Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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The Glider

The glider: an Appropriate Hacker Emblem



Power Content


Picture: Kuwait Oddities

I took this picture in the parking lot next to Bank eltasleef wel edekhar. Click on the image for a clear view. Elevator

Invention: Jolt Slapper®

Dexter!Ladies and Gentlemen, the long awaited and anticipated product as of yet! We present to you, the Jolt Slapper® This product is unique in design, light, affordable and works with a push of a button!

Have you driven by, and wondered, Why in God’s name is this person so SLOW?! Wonder no more! With the Jolt Slapper® you can ZAP these people with a little confidence that will surly make them pick up the pace!

Stuck behind a slow poke? Get yourself unstuck with the new Jolt Slapper®! Order now and we’ll include this Boomerang Zanooba for free! Whenever you run out of battery with your Jolt Slapper, throw the Boomerang Zanooba and it should do come back to you with pleasing and instant results!


Tax and shipping rates apply. Not to be used outdoor or indoor. Do not place product in the sun or in extreme weather conditions. Slapper® Products are not guaranteed 100% neither are they real. If indeed you do come across a real slapper product we take no responsibility for your actions, or any out comes that may results from Slapper® products. Do not contact us. Slapper® is a yet to be a registered trademark of N. and N.’s subsidiary companies. Patent yet to be submitted, copyrighted sort of… in a way.

Top Commentators

I was looking at an article in LifeHack that has some very useful WordPress plugins. I hurried on over to check them, the one that fascinated me the most was the Show Top Commentators plugin by Nate. I downloaded it, installed it, only to find out it didn’t support widgets!

I googled, and hacked the original code and enabled widget functionality. In an effort to contact the creator and inform him of this change, I googled, and came across a widget enabled version of the plugin; “Top Commentators” by Webgrrrl.

In the end keeping my version, only because I ran into a few database errors while trying to install Webgrrrl’s version, even though it has all options in the Widget Sidebar Arrangements page.

My Version: Show Top Commentators Hacked
Webgrrrl’s Version: Top Commentators
Original Version: Show Top Commentators

Men Style, Really

Picking ClothesDuring my adolescent years I never paid a lot of attention to fashion as an important part of my life. Actually I believe my sense of style was the outcome of rebellion against society, tradition, culture, and everything else in this world. I enjoyed wearing black (as in very dark), baggy jeans (used to), torn jeans (ok that was way way back), obscene shirts (I still have some), and my single pair of running shoes.

In my later adolescent and current years, I stuck with the casual wear. Regular and casual t-shirts and shirts. A pair of jeans or khakis would usually suffice. However, I do get sometimes in the mood for the traditional Dishdasha and Qutra, I prefer pants in general.

Recently, I have been looking for an alternate and better source of information on style. Usually Magazines would do the trick however the lack of GQ in local stores didn’t help. I’m also trying to search online for something stylish, current, and fun. However, at the moment, I’m in a slump and I haven’t found a single site worth mentioning.

Scripts: Add links to HTML pages

I had a large PDF file with hundreds of pages. I exported it to HTML for better reading, however the pages were not linked, and it was completely inefficent for me to read or browse the HTML book without creating and adding Previous and Next links. The solution? I created this python script to add the links to the HTML pages.

-> Add links to HTML

News: The Future Future

In the latest Tech and Space related news,

Solar-Powered Plane to Attempt History

May 22, 2007 A dainty solar-powered plane with wings the width of a giant Airbus will retrace exploits in aviation history, including Charles Lindbergh’s first ever transatlantic crossing, before a pioneering round-the-world flight in 2011, project leaders said Tuesday.

While this sounds very fascinating I can’t help but imagine the following scenario, “Oh Shit! A Cloud!” Best of luck to this great scientific venture!

‘Growable’ Homes Made With Mushrooms
The patented Greensulate formula is an organic, fire-retardant board made of water, flour, minerals and mushroom spores. It not only hinders heat flow but could also be modified to produce sustainable, “growable” homes.

While maybe sounding a little strange to live in a mushroom home, it is biodegradable and is less expensive than the regular insulator currently used.

This reminds me of Igloos and they were the perfect solution for living in an Ice-olated (tehee) area! Nevertheless, As ridiculous as this may sound to normal ppl, these are the homes of the future (not the current future, but future future).

Mac Repair

My PoweBook laptop died about a month or so ago. I was a little pessimistic when I figured out the hard drive was the problem. I tried a lot of hard disk related softwares such as Drive Genius and Data Rescue, but soon enough, even the hard drive stopped being detected. There was no option but to have it changed.
naked powerbook
After pondering for a few days, I saved myself the trouble and pