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Japan? Anime? Cartoons? What?

Kenshins Oro Cartoons are for kids. At least, that is what I used to think before discovering anime. If you have no idea what anime is, and you see someone or hear about someone watching “Japanese cartoons” you’d probably freak out. I assure you, there is nothing to worry about. There is far more to Japanese Anime than meets the eye.

We all first got introduced to Japanese Anime through the old cartoon shows on TV when we were younger. It was normal back then, but what business does a person in their late teens or early twenties of even older have watching animated shows! The answer is quite simple: The variety of story genre and possibilities is limitless, cheap, and widely available!

pink_tiny Think of these Japanese Anime shows as your current obsession of TV shows, or perhaps one of the best movies you have ever seen or love to see. The only difference here would be that it is a Japanese production instead of a Hollywood production and it is usually in Japanese (which makes reading subtitles for some tedious, however it is very easy to get used to).

If that was only the case, then that would be fine. However it soon and quite easily becomes an obsession. You can easily recognize an anime fan/addict. They start to slip Japanese words in their conversations. “Haaiii”, as in “Yes” and “Ohayooo” as in “Good Morning.” you easily recognize and notice these traits. You are also soon to discover their intense and overuse of emoticons, and weird ones at that. =>_<= and (o-O) and ^_^  and xD. Don’t be alarmed you can easily figure them out, or don’t be afraid to ask what they mean. A Japanese Anime cultist fan would loved to explain it in detail. They also start to act all weird and make strange faces, but that is to be expected.

Japanese culture, lifestyle, and phrases become a part of one’s knowledge. What is it about the Japanese culture that becomes to appealing? I still can’t quite find a perfect answer for this. However, the intellectuality of the stories as well as the development of characters is appealing enough. Then comes the factor of animation, possibilities, and limitless story twists and turns that is actually not very available in western media.


37 Responses to “Japan? Anime? Cartoons? What?”

  1. G |


    Anime is cool, and I agree and side N. about anime is not just for kids :D

  2. Sushi |


    1) Japanese creativity overpasses Western repeated ideas.
    2) Fancy the Japanese sense of humor more than the American & British
    3) Contemplating fine lines, colors and figures.
    4) Admiration for the culture.
    5) Admiration to the simplicity of life, architecture and things.
    6) Personally I like the look of food in these animations.

  3. Cat |

    never tried watching anime ! I still don’t know if I will ! Wer u get them from ?

  4. KJ |

    LoooL man, I guess by now you’d know I am an Anime fan ~^_^~

    Anyhoo, watch Monster, it is awesome

  5. Ri |

    For the longest time, I used to think that anime was (only) cartoon porn.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Does Speed Racer count as anime?

  6. MiYaFuSHi |

    Ooh I have been wondering about that for a while. What are the best ones? And anywhere I can watch online?

  7. TAT |


  8. suspic |

    I was offered an HD filled with a show called Death Note, I politely declined.

    When I hear about it the stories, gimmicks and fiction seems appealing but I’m too lazy to venture into a new scene. Plus, they’re it’s 150+ episodes just to be up-to-date with whoever recommended something.

    Add to that the fact that it’s socially frowned upon, plus Japs have a reputation of being pervy and kinky.. =O

    On a lighter note, I like it whenever a Japanese screams they always sound so awesome.

  9. Navy Girl |

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee did you get the one i told you about ?? dont lemme start all over about it !! waaaaay that was the best anmie i’ve ever seen !!

    oh and aragataaa ;P

    that means bye .. i guess lol :D

  10. Kaileena |

    Atashiwa anime suki!

  11. Marzouq |

    Japanese Animation > Everything else.. its as simple as that..

    My Database just keeps growing..

    I will be reaching a very high number… very soon! Not enough time to watch al the anime I want!

    I wish some releases were quicker, I can’t stand the suspense of not knowing!

  12. Amethyst |

    Not my field, really..

    You forgot “kawaii” for beautiful;)

  13. Laialy_q8 |

    narutooooooo all the waaaaaaaaaaay … i am not sure if Sailer Moon is considered anime but if it is, that too is pretty neat

  14. Vixen |

    KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!Kenshin!!!! Light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints* *nosebleeds* kimi no koto ga suki !!*jumps around* n________________n

  15. Nasser |


    Exactly! *go sushi*

    I get them from the internet or buy DVDs. You can find them practically everywhere. You can start if you’re looking for something interesting and new.

    Ah, actually cartoon porn has a special name. It is called Hentai (Anime porn). Hentai is also the term used when you call someone a pervert. Appropriate isn’t it? Speed Racer.. well It probably does count as anime, but originally Anime is considered to be originated from Japan (or that region). Anime of course is short of animation, and thus could be used to apply for all types of animated media. What I said, if it goes public, all the anime fans will have my head. They don’t like to associate anything other than Japanese animation with “Anime”.

    Best ones? The most recent best one by far is Death Note. A classic best one is Rurouni Kenshin: The Wandering Samurai. There are also others, it all really depends on what genre you like. I wrote about Kenshin in a previous post “A Man and a Woman


    You’d like Death Note, it fits your evil persona. Wait… Did I say Evil? Nevermind. Death Note is only 37 episodes of 23 minutes each episode. That amounts to about a single season from a TV show.

    Navy Girl,
    :p I still haven’t seen it, only because I couldn’t find it! I still have the name saved :D (Its arigato and it means thank you :p Sayonara means bye ;p)

    Suugoi :D

    The suspense is a killer! I can’t keep up as well! Its insane!

