Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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"We are a pessimist society"

Thumbs DownThere isn’t a day that goes by without complaining, anyone and everyone is complaining. Forgive me, for I will begin complaining, but probably for the last time this week, for the time being at least.

We (in Kuwait) have become experts at discovering flaws. We complain about complaining, and we complain about those who complain. Look at me now, complaining about complaining and that we complain. Yikes.

Sometimes we can’t get anything done, because we get put down. The people we love and trust the most, as well as everyone else point out the negative points about whatever it is we seem exited about. Soon enough, if we don’t have enough drive, we lose interest and stop pursuing it.

I’m not saying there isn’t any positive atmosphere in the country, there is, and a lot of it, but it does seem to be overshadowed by the negativity all around. Am I wrong? Honestly, am I just not seeing the positive aspects of life anymore?

When I go home, I expect to have a great time with my family. However, recently there’s been a lot of complaining about many things.

Everyone is complaining about the situation with the parliament. The latest committee formed to restore the traditions and manage negative aspects of our society. Though that initially sounds like a good idea, everyone fears (and what might be very true) that this committee will limit people’s freedoms.

That’s not all, there’s always complaining about the parliament and whatever is going on around the country politically.

Who isn’t complaining about inflation? You always hear about it in the newspapers, in the street, at home. The foreigners who are limited in salary, are even limited by the current addition to their salary. I’m not saying the government did anything wrong, citizens are the priority but inflation isn’t getting really fixed by increasing anyone’s salary.
It has been very well known that everyone doesn’t know what to do in the weekends. Somehow, people manage and are find and in one piece. "There isn’t anything to do in this country" Yeah, sure. You’re not doing anything, its not that there isn’t anything to do. I do admit, the weather does play an important role. Well then find an interesting activity to do indoors, pick a hobby or something.

There’s a lot more here, and if you’re around women you know what I mean. "Jane did this or that" "Did you hear? Jane’s maid said this, or did that" "Did you know that Jane and Kate said blah.." I really can’t be around people who talk like that for too long. It annoys me and is irritating. It is enough that backbiting is a bad habit and forbidden anyway.

You know what the funny thing is? Men are starting to do that too! Some of them are now even worse than women.

Up until recently, the weather has been very bad, we all have seen it, experienced it and complained about it. Till what end though? What is complaining going to do? It won’t make the weather better, neither will it make you feel better. If it does make you feel better to complain, then do it in your diary, no one is very happy with the dust so stating the obvious isn’t really going to help anyone, but only inflame the already suppressed disappointment at the situation.
I don’t think there’s anything more to say about this, everyone knows the problems around the road here.

There are a lot of other subjects that you hear about nearly every day. Where is all the positive energy? The optimism? What happened to this country? What happened to the people? They don’t seem to like anything nowadays.

It does seem like a downward spiral of negativity. It is spreading somewhat, like a venom through a body. Till what end? I haven’t thought about a solution for it yet.

I do plan on doing something about on it on my end at least for a while. It might be difficult but I will try at least.

I will not complain about anything for a  whole week (or as long as I can..) and see how that works out? Is it even possible? I don’t really know.

Do you how know how to overcome this viral symptom of negativity? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Today’s Headlines

I haven’t written about the news in a while, so today I’m going to share some headlines I read in the newspaper.

Eight Digit Phone System to Be Effective Oct. 17th
As you all have heard (and might have noticed) we are running out of phone numbers in Kuwait. With a new communication company opening up soon, there will be a huge shortage, and the ministry has to account for expansion in the future. The system will be as follows*:

New Number Comments
0 International Calls 00
1 112 will replace 777. Only for emergency calls (fire and police)
2 All land line numbers.
3 For future ministry numbers.
4 Zain telecommunication company lines starting with the number 4.
5 For the third telecommunication company 50-000-000 -> 59-000-000
6 For all Wataniya lines which start with the number 6.
7 To be added to Zain and Wataniya lines which start with the number 7.
8 Reserved for future.
9 To be added to Zain telecommunication company lines which start with the number 9.

I found it surprising and quite great that 112 is slowly becoming the universal emergency number. It was recently introduced in the EU and is making its way now to the middle east it seems.

Female Police Cadets’ admission starts Sunday 29th June
The article claims that females with degrees ranging from High School (60% in Science major and 65% in Arts) and up to University graduates will be accepted into the program. Classes will be held only in the mornings and the program will only be one year.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. It would be a good thing I suppose to have women who are ready to serve and protect. This would also benefit in terms of dealing with female citizens for those who feel uncomfortable around men. Though I wonder if their trainers will all be men or not?

How do you feel about female police officers in Kuwait? Share your thoughts below!

* Data from Al-Watan Daily newspaper, June 23rd 2008.

5 Things – A Summer Tag

I honestly believe tags are the perfect excuse for not posting regularly, they pop up out of no where and when you have nothing better to say, just do a tag!

I was tagged by Amethyst, who was tagged by F. who was.. okay I don’t want to go that far back. Anyway, without further ado here is the tag.

I will always wear…
…underwear, how can anyone not? Okay you don’t have to answer that. Seriously.
I will never wear…
…women’s clothing, or spandex. I don’t think I’d look good in either.
My bad-clothes-day advice…
…No comment. (This is an EXTREME female question.. I’m not going to answer it or consider an answer for it.)
I know I look great when…
…all the ladies are lookin this way.
Smart travel tip…
…don’t assume, and always check the weather before you go.
To me summer means…
…hot weather. The time when it meant relaxation is over, vacations are better during the winter anyway.

