Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Hot, Hot, Hot.

Hot OfficeI work in the very top floor in the building. Recently construction started, and they have begun from the top and will continue down the building. I can’t explain the details of what they are doing but so far they have ripped the windows out and replaced them with a thick cardboard. It is getting hotter by the minute.

Random Q: Do/Would you swim in the sea at night?

Tip: Infinite Gmail addresses

If you have a Gmail account you can actually modify that address to have tons of Gmail addresses.

How it works is that you can insert any number of dots, anywhere in your user name. So if your e-mail is: you can have any of the following e-mail addresses.


You can also add a + after the user name like so:


This tip has been covered by a few other websites. Here’s to sharing. *cheers*

Japanese Girl, in our house!

Cute Japanese GirlSee that little girl? No she wasn’t in our house. But one very similar! I first saw her months ago while we were having a family gathering. A cute little Japanese girl (About 3 years old) was walking among us carrying a little pink handbag. We knew something was wrong with that picture, how did she get here!

It later turned out (I found out) that our previous house keeper now works for a Japanese family and was baby sitting so she brought the little girl over. Everyone was saying how cute and adorable she was! And she really is! Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot more of her since our ex-housekeeper comes around in the afternoon usually leaves when the family driver is ready to pick them up.

Whenever I see her in our house, I can’t help but think that a cute little anime character is standing right in front of me! I’d always try chatting with her but somehow I’d have a hard time understanding what she was saying. After much debate I managed to actually tell her something in Japanese, and so I said, “Konichiwa” She smiled a very cute smile and replied, “Konichiwaaa”! Allah ekhaleha enshalla mashallah 3aleha.

Her friend, my 4 year old nephew is a different story! I don’t know they communicate when they play together but I guess they have a way of understanding each other.

Kuwait Blogs — Thank you.

I just want to say thanks to the people at Kuwait Blogs for adding my blog to Safat. This post is a follow-up on my previous situation.

My Music, The Sequel

Last month I decided to share my current playlist with you, and today you’re getting a new batch of this wonderful music I listen to. You can click on the links on the right side bar to listen as well. Keep an open mind, and here are the two albums I have in store for you.

Andrea BocelliSogno
– Bocelli, what more can I say? There are a few duets in this album, which give it a very unique taste. I hope you’ll like it.
Click to Listen

Yngwie MalmsteenConcerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in E Flat Minor Op. 1
– A neoclassical album. A guitar genius plays along with an orchestra. You have to listen to this if you like classical music and/or electric guitars!
Click to Listen

You can still access the link to the previous album I had up, Romanza by Andrea Bocelli as well, but I’m removing the link from the side bar.


Why I Prefer A Shaved Head

Shaved HeadThe place where I work has a formal dress code. Being one of the few Kuwaitis, and also because of the nature of the place, I prefer to dress in a dishdasha with a ghutra and agal. Because of the gahfiya under the ghutra, the hair has usually been pressed for long hours, so it tends to get pretty messed up (either that or it becomes super slick and you know what that looks like don’t you?)

Anyway, I shaved my head the other day and boy does it feel good. I’m a big fan of shaving and have been doing it for a while. I sometimes grow it, but I prefer a shaved head. Even showering is easier :p Never the less, the benefits of a shaved head are far greater than having a non shaved head.

Thanks to Shale for providing 4 – 15.

  1. Use less shampoo while taking a shower.
  2. No need to Comb.
  3. Can easily take of head gear without worrying about a messed up hairdo.
  4. No head lice.
  5. No dandruff.
  6. Save a bucket of money on wax. Also, since you live in a hot country, you do not have to worry about your wax melting and your spiky, messy hairstyle falling down.
  7. If you lose weight, people will think you have aids.
  8. You are more like an egg, and people will want you to tap your head with a spoon.
  9. You do not need to wear a hat to the swimming pool.
  10. When you go to prison, you will not feel humiliated by the shaving bit.
  11. If you wear tight black t-shirts, people will think you are gay.
  12. If you get a black eye, people will think you started the fight, because you are a skinhead.
  13. My Mother will look at your head in disappointment, like she looks at my younger brother’s shaved head.
  14. You are more streamlined when you go swimming.
  15. You can tell people you have undergone chemo and ask them if they think your eyebrow wigs look real.

What other benefits would you attribute to a shaved head?

Emotion-Sensing Furniture Changes Hues

Emotion Sensing FurnitureFuwapica — Soft and flashy. This is the new furniture of the future. Whereby it interacts with your mood and its surroundings to change hues. A concept would be such that..

a person might walk into a room furnished with Fuwapica, place a memento or favorite item — let’s say a blue vase — on the table and sit on one of the chairs. Gradually the chairs begin to change from white to blue.

Isn’t that just very cool? Read more about it at the Discovery Channel Technology News website.

Hot Movie Chicks of 2007

I have come up with a list of the 5 most appealing women in 2007 movies, some of these moves are yet to be released.

These are the babes of 2007;

Keira KnightleyPirates of the Caribbean – May 25
Megan FoxTransformers – July 4
Angelina JolieBeowulf – November 16
Scarlett JohanssonThe Nanny Diaries – September 7
Katherine HeiglKnocked Up – June 1

Harry Potter Premiere Photos

I was taking a look at the Harry Potter Premiere Photos, and couldn’t help but notice the three pictures with Emirati people in Photos 9, 10, 11. I thought that was real cool.

Medicine, Yuck

MedicineWhy does medicine have to taste so bad? My antibiotics supplement finished. I still needed to go a few days more (because initially I was taking two pills when I should have just taken one!) I ran out pretty quick. I am currently on the kids antibiotic mix! That stuff tastes so good! Who decided that medicine should just taste bad? Why does it have to be torture? :/ AND why do pills have to be so huge that you’d nearly choke on them! I hate pills..

Reserved, going to add something here later.