Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Uninterneted #2

Ethernet CableYou probably all heard about it. The internet going bad in the Mediterranian ending up affecting the Middle East and other areas [Reuters]. Currently I do not have an internet connection at home. Frankly, I am not too bummed out about it. I like the change. Even though there are addictions that need to be fullfilled (tv shows, anime, etc), it is not all so bad.

P.S. Uninterneted is a term I coined back in June 2007.

Wet and Cold

Laptop on edge of Bathtub It happens on occasion and at the worst possible times. Today was a cold morning. I woke up and went to take a shower. It was great, the water was steaming! I turned off the water, and turned around to grab my towel.

…there was no towel.

N. Backstage: Latest Thoughts

  • I am now the Vice President of Membership at the Al-Koot Toastmasters.
  • Thank you to those who congratulated me on my job!
  • I have not had time to blog, since I blog mostly at work. Hence, I’m actually very busy (mostly..)!
  • Facebook’s application Friends for Sale has become the biggest thing to hit me since blogging.
  • I am eating healther, and haven’t had a soft drink in quite a while.
  • My uncle shared an apple with me, forcefully. He’s a great (old) man, and I am grateful but that was a little too much!
  • I ALWAYS think of great posts, I forget to note them down, and they totally slip my mind.
  • I’ve been expanding my mind a lot, now I’m even more open-minded and it is freaking me out lol.
  • I love my friends, and everyone I care about. Those who aren’t my friends, I care about them too, just not as much.
  • I’ve got to watch my stress levels.
  • I need to buy a Digital Camera and actually use it.

Mini-Adventures at work

Juice on a Car

I was driving this morning and saw this on the highway. A car with a small carton of juice on it. Odd? Yes. Strange? Not really, you never know what you might see on your way driving to work. Every morning is an adventure!

Some of you may remember my tall friend Bojacob from my previous post about us walking next to each other in a mall. Now, there is nothing weird about walking with a friend, but only when there is a 33 CM gap in height between the two. I recently joined the team at the company where he works.

One day as I was going to pray, I used the washroom next to the praying area, and I was looking for a place to hang my jacket. I looked right and then I looked left, there was nothing there. I was planning on how to keep my jacket dry and clean in this place, and I was running out of options!

I hung the jacket on the door to the cleaner’s room, that seemed like the most reasonable solution thus far. I went over to the sink, looked in the mirror and that is what I saw behind me! A hanger! But wait, how come I missed it? I looked right and left but didn’t see it!

High Hanger

I turned around, and looked up. There it was, right under the ceiling. I could not reach it, I admit I am short. However, even my tall friend was having problems with it! (Or so he claims…). None the less, this hanger always gives me something to laugh about when I think about the wonders and small adventures in my life!

So until the next adventure, I bid you all farwell, and wish you a pleasant and wonderful day!

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Foreign labor is destroying our country; Part 2

In part 1 of this series I only opened up with a question for all to answer. The question was: Has foreign labor affected our country negatively? I do admit, I got some very positive feedback from everyone. I thank you all very much!

Many of you mentioned that the topic of foreign labor is very large. We cannot talk about every aspect of this topic in detail and hope to reach some positive outcome in the end. I picked the issue of responsibility for today, as I believe it is one of the most important effects of foreign labor in our community.

I thought about why most people do not like to work here. Why do they prefer to take the easy way and have someone else do it for them, or do a very poor job and be OK with that. I came to the conclusion that these people do not understand the importance of their work, and the repercussions it has on society as a whole.

Where does this lack of responsibility and accountability come from? There are a couple of ways a person can end up that way, and I have developed a theory. I could be wrong, I could be right; this is only my personal opinion.

When we start to import foreign labor and depend on foreign workers to do our jobs, we become at ease. We start to enjoy living a casual life, and become dependent on these foreign laborers. How do you think a small child would act and think when he sees that his parents depend so much on a maid or a driver to do their work?