    Kawaii means cute, Kiree (pronounced Kee-r’eh) means beautiful :p

    Yessssss and Sailor Moon is considered anime! It is one of the most famous as well!

    heheh… thank much huh :p

  16. Kaos |

    Animes are awsome, I did start w/ Kenshin.. glad to have you as my anime hunter ;P

  17. Amethyst |

    Mali sheghel! It means beautiful in my world;p

  18. :::ShoSho::: |

    I HATE those! My son is crazy about them and they are not really for kids! Last week, there was a Manga exhibition and we had to drive him there (an hour’s drive).. Crazy people were there, wearing Naruto and stuff like that costums lol,, I mean the people who came to buy are dressed in characters some girls were like in bikinis! loooool

    BTW< WHY on earth do they have such big eyes on the shows where the japs have small eyes?!! I always wonder about that!

  19. eshda3wa |

    a lot of anime fans out there
    and it wont dwindle anytime soon

    japanse rock!

  20. Shaymaa |

    I’m having so much trouble keeping up! It’s always great watching them & learning the language. The stories are always fresh and cool – and you gotta love the suspense!

  21. Nasser |

    They are! And you are most welcome! :D

    Well in your world everything is cute and beautiful isn’t it? ;P

    Oh! hehe, well yeah not all anime is meant for kids! However kids might find it fascinating and would want to check it out, but that is why you’re there to control it and say no.. especially with anime you have to be careful what your kids watch! There are some animes about school and other young subjects, but they are not meant for kids!
    I really don’t know why they have big eyes! :P that’s one of the strangest attributes of anime lol…

    rock indeed!

    You have to keep up! no time to slack off! :p

  22. Angelo |

    What an awesome post. Nice job N. I think you inspired me to write a similar post about my true first anime experience. I shall work on it later on.

  23. Nasser |

    Thanks! I’ll be looking forward to that post!

  24. Prophet |

    Hi, I’m Prophet and I’m a Japanophile.

    Say it with me: HI PROPHET


    Japanese-animated cartoons are a staple of every 80s Kuwaiti kid’s life (ie. Grandizer, Lady Lady, Captain Majid).
    But the first time I consciously chose to watch anime I was probably in junior high. I quickly ended up with an anime addiction followed by a severe case of Janpanophilia. I fully memorized a couple of Japanese songs. I still remember my favorite two were the opening theme song of Soul Hunter and CHANGE THE WORLD by V6 for Inuyasha.

    Ahhhh…. those were the days…. things were so much more simple then. My whole life turned upside down by a series of unfortunate events (no relation to Lemony Snickett) and my love for anime got lost amongst the rubble.

    It’s been 3 years since my last true anime indulgence.

    So do you think that means I’m permanently off the anime wagon? Or once an addict always an addict?

  25. Prophet |

    Oh ya, the whole big eyes thing comes from the Japanese perception of beauty.
    Not unlike Arabs, the Japanese find European physical attributes more attractive than the Japanese norm.

    So you’ll notice that anime characters that are supposed to be the most beautiful are the most European-looking (tall with white skin and big eyes).

    Whenever they want to make a character look unattractive, they make them short, darker and squinty-eyed (this rule does not necessarily apply to children and elderly characters).

    Now, the reason that they have disproportionately large eyes is just overcompensation.


    What I never understood was the whole tentacle rape thing thing. Where the hell does that come from?

  26. Nasser |

    Did you memorize the actual words, you know how in east asian languages one difference in the sound would change the meaning totally! heh..

    I believe an addict, is always an addict. You just have to get a taste again of some very good anime. Not some crappy stuff. You’ll also have to make some time for it, which doesn’t come easy..

    I never knew about that whole eye thing.. hmm veeery interesting. O_O

    I bet the whole tentacle rape thing came out of some crazy sea food fetish…………………… yeah.

  27. Prophet |

    Not all East Asian languages have ‘tones’ that change words’ meanings. Languages like Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokien do, but I’m pretty sure subtle tones are not used in mainstream Japanese. I’m not 100% on that, but I’m pretty sure.

  28. pg |

    <3 thats what im talkin bout :p
    speaking of anime, dyou have any good ones besides bleach?

  29. Nasser |

    I’m not 100% sure about that either. However, as with every language, tone carried a huge part of the context. With Japanese people, they even have words (sounds that mimic) sound effects! I don’t see how that has any affect on words meanings, but those Japanese people.. can be quite something!

    Hmmm.. well the new season has started so there are new stuff that are being released now, not sure about what exactly is good but check out Nabari no Ou and Soul Eater. There are tons more but I haven’t had a chance to check them all out!

  30. pg |

    oh.. i havent tried watching anything besides bleach :p
    ill check out this soul eater after my finals


  31. Nasser |

    I will, Allah ewafjech! :)

  32. komodo dragon |

    haha, what a cool post. Anime def kicks but, most would like it if they just watched the right one!

  33. Nasser |

    komodo dragon,
    Thanks! Yeah it sure does, and what you said is so true.

  34. Maliha |

    do you guys have a recommendation section, i’d like to suggest some stuff

  35. Nasser |

    Suggest in the comments as much as you like.

  36. Blasco |

    Just found your site through yahoo. Glad I found it I’ve learned a lot.

  37. joe |

    Can you please send me something on the cartoon Bleach,,I want to buy them all and trying to find a site where I can order all the dvd and can not find thank you very much

Reserved, going to add something here later.