And with that I conclude this tag. Yes, a lot of what is up there is sarcastic, if you can’t already tell :p

Now, I’m going to tag Kaos, suspic, and Zed. They’re all guys, and I’m sure they will have very interesting answers.

P.S. If you’d like to look at previous tags, you can read my 6 Things, 7 Things, and 8 Things.

P.S.S. If you haven’t already voted, please take the time to vote on the poll on the right thank you!

P.S.S.S. I’m leaving to Dubai tomorrow with family for a few days, so I won’t be around. I’ll see you guys when I get back enshalla.

Mesmerising Rock [Music]

I haven’t posted music in a while. I have been constantly listening to this album over the past few months. I have thought about posting it before, but I don’t know why I put it off.

Anyway, here it is:

Scorpions, Acoustica 2001

If you’d like to also check out the lyrics go here: Lyrics Mania

Full album: [audio:scorpions/Acoustica/01_-_Scorpions_-_The_Zoo-up.mp3,scorpions/Acoustica/02_-_Scorpions_-_Always_Somewhere-up.mp3,scorpions/Acoustica/03_-_Scorpions_-_Life_Is_Too_Short-up.mp3,scorpions/Acoustica/04_-_Scorpions_-_Holiday-up.mp3,scorpions/Acoustica/05_-_Scorpions_-_You_and_I-up.mp3,scorpions/Acoustica/06_-_Scorpions_-_When_Love_Kills_Love-up.mp3,scorpions/Acoustica/07_-_Scorpions_-_Dust_In_The_Wind-up.mp3,scorpions/Acoustica/08_-_Scorpions_-_Send_Me_An_Angel-up.mp3,scorpions/Acoustica/09_-_Scorpions_-_Catch_Your_Train-up.mp3,scorpions/Acoustica/10_-_Scorpions_-_I_Wanted_To_Cry_(But_The_Tears_Wouldn't_Come)-up.mp3,scorpions/Acoustica/11_-_Scorpions_-_Wind_Of_Change-up.mp3,scorpions/Acoustica/12_-_Scorpions_-_Love_Of_My_Life-up.mp3,scorpions/Acoustica/13_-_Scorpions_-_Drive-up.mp3,scorpions/Acoustica/14_-_Scorpions_-_Still_Loving_You-up.mp3,scorpions/Acoustica/15_-_Scorpions_-_Hurricane_2001-up.mp3]

My favorites are, in order of favoritism:
11 – Wind of Change
08 – Send me an Angel
02 – Always Somewhere
14 – Still Loving You
07 – Dust in the Wind
10 – I Wanted to Cry (But the Tears wouldn’t Come)
15 – Hurricane 2001
03 – Life is Too Short

With that many favorites I bet you can tell why I like this album =P

The ultimate satisfaction when you are hot…
Cherry in a Blueberry Slush

Welcome Little Man

Yesterday, I saw the little man. He looked at me, but didn’t see me. He knew I was there. He quieted down, to listen to me, and that is when I started to welcome him, telling him how much we love him and we much we like to have him around.

He started to fidget, he probably didn’t like me talking too much so I just gazed at him, that little man, looking back at me. It looked like he knew what he was getting into, he’s up for it, I can see it in his eyes…

…my little nephew, 3 days old.

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In Search of the Perfect Shave

Poll Question: How often do you shave? Please participate and vote on the right. Thank you!

I’ve been contemplating for a while now how to get the perfect shave. I don’t shave often, simply because I don’t have to. The rate at which my beard grows isn’t very rapid. I mostly shave at least once or twice a week. I do trim every few days though.

lather shave The main problem I have with shaving is getting the perfect lather. If you’re unfamiliar with the term later, it is the "foam" that forms when using the shaving cream. I simply can’t get it to match the one that I get when I get a shave at the barber!

I couldn’t find the right combination of hot/cold water and shaving cream. It usually ends up very bland and quite useless as a shaving cream.

I’m still trying to find the best way to mix and apply the shaving cream.

On another note, LifeHacker posted a great link to a video to teach you how you can shave using a Straight Razor.

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Disable MacOSX Help Always on Top

I found this really great tip for all you Mac users. I hate how when you open the help, it always remains on top no matter what… never more! Here’s how to fix this:

Start the Terminal from /Applications/Utilities/

Then run the following command:

defaults write NormalWindow -bool true

There you have it!

6 Things

In the past there was 8 Things
Then there was 7 Things

Today I bring you 6 Things!

Tagged by Amethyst.

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The Quirks:

  1. If I don’t have a preference, I use a natural logical series to decide.
  2. If I can’t think of a series to apply I create my own series.
  3. If no series can be applies, I create my own logical parameters and then decide. (for example: juice based on color, or frequency of a type).
  4. If I still can’t decide, I let others decide for me (without asking them, just thinking what they’d want and I pick the other).
  5. If that doesn’t apply, I relate two unrelated things, and then redo all the above to decide.
  6. If I still haven’t decided, I still try to avoid picking by random.

The Victims:

  1. Laialy
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  3. Swair
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  6. G

Reserved, going to add something here later.