Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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The Collective Poem Project

Cleaning The World If you’re reading, then consider participating. You can do so with an identity or as anonymous, however please consider it.

The collective poem project is something that I came up with recently, which is to create a poem. I will define the rules and YOU will help add to this poem and make it more meaningful, longer, and bigger.

Title (Tag Line): Making The World a Better Place.

The Subject Matter: You can mention nearly anything related to making the world a better place, the exceptions would be related to hurting, removing, or disturbing other people. (So you can’t talk about removing the *insert nationality here* and that would make the world better..) You can talk about the environment, business, society, science, technology, art, music, literature, media, and anything you have in mind as long as it has to do with making the world better.

The Rules, there are only a few:

  1. You can write one line, up to 5 only and no more.
  2. You have to have words rhyming.
  3. You may not post consecutive comments, but you can post again after someone else has posted.

The idea of this project is to have fun and work together to produce something very cool! This isn’t an exam, or a test, so don’t hesitate even if you feel that you are not a writer of any kind, give it a shot.

I’ll begin, and you follow up…

Black tears falling,
Collected from darkened clouds,
The world weeps,
Come dry these tears, trying,
to clear up the skies

Music: The Way

This song has been playing over and over in my head. I did the natural thing, listen to it and share it with you all.

A Fly Incident

Dead Fly Before I talk about the evil fly, I just want to say that I was away for the weekend, enjoying the sun and warm weather. It was beautiful.

If a fly comes next to me again, I wont kill it, no. I’ll just wound it, so it can tell its little fly friends how dangerous I am and to stay away from me. Stupid flies.

Nice Guys Finish Last

Nice GuyWhen pursuing a relationship, it has been said that nice guys end up with nothing. They mostly end up being friends rather than having a relationship with the person they are interested in.

Nice guys finish last.

The original quote was related to a baseball game, however in terms of a relationship, what’s your take on it? True? False? Why?

It is YOUR Birthday

200313456-001 Yesterday my friends and I had dinner at TGIF. We rarely go there because it is mostly crowded and my cousin has discount cards for other places. I had forgotten about all their birthday ceremonies, but yesterday a phenomenon happened, one that could not repeat itself in history. There were a total of 8 birthdays during the 2 hours we were there! Allah ehaneehom.

Doesn’t that sound like too much. I know there could have been a couple of groups having fun with it, most of them were genuine though, taking pictures, etc. (Why has the sudden thought of taking pictures make it genuine.. hmm) Anyway, they were mostly female groups and families. If indeed there were eight people with their birthday on the same day at TGIF, then my dear friends, that was a historical moment, that will forever be remembered in (my) history.

On a totally unrelated note, I haven’t had a spam comment in a while. That does not seem natural.. I feel abandoned, naked, and unloved.. Where’s the spam? :/

Men Style (contd.)

200200243-001 I posted about Men and Style before but this time I have a question for you readers out there. Most of the style ideas we get are from pictures in magazines or news papers, TV shows, movies, or people we see out on the street. Some people choose to invent their own style and fail miserably while other succeed in creating a new fad, others just go with the traditional attire.

The question I have is for both men and women. We are (mostly) aware that traditional attire of dishdasha and qutra can be stylish and izgert (cool looking) as we like to call it.

So what would you consider hot and fashionable? Here are examples, of what you could say;

  • A Hawaiian shirt, and shorts.
  • Khakis and any dark/light shirt open in the front with a T-shirt underneath.
  • Jeans and a casual T-shirt.
  • Baggy Jeans, an oversized top (with some bling-bling).

I choose these examples on purpose, because of their diversity, but you get the picture right?

My other question is: Are hats out of trend? I’m not talking about baseball caps here. The most common I have seen around are fishermen’s hats.

Update: I understand most of you said it depends on where when and what you’re doing. It would help if you consider a casual outing, and special occasion outing as example events. Pardon my unclear questions! :)

Street Fighter Cat

shoryukenkz2 For those of you who are fans of Street Fighter. I’m sure you have heard that Street Fighter IV is coming out soon. Well, here is a link to the Street Fighter IV Trailer. Enjoy.

The Mysterious Other

57360117 I have always wondered if there was a person out there in the world who thinks about the same things I do. Sometimes, because of my strange topics I wonder if the mysterious other (person) questions the things I do, and is possibly asking the same question I am now, which is, "Who is that person, that I am so connected to?"

We’re probably longing to cross paths, not knowing that one day we might. We could walk past each other on a busy road in a strange country and never get the chance to speak. We might glance at each other, thinking, "I feel connected.." to a mysterious other.

Distorted Reality

55748204 What would the world be like if the sand was blue, the sky green.

What would the world be like if the plants were orange, and the sea was pink.

What would the world be like if a circle was a square, and a rectangle was a triangle.

What would the world be like if oranges were peaches, and strawberries were apples.

What would the world be like if eyes were noses and lips were tongues.

What would the world be like if hair was brittle, and bones were soft.

What would the world be like if reality was fantasy and fantasy was reality.


Note: No shrooms were consumed in the process of writing this exert.

Must.. Stay.. Awake..

200024430-001 I bet you’ve been in a similar situation. Remember how it feels like when you just have to stay awake, but your body will not respond! Here’s a little thought process of how it goes..

Must stay awake.
*eye lids are getting heavy*
I can’t see, its dark. Wait. I need to open my eyes!
*open eyes WIDE*
There we go, there. I’m alert now. I think I’m over it.
*starting to relax*
Relaxing feels so good.
*eyes start to close again*
No! I have to stay up! Maybe if I look at random things across the room I can stay up!
*eyes wander: Book, picture, painting, floor, feet*
Gaaah! I have to lift my head up, this isn’t working!
What if I concentrate on one thing? That should work shouldn’t it!
*stare at a picture*
Hmm, I wonder when was that taken.
I remember.
It was that time when…
*Jump, open eyes wide looking around*
Woah! I slept just now didn’t I.
This is horrible, I need to walk.
Hopefully, that will work.

Reserved, going to add something here later.