You might say, “…but there are rich people who have servants do everything for them!” These rich people are known to be strict to force their children to learn about responsibility, and accountability while still enjoying a regular life full of servants and drivers who do a lot of their work for them.

This is evident when you go to a government bureau. Who knows what everything is, and how things need to be done? It is usually the tea guy, the farrash (janitor), or the courier. These employees are paid low wages, and they know how everything is done because they are the ones who are doing most of the work*.

The problem revolves around the dependency on foreign labor. We can see this when we compare ourselves to the west. — pause. I said we can compare ourselves to the west, but that would probably turn off a lot of people who think, “Why do you want to be like USA… All the Kuwaitis want to be modern and westernized.” Fine then, let us compare ourselves to how we used to be in the older days.

People lived simple lived, in simple homes. Everyone in the house had a job to do and men were men, women were women. Regardless of the question of equality, everyone had their own responsibilities and they developed that since they were young. They only depended on themselves, and the idea of being responsible and accountable for their actions grew in them.

These people grew up to be responsible people. They grew to be people who had done some hard work earning a living. For those who were at home, they cleaned and cooked on their own. They knew when something had to be done; it had to be done right.

You may wonder if this is going to be it. Am I just going to stop here and finish complaining? That is not all, I have thought of a solution. Again, this is my personal opinion.

How can we learn to be more responsible, and how can we raise a more responsible generation? Is the answer to exile all the foreign workers? No. There are two main influential parts of society that have to take a role in this solution. The families and the government.

The families need to teach their children about responsibility. They themselves might find it hard, but they must learn and must teach their children. You can teach by giving chores, by recognizing hard work and encouraging working together, for a better good (in this case, the betterment of the situation at home for example.)

The families need to limit the roles and responsibilities of the laborers. You can’t have the worker do every single thing for you. You have to be the role model; you have to get up and go get your own things. You’d have to do your own work, especially if you want it done right and done your way.

The government has to enforce accountability and responsibility from the top down through its own hierarchy. They have to teach their employees that every single paper in a file is important. Losing that document is not an option.

They have to preserve the rights of people. When there is a sense of responsibility and accountability there is a natural inclination to deciding what is best for the country as a whole, and not make decisions based on personal affiliations, or personal grudges against others in the community.

Again, I wish to clarify that this is a personal opinion. This is not based on any research, or scientific data, but the science of my mind and what I see and hear. I would hope, and pray that the situation does get better in this country. I am doing what I can, by speaking my mind and putting this out there in hopes that those of you can learn something or see something from a different perspective. Thank you for taking the time to read this very long post! God bless you all!

* I understand this is not true to all agencies, but this is an opinion of a lot of public offices and ministries.

Foreign labor is destroying our country; Part 1

Question: Do you consider yourself a naughty person? You may have your own definition of naughty, so answer based on that! There is not bad or good here either (I’m proving a point to a friend of mine ;P). Please vote on the right hand side! Thank you! :)

I was going to talk about the foreign laborers that has destroyed responsibility in this country. Then I was going to talk about my trip to Dubai. Then I thought about talking about my late absence and the real reason behind it.

Still and all, I am in no talking mood, not really, not at the moment. I have been feeling down since I came back from Dubai actually. I try to deal with it and not let it affect what I do, so far it has only affected my blogging. I don’t know if it is the weather or not but I will leave all these topics for later.

I want all your input first before I start talking about the foreign laborers. Here is a question to ask yourself: Has foreign labor affected our country negatively? State your ideas and opinions here, and you can comment and debate other people in the comments. Feel free to be defensive and offensive, I want this to be a healthy debate… as long as no sharp weapons are used!

I will post my opinions later. I want it to be understood that I do not hate people in general. I do not hate foreign labor, and I do not hate those who come here to seek a living, you’ll understand better when I post my opinion.

P.S. I also understand that there is no connection between the poll and the topic, but this is just to give those of you who don’t like to discuss politics something to do when you get here :P And thank you to all those who have been participating in all the previous polls! Thank you!

Reserved, going to add something here later.