Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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7 Things

I haven’t done a tag in a while. So here’s the latest tag by Shoush.

Seven things I PLAN to do:
1. Changing my theme, once more.
2. Going to work early tomorrow morning.
3. Be more active, online.
4. Organize my room.
5. Save money (uh..)
6. …. …. …. .. ……
7. READ a book. (OK, it is planned.. for a while now)

Seven things I CAN do:
1. Make a perfect water drop sound.
2. Be completely absent minded (hey.. that’s a skill)
3. Whistle, “This old man.. He played one..”
4. Change a tire (badum-pish!) (thats tyre for you brits out there)
5. Drive backwards. (Don’t ask how I know..)
6. Multiply. (With numbers, not the mitosis kind).
7. Fix things.

Seven things I CAN’T do:
1. Drink a glass of cold water in one go.
2. Hurt someone intentionally.
3. Eat shrimps (I can’t alright.. I can’t..)
4. Sit cross legged for a long time.
5. Drive a stick-shift.
6. See without my glasses.
7. Talk on the phone and watch something at the same time.

Seven things I SAY the most:
1. Hatha oho (“That’s how it is”.)
2. Eeh ba3d (“yes, more” though it is used as a confirmation.)
3. 3adl (“Right” It literally translates to justice.)
4. laaa yubaaa (“nooo daaaad” It just a gesture of disappointment)
5. Laish (Why?)
6. [silence] (yes I do remain quiet a lot)
7. eg3ad! (“Sit!” but it is used as a gesture of impress)

Japan? Anime? Cartoons? What?

Kenshins Oro Cartoons are for kids. At least, that is what I used to think before discovering anime. If you have no idea what anime is, and you see someone or hear about someone watching “Japanese cartoons” you’d probably freak out. I assure you, there is nothing to worry about. There is far more to Japanese Anime than meets the eye.

We all first got introduced to Japanese Anime through the old cartoon shows on TV when we were younger. It was normal back then, but what business does a person in their late teens or early twenties of even older have watching animated shows! The answer is quite simple: The variety of story genre and possibilities is limitless, cheap, and widely available!

pink_tiny Think of these Japanese Anime shows as your current obsession of TV shows, or perhaps one of the best movies you have ever seen or love to see. The only difference here would be that it is a Japanese production instead of a Hollywood production and it is usually in Japanese (which makes reading subtitles for some tedious, however it is very easy to get used to).

If that was only the case, then that would be fine. However it soon and quite easily becomes an obsession. You can easily recognize an anime fan/addict. They start to slip Japanese words in their conversations. “Haaiii”, as in “Yes” and “Ohayooo” as in “Good Morning.” you easily recognize and notice these traits. You are also soon to discover their intense and overuse of emoticons, and weird ones at that. =>_<= and (o-O) and ^_^  and xD. Don’t be alarmed you can easily figure them out, or don’t be afraid to ask what they mean. A Japanese Anime cultist fan would loved to explain it in detail. They also start to act all weird and make strange faces, but that is to be expected.

Japanese culture, lifestyle, and phrases become a part of one’s knowledge. What is it about the Japanese culture that becomes to appealing? I still can’t quite find a perfect answer for this. However, the intellectuality of the stories as well as the development of characters is appealing enough. Then comes the factor of animation, possibilities, and limitless story twists and turns that is actually not very available in western media.


Law: A Matter of Inconvenience

Traffic Light In Kuwait we are used to this concept: we break the law whenever we feel like it. If we get caught we mostly try to talk our way out of it, or get in contact with certain individuals who help us get out of the trouble we got into. Breaking the law has easily become a matter of convenience.

Most of us have broken the law, at least and most commonly the traffic law. In some roads the speed limit is a joke, and driving at that speed is too ridiculous. At other times we have parked in a no parking zone. Are the parking spots designed that bad that it easily becomes impossible to find a parking spot? Wait, I meant a close parking spot.

