Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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No Limit, There Are No Boundaries

Smashing Boundries In July, I posted about being who you want to be, and that the limits imposed by the mind should not affect who or what you want to be. Today, I come to you with a different approach to being something you always wanted to be.

Imagine yourself in a small room with gray walls, without a door or a window. The thought is depressing I know, but in this example that is your world. You do not have access to anything outside this room. Neither do you know if there exists anything beyond this room. All you know exists, is you, and the room.

Now imagine you have a television in your room [Note: For you smart alecks, ignore the logical need for electricity, a power plant, a camera.. etc. For this argument let us assume that they are not needed.]. It is on. You can see someone else in a similar room but with a different color wall. You may start to wonder what it would be like to be in that other room surrounded by those different colored walls.

Your need to experience the other room may increase, and so you try to search for an exit. There must be a way out shouldn’t there? You investigate every square inch of the room looking for something different that might be a clue to an exit. You find something that looks like a seam. You dig at it with your nails and you follow through the edge and trace a door in the wall.

The door may lead you someplace, it may lead you to the room and it may not, but you decide you need to get out of there anyway because you are ready for something different. You embrace the idea that you can try to be in a different place.

This is what life is at the moment. Your friends, your home, your job and regular hangouts are your little gray room. The television is all the media you have access to from radios to television shows to magazines to the Internet.

The world is much bigger and larger than you imagine. There are possibilities out there, that have not even been documented on television or on paper. There are places that have not been mentioned in mainstream media (or have not come close to being publicized).

The television shows and programming we receive on all our media devices dictate what we know about the world. If a news article is published about an important event, we are bound to believe it because of trust. However, we do not quite experience the actual event. Sometimes we do not wish to experience them because they are terrible events, and other times they are joyous and wonderful.

You do not have to be an engineer if you do not want to. You do not have to be a doctor if you do not want to. You can be anything you want to be. What is stopping you? If it is your family, then that is an issue you will have to tackle on your own. They would want to wish the best for you and would want you to have a better future. Would a parent really deny their daughter or son a chance at living the life they want to live in accordance with certain values? Would you deny your children that chance?

Change is almost always difficult. The world is much bigger than we can imagine, and the opportunities are out there. There are enough people who need help, there is enough money in the world to go around, and there are plenty of people who would be happy to have crossed paths with you.

Do not place any physical boundaries. There are countries out there who would accept you the way you are, and would allow you to do what you love to do.

Do not place any mental boundaries. They say you can do anything if you set your mind to it. The idea here is that you can do anything you can imagine, however silly or strange or odd or unconventional it may seem.

Do not place any emotional boundaries. This may be the hardest to overcome if you decide to make a huge change. We only live once, only once. You may never have a chance to live the way you REALLY want to just by fantasizing about it.

What you see and hear may give you an idea of what you may expect, but the only truth that really matters is experiencing something first hand and being there when and while it happens.

P.S. Every once in a while I may post a long post. For those who love shorter posts (I know who you are.. I know where you live..) you may take the time to read this in stages. Do not feel discouraged. Give it a shot. If you really do not want to read the whole thing, you may skip to the last 4 short paragraphs.

P.S.S. This is the post I was talking about (limiting oneself) a couple of days ago when I had Nothing To Say.

Apply Yourself, Be Creative


Be creative.

Think Innovation.

Unleash your mind.

Envision your future.

I am sure that there is a large portion of the population who are extremely creative and imaginative in the country. We also know that recognition of creativity is limited. The actual places and activities related to creativity are somewhat limited.

Creativity as I see is not only in the fields of music and art, but also all types of sciences, from physics to social sciences, from medicine to English literature. There is also photography, video capture, video editing, video directing, acting, writing. I’d also like to mention pottery, arts and crafts, and sculpting. I’d like for you to share if there is something you currently do, or would do to apply yourself.

How do/would you apply yourself? As a creative, imaginative, innovative person, how do/would you go about demonstrating your abilities?

Do you do something locally, for example play in a local band, have a small gallery, present your work to a local community?

Or maybe you prefer to be recognized in a global scale. Do you publish your work on the Internet? Are you a member of an international organization? Do you submit your work for international review?

No Limit, Be Who You Want to Be

House of Cards
Some of us always knew what we wanted to be. For those of us that didn’t, never is it late to think about it. I like to believe that most limitations people place are only in their heads. The possibilities are endless. We should not be limited in thinking, neither should be limited in doing what we want to do. If a few obstacles are a problem, then they should be, cause rarely does anything worth doing or having comes without any obstacles.

Ying Yang

Ying Yang I have been thinking about the concept of inner peace for quite some time. A not so recent post by Baroque has in truth touched on the essence of today’s topic.

With inner conflict a negative self emerges, confused and disruptive. This negative self reflects upon the outside world and thus produces a negative chain of effects that cripples and possibly destroys anything in its path.

Inner stability is inner peace and is achieved when the positive and the negative within one’s self are aligned. This projects as a positive light, brining forth justice, happiness, and good will to all that it touches.

The actions we take today are what the world will be tomorrow. Take care of yourself first, to be able to take care of those you love. And once you are at Inner peace, you will naturally project and illuminate your surroundings.

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