Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Can We believe?

Do I believe what I want to believe? I hear things, many things, and sometimes I wonder if I only believe the things that I want to believe, to preserve my sanity probably, or my composure. Don’t worry this isn’t a depressed post, it is more of a questions post. One that I seem to always have a conversation with myself about. What about you, do you sometimes find yourself believing only the things you want to believe?


Ki o tsukete..

New Building Burning in Downtown Kuwait

This is what I saw when I arrived at 7:40pm September 29th 2007. The top few floors of what seems to be a new building are burning pretty badly. There is a helicopter circling the location, probably finding a quick route for ground support. However, I couldn’t find anything about it anywhere in the radio, or TV for that matter. All I could think about was how the owner the building must feel. Allah ekon fe 3ona, o enshalla no one got hurt!

Location: Murgab, Kuwait

No Title

I haven’t picked a title for this post, mainly because I don’t know what exactly I’m going to talk about. I have been feeling a little down recently. There have been quite a few things going on around me which, lets just say, are shocking and to a certain unbelievable degree.

You know when you hear a story, and think it is a fairy tale? That these things can’t or don’t happen in real life? I used to think that, and whenever I heard a sad story like that I said, “Allah ekafena el shar”. (May God discharge evil [from us])*. Lately, I have been thinking, sometimes these aren’t too far from the truth, they can indeed happen, and sometimes things you never imaged possible creep up on you.

I’ve learned that patience, and hope are a man’s greatest tools of existence. Without them, a soul’s destruction is inevitable.

* That’s the best translation I could come up with.

Quotes: Insanity

One Way

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein

“The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.”
Bruce Feirstein

I can most probably identify with the first one more. However, for the second, I don’t have a measuring tool yet.

U p d a t e :
OK, here is one more quote but it has nothing to do with insanity.

“Somebody ought to tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live to the limit of every minute of every day.

Do it. I say, whenever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows.”
Michael Landon

Invention: WatZuka Slapper®

Dear friends,
We would like to inform you, our beloved customers, of our newest product as of yet. This product is what you have been waiting for. Many of you remember the Jolt slapper® which we have released not long ago. We gave each and everyone of you a Boomerang Zanooba Slapper® with every piece we shipped out. Many of you were pleased, and asked for more. We changed it, enhanced it and made it much better. However, it was not enough. Many of you did not use it as much because of the injury it would cause. We wanted our customers to enjoy their riding experience without the guilt of having someone killed because they were tazed, or got gunned down with lasers by one of our products.

Our newest product, the WatZuka Slapper® (available in coal black, dirty pink, and gold), will give you that yearned for experience. It is a laser guided water missile that you will be able to shoot out of a lightweight expandable bazooka. The feeling is unmatched. The idea is that if someone bothers you on the street, you can either get ahead, or park the car for a minute, and aim that thing and let her rip! Use it wisely and send us your feedback! We appreciate to hear from you.

Yours Truly,
CEO Slapper® Inc.
Slappers Enhance your driving. Look Ma! No Hands!

For more slapper products please visit the Slapper® link on the right below the main menu.

In the Middle of the Road…

I could not find a suitable image to suit the topic today. I do have a picture of road kill (a dead squirrel) and if I post it I would probably not stop receiving e-mails from animal rights activists!

Have you ever seen something totally out of place on a road? Something that certainly does not belong there? I’m most certainly not talking about all the road kill out there, unless it is strange. For example, a friend of mine said once he saw a dead cow here in Kuwait! A cow? I’d be surprised! If he’d said a goat, or a camel, I would think it was normal but a cow? Now that’s new to me! Yet, still very possible!

Here are some of the strange items I have seen: A chair, a mid-size wooden cage, even a mattress! — all in the middle of the road! Sadly I do not have the pictures to prove it! I will try to remember to take pictures if I come across anything new!

What is the strangest thing you have seen on a road?

Justice vs. Mercy

Garbage AlleyA homeless mother of four children has no way of feeding them. She has asked for help, but without avail, she is left in the wild to care for her children alone without money, food, or shelter. She fears for her children’s health and would never eat out of a garbage can, but she has no other choice — until — she sees the opportunity to take some food from a rich family that lives close by. She does the crime, to save herself and her children. In the process, she accidentally breaks some very valuable kitchenware.

The women is caught by the police. If you were the judge, would you prosecute this woman for her criminal behavior? Would you let her go, because she had no other choice?

This is only an example where Justice and Mercy clash. What do you have to say about this? What should be done?

My Sister, The Baby Eater

I talked about my nephew before, and that cute Japanese girl who was in our house a while back. I saw her yesterday too, she just got back from a long vacation. As soon as she saw me she came running to me giving me a big hug! She’s the most cutest kid I have ever seen! Today’s story, however, is of a different nature.. do not be shocked.

My nephew and sister were in the car talking about my nephew’s first day in school (He’s in KG1/Year 1). The conversation goes something like this (I’ll refer to her using Mother, and him as Son to make reading it easy):

Mother: What is the name of your teacher?
Son: Teacher Miss Huda.
Mother: Eh 7abeby, maygolon Teacher Miss Huda, Ya Teacher Huda or Miss Huda okay baby.
Son: Ohma egolon chithee.
Mother: Meno?
Son: El yahaal.
Mother: Eh Ba3th-hom chithee, o Ba3th-hom chithee.
Son: Yuma, laish bet-3ethenhom.
Mom: *shocked* Sheno? La el yahal ba3th-hom egolon Teacher Huda o ba3th-hom egolon Miss Huda.
Son: E, bet-3ethenhom?
Mom: *testaw3eb, o taqshi men el the7ek. She calls my mom and tells her the story.*

Later on they arrive at our home, and my nephew goes to my mom.

Son: *to my mom* Omy bet-3eth el yahal.
My Mom: *laughing* La! Ehya etgol ba3th-hom, ya3ne eshwaya menhom mo kelehom!
Son: *gets into it!* Laaaaaaaa. bet3eth-hoooom! HUMMM! *and makes a huge biting action*


Why I removed my Blogroll…

I read quite a lot of blogs out there. A lot of them are interesting and a lot are funny. A lot of them are close, and my friends are among them. I removed the blogroll because it was getting way too big, especially for those that deserve exposure! I decided to create a new page, with all the blog links that were here in my active blogroll.

Edit: If you’re not on the list, post a comment, and a reason why you should be, and I’ll take that into consideration :p lol J/k. Leave a comment anyway! I love reading new content and different ideas and opinions on things!

A Kuwaiti Movie: One More Chance

Abdal MoviesIn the news of latest innovation in Kuwait. Please allow me to share with you, a Kuwaiti Movie (Action, Comedy, Drama) by Abdal Movies. You may check out the trailer on YouTube, or you may download the trailer from their website in WMV format.

Youtube link:
Abdal Movies Website Link: One More Chance.

Reserved, going to add something here later.