is they do, and there I was with my backpack, walking, in the mall.

I didn’t pay much attention to it, until I started getting stares. They were stares of fear. Why? – I wondered why would people fear a guy with a backpack, walking, in a mall, full of people, on Friday night. Wait a minute. Do they think I have a bomb in my bag? Oops.

People cleared my way as  I walked, their casual walk was turned into quick pacing. They walked passed me in slow  motion, whispering to each other I can only see their lips move, mouthing the word “bomb..” and “oh my God”. I tried not to pay too much attention and tried to look normal, as I normally would. I couldn’t, with all the pressure of staring eyes.

I tried to distract myself.

I took out my mobile to check the time, phone calls, etc. As I took it out, I heard gasps! What happened now! – I thought. Oh no, don’t we always hear about the bombs being triggered by cell phones? Crap, I just made it worse. The environment around me got very uncomfortable, I put on a crooked smile, and continued walking to the prayer room.

It only got worse as I left the prayer room. Here I thought people would assume I had prayed my final prayer, and was ready to disintegrate myself and everyone around me. There were moments where I felt people were going to jump me, and tie me down to stop me from such an action.

P.S. Events and actions my have been exaggerated. Just a bit. A little bit. Tiny bit.

Good Morning!

It sure has been a while since I have posted a video. Before pressing play. Relax. I mean it. Stop for a moment, close your eyes and take a slow deep breath through your nose and feel the air. Then, while still closing your eyes, slowly exhale through your mouth.

Repeat the previous process until you feel more relaxed. Do it, you won’t lose a thing, besides all the stress you’re in :)

Now.. Enjoy the video clip.

Song: Kyoto Garden – Miyagi

Now the question is: Is it possible to be angry, yet still calm and totally composed?

The Totally Useless Blog Post

This is a totally useless and pointless post in nature (if it wasn’t in nature, where else would it be? – another useless question you might say). There is no moral to this post, there is no message. There is no purpose, there is no value. This is merely a construction of sentences to fill the void that has become. How does a post become pointless when it is filled with words and sentences? At least, the sentences make sense, but together they mean nothing. This is, as you have so kindly seen, a totally and utterly useless, meaningless, worthless, valueless, senseless, and insignificant blog post.

I wonder if the comments will be as pointless as this posts…

Uninterneted #2

Ethernet CableYou probably all heard about it. The internet going bad in the Mediterranian ending up affecting the Middle East and other areas [Reuters]. Currently I do not have an internet connection at home. Frankly, I am not too bummed out about it. I like the change. Even though there are addictions that need to be fullfilled (tv shows, anime, etc), it is not all so bad.

P.S. Uninterneted is a term I coined back in June 2007.

Mini-Adventures at work

Juice on a Car

I was driving this morning and saw this on the highway. A car with a small carton of juice on it. Odd? Yes. Strange? Not really, you never know what you might see on your way driving to work. Every morning is an adventure!

Some of you may remember my tall friend Bojacob from my previous post about us walking next to each other in a mall. Now, there is nothing weird about walking with a friend, but only when there is a 33 CM gap in height between the two. I recently joined the team at the company where he works.

One day as I was going to pray, I used the washroom next to the praying area, and I was looking for a place to hang my jacket. I looked right and then I looked left, there was nothing there. I was planning on how to keep my jacket dry and clean in this place, and I was running out of options!

I hung the jacket on the door to the cleaner’s room, that seemed like the most reasonable solution thus far. I went over to the sink, looked in the mirror and that is what I saw behind me! A hanger! But wait, how come I missed it? I looked right and left but didn’t see it!

High Hanger

I turned around, and looked up. There it was, right under the ceiling. I could not reach it, I admit I am short. However, even my tall friend was having problems with it! (Or so he claims…). None the less, this hanger always gives me something to laugh about when I think about the wonders and small adventures in my life!

So until the next adventure, I bid you all farwell, and wish you a pleasant and wonderful day!

P.S. For those who have not yet voted, please vote on the poll on the right! Thank you for your participation! :)

Reserved, going to add something here later.