Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Japan? Anime? Cartoons? What?

Kenshins Oro Cartoons are for kids. At least, that is what I used to think before discovering anime. If you have no idea what anime is, and you see someone or hear about someone watching “Japanese cartoons” you’d probably freak out. I assure you, there is nothing to worry about. There is far more to Japanese Anime than meets the eye.

We all first got introduced to Japanese Anime through the old cartoon shows on TV when we were younger. It was normal back then, but what business does a person in their late teens or early twenties of even older have watching animated shows! The answer is quite simple: The variety of story genre and possibilities is limitless, cheap, and widely available!

pink_tiny Think of these Japanese Anime shows as your current obsession of TV shows, or perhaps one of the best movies you have ever seen or love to see. The only difference here would be that it is a Japanese production instead of a Hollywood production and it is usually in Japanese (which makes reading subtitles for some tedious, however it is very easy to get used to).

If that was only the case, then that would be fine. However it soon and quite easily becomes an obsession. You can easily recognize an anime fan/addict. They start to slip Japanese words in their conversations. “Haaiii”, as in “Yes” and “Ohayooo” as in “Good Morning.” you easily recognize and notice these traits. You are also soon to discover their intense and overuse of emoticons, and weird ones at that. =>_<= and (o-O) and ^_^  and xD. Don’t be alarmed you can easily figure them out, or don’t be afraid to ask what they mean. A Japanese Anime cultist fan would loved to explain it in detail. They also start to act all weird and make strange faces, but that is to be expected.

Japanese culture, lifestyle, and phrases become a part of one’s knowledge. What is it about the Japanese culture that becomes to appealing? I still can’t quite find a perfect answer for this. However, the intellectuality of the stories as well as the development of characters is appealing enough. Then comes the factor of animation, possibilities, and limitless story twists and turns that is actually not very available in western media.


Japanese Girl, in our house!

Cute Japanese GirlSee that little girl? No she wasn’t in our house. But one very similar! I first saw her months ago while we were having a family gathering. A cute little Japanese girl (About 3 years old) was walking among us carrying a little pink handbag. We knew something was wrong with that picture, how did she get here!

It later turned out (I found out) that our previous house keeper now works for a Japanese family and was baby sitting so she brought the little girl over. Everyone was saying how cute and adorable she was! And she really is! Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot more of her since our ex-housekeeper comes around in the afternoon usually leaves when the family driver is ready to pick them up.

Whenever I see her in our house, I can’t help but think that a cute little anime character is standing right in front of me! I’d always try chatting with her but somehow I’d have a hard time understanding what she was saying. After much debate I managed to actually tell her something in Japanese, and so I said, “Konichiwa” She smiled a very cute smile and replied, “Konichiwaaa”! Allah ekhaleha enshalla mashallah 3aleha.

Her friend, my 4 year old nephew is a different story! I don’t know they communicate when they play together but I guess they have a way of understanding each other.

Death Note: Anime vs. Movie

I first read the Death Note manga. A few weeks later the Anime was released! Then I went ahead to watching both movies! What more can I say than pure genius! This anime is incomparable to any I have seen. It has its sheer of wit, sci-fi, and suspense! What I enjoyed most was the similarity between the Anime and the Manga. It was completely superb. The soundtrack was really befitting and very well done. It was very smooth and quite clear. The movie lacked this quality, the soundtrack seemed a little vague and wasn’t as powerful as it was in the Anime.

The second movie was a very long one, and well worth it. Even with the extreme changes to the story, it was very well done! The change does not quite introduce new elements to the story, but it has been shifted around a little to accommodate the turn of events. They don’t have the luxury of hours of story time like the anime, but it was quite well done.

What really did it for me was the ending of the second movie! If you haven’t watched it, you have to watch it because it is an alternate ending! Can you believe it? An alternate ending that would usually seem quite boring, and would most probably hurt the story. Not in this case, I loved this ending as much as the ending of the actual Anime.

I don’t usually post anime reviews, but this one extremely worthy!

movie vs. manga

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