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Death Note: Anime vs. Movie

I first read the Death Note manga. A few weeks later the Anime was released! Then I went ahead to watching both movies! What more can I say than pure genius! This anime is incomparable to any I have seen. It has its sheer of wit, sci-fi, and suspense! What I enjoyed most was the similarity between the Anime and the Manga. It was completely superb. The soundtrack was really befitting and very well done. It was very smooth and quite clear. The movie lacked this quality, the soundtrack seemed a little vague and wasn’t as powerful as it was in the Anime.

The second movie was a very long one, and well worth it. Even with the extreme changes to the story, it was very well done! The change does not quite introduce new elements to the story, but it has been shifted around a little to accommodate the turn of events. They don’t have the luxury of hours of story time like the anime, but it was quite well done.

What really did it for me was the ending of the second movie! If you haven’t watched it, you have to watch it because it is an alternate ending! Can you believe it? An alternate ending that would usually seem quite boring, and would most probably hurt the story. Not in this case, I loved this ending as much as the ending of the actual Anime.

I don’t usually post anime reviews, but this one extremely worthy!

movie vs. manga

15 Responses to “Death Note: Anime vs. Movie”

  1. Nomad |

    now to plan on how to get the movies from you :p

  2. Navygirl |

    oh my god i love enime movies !! love them !!!!!!!!

    by the way , have you ever seen a movie called ” Hana Youri Dango ” ??

  3. N. |


    I haven’t seen it! I’m reading about it now, was it very good?

  4. Navygirl |

    was it very good ?? are you kidding me ?? it was the best anime movie Ive ever seen !! oh my god it was amazing ! Ive seen the TV show & the movie .. its funny , romantic .. it was amazing .. loved it !!

  5. N. |

    la etha el salfa chithe, I’ll go check it out ;) I’ll have to find it now..

  6. Navygirl |

    he he he , maybe you will find it in Alrehab ;P

  7. Marzouq |

    I have been saving it! I am currently downloading the whole series again because of the damn licensing! I will have it all in two more days and I’m planning on a rediculous marathon, I love having those anime marathons! hehehe! Thanks for the review, any torrent links for the movies would be great!

  8. N. |

    thanks for the info :p

    lol, Anime marathons are crazy! And with Death Note man, you’re gonna get drained! Cause it makes you think.. and it just shocks you with the intense cleverness and wit of the way the story develops! :p You can get the movies from here:
    They’re not licensed yet :D

  9. Marzouq |

    Sweet! Thanks, downloading!!

  10. N. |

    No problem man! :p Enjoy!

  11. Angelo |

    I have read the mangas but I still yet to watch the anime. I actually didn’t know there are two movies so thanks for that. Hopefully I’ll catch it and watch them.

  12. N. |

    They’re all worthy, the Movies are a bit lacking in terms of soundtrack and whatnot, but they’re fun to watch.

  13. Neko Bashiieru |

    Hmm, Let’ see.
    I did read the manga and watch the anime. but I didn’t like the movies, they weren’t like what I expected.
    though I Iiked ken’ichi matsuyama, as L in the movie. xP

    oh and, did you watch the third movie “L changes the world” ?
    watch it here if you want to :

    anyways, I think you should post more anime reviews. x)
    & ty.

  14. Neko Bashiieru |

    Ah, before you kill me for giving you the wrong link! >n<
    gomenasai !! *bows*

    && here’s the correct one:

    …lol! ^^,

  15. Nasser |

    Neko Bashiieru,
    That’s fine thanks for the link, I’ll be checking it out sometime!

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