Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Blog Action Day: What 10KD means to you

Here are some things you can do with 10KD:

  • 2 or 3 trips to the gas station.
  • A full meal at Fridays, Applebees, Chili’s.. etc.
  • Half, or even less than half of a pair of jeans, a shirt, or accessory.
  • A small fraction of a phone bill (average is around 50KD a month I’m assuming)
  • 3 trips to the cinema alone, or one trip including popcorn and drinks with a snack.
  • Half or two thirds the price of a DVD movie.

Here are some other things you can do with 10KD:

  • Buy some (minimal) groceries.
  • Buy lots and lots of small sandwiches.
  • Buy lots and lots of bread.
  • Buy lots and lots of drinking water.
  • Buy (mostly) lots and lots of sweets.

The price and usefulness of each item varies. You can buy a lot of stuff with that amount of money. You can do something even greater with only 10KD, something much bigger, better, and more effective. You can make a difference in someone’s life. You can help someone live, learn, eat, and give them shelter.. with only 10KD.

What you can do is, sponsor a child. Bait Alzakat will give you the opportunity to sponsor a child (Kafalat yateem) for only 10KD a month. Imagine the difference you will make in someone’s life with such a small expense.

The issue of poverty is a never ending issue. There will always be people who are in poverty, and we who do not have a chance to extend a helping hand.

Today’s Blog Action Day topic is Poverty. Find out what other people are saying about poverty around the world by going to

Barcelona Football Stadium in A’ardiyah

I was looking for the Aramex main building online when I stumbled upon the Barcelona football stadium, as well as the Manchester football stadium all in A’ardiyah. If you want to drive around for fun, how about “Happiness Street“.

P.S. Arabic language required to read the actual names.

What’s the Latest News about Kuwait

Female fan’s kiss ends music concert in Kuwait

Sun Oct 5, 9:51 AM ET

KUWAIT CITY – A Kuwaiti official says authorities abruptly ended a music concert by an Egyptian singer in this conservative Muslim country when a young female fan jumped on stage, hugged the male singer and gave him a kiss.

Qanas al-Adwani, who heads the government department that monitors public entertainment, says the girl’s behavior at Friday’s concert “defied the conservative traditions” of Kuwait.

Al-Adwani also said Sunday that the fan’s behavior broke controls on public entertainment, which were imposed by influential Muslim fundamentalists after they failed in 1997 to ban concerts altogether. Concerts have to be licensed by the government, and monitors from the Information Ministry watch the crowd to make sure nobody stands up to dance.


There you go folks, the latest news in Kuwait around the internet.

It bothers me how this is the type of news that makes it around. I’m sure people will voice their hate and calls for “freedom” and “democracy” in the unjust religious country of Kuwait after seeing something like this. I mean come on, there are ethics of behavior still, and norms. This news article sort of just makes it worse.

Quick Short Posts with Twitter Integration

Twitter logo I have installed twitter tools by Alex King. This will enable me to post more, when I post a tweet on twitter it will be posted here, and when I post an entry on my blog here, it will be linked on my twitter page. And no this will not cause the world to end as Alex King’s FAQ says,

What happens if I have both my tweets posting to my blog as posts and my posts sent to Twitter? Will it cause the world to end in a spinning fireball of death?

Actually, Twitter Tools has taken this into account and you can safely enable both creating posts from your tweets and tweets from your posts without duplicating them in either place.

Also, I apologize for the river of tweets recently in the feed. Those have been taken care of.

Twitter is a micro-blogging social network website.

Make a Difference

Blog Action Day: Poverty In exactly two weeks, on October 15th, you can make a difference. A huge one. The opportunity is here, all you have to do is post and entry on your blog on that day!

What I’m talking about is BlogActionDay. On this day, thousands of people will post on their blogs about a certain topic. Last year, we talked about the environment, and this year, the topic is poverty.

The biggest question you may have is: How will I make a difference by posting an entry on my blog? Let me tell you how.

  • You can influence people.
  • You can motivate people.
  • You can motivate yourself, giving yourself an initiative.
  • You can make people aware.
  • You can spread the word.

Ever heard of the butterfly effect? As you may have heard this in a movie, or somewhere else; the butterfly effect is when a small action, can start a whole range of chain reactions that create huge change in the world.

Look at inventions for example. The discovery of oil was an important catalyst in leading people to travel using jet planes. Every action in this world usually has an effect that further affects the world we live in today. We can influence these actions. We cannot guarantee the effect, but we can try to act, and hope that it does create a positive influence in the world.

We act based upon what we know and what we hope to achieve right? If we do not act, things don’t usually happen on their own.

This is your chance to act, to spread the word, to make a difference. Speak up, and let yourselves be heard.

For more information please visit the Blog Action Day website, where you can submit your blog URL and sign up for the cause. []

Day of Action: October 15th.

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