The other most common traffic violation (based on my assumption) is breaking the red light. You can see it turning yellow, and you know that if you don’t step on the gas pedal you will be waiting at that traffic light for another 5-10 minutes! You speed ahead, and pass the light just a split second after it has turned red.

Driving this morning I saw cars pass a red light simply because they saw that no one was coming from the other side. It was inconvenient to them to wait for a few minutes (2..3…5.. or even 10 on some of those traffic lights) and seeing that there clearly wasn’t a camera in place or a police car they simply drove off, casually, crossing the red light. If you’d ask them why, they would probably say, “Why not? I’m busy, and there was no one on the road.” Sure, they could say that now, and probably get away with it.

Why has the law become so much a matter of convenience, and breaking it has become such a casual activity, that everyone does it and feels inferior if they see someone else do it, and they themselves don’t!

Do the people in charge believe the installation of more speed/light cameras and higher ticket fines would make it more convenient for people to respect the law? Of course not. People will actually start feeling bitter. Since they are inconvenienced by the current situation, adding more strict laws would only make it all the more less convenient for some. To others, it would make them feel trapped, with stress of laws they have to follow and fear of being caught and/or breaking the laws they are not so quite aware of.

Love Light What would be the solution? Why do we need a solution? The law is there to protect people from themselves. The law is a government decree and should be respected. They are the higher authority and they have a right to place the laws they see fit. This does not mean that we cannot challenge these laws in an administrative manner. Isn’t this why there is a National Assembly? In the U.S. and probably other areas there is a City Council where regular citizens can take the podium and voice their concerns. I don’t believe there is such an entity in Kuwait. If there is however, I have not heard of such a thing.

How is it possible then for citizens to speak their minds, and contribute to this country? We do love Kuwait. There are also people who are not Kuwaiti but have lived here for many years and also love this country. All we can really do is try to talk to the people in charge, however inefficient that may be, or simply complain. Complain. And complain some more.

There is a lot of hate, anger, and resentment that we see in the news, in the streets, and even at work sometimes. I believe it is truly about time these issues get addressed and something serious be done about them.

P.S. To the people with a lot of hate I say: Don’t insult this country. Don’t insult the government. Certainly don’t insult the people. You will not gain respect by doing so, neither will you gain any results.

My love for Vacuum Cleaners

You know why I love vacuum cleaners?

(Yes, I’m a guy. And, yes, you’re not imagining things. And yes I am straight..)

They are designed to be switched on and off with your foot!

Based on my experience, I have come to see how nearly all the new vacuum cleaners have a huge button on them: big enough to step on. There is usually another huge button to retract the chord as well.

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One More Step Up

I’m feeling a little musical.

Are you feeling it?

“In the depth of my soul there is a wordless song.”
~ Kahlil Gibran

What happens if we fall, and don’t get up? We get walked all over. Nothing will happen if one does not get up and take that one step forward. Just one step, then maybe another. A step towards truth, towards a light, a step up. Not a step down, towards darkness. If all you see is darkness around you, take a look up, and you will see if but a hint of light that could be. If you don’t see the light, then keep moving up, and up, and farther until you see it. It is there, I promise you. You’ll find it.

Fast and Efficient WordPress Spam Clearing

If you’re using WordPress most likely you get some spam comments caught by Akismet the infamous spam filter plugin. Sometimes I get a lot of spam and would hate to just go through the whole thing, mostly I could just identify spam by one look! Therefore, I’ve come up with a way to clean spam quickly and efficiently.

I use Firefox but you could do this using other browsers as well. You’ll notice at the end of each spam comment there is a checkbox with “not spam” next to it.

What I do is, I use firefox search for the words “not spam” and it automatically takes me to the end of the first spam entry. With one look I can see if it is spam or not, then I keep my finger on the CTRL button (Command button if you’re on a mac) and press “G” to go to the next item found. This way by pressing “CTRL”/”Command”+G repeatedly I can cycle through the spam comments much faster. If I see a comment which should not be there, I simple tick the check mark and keep going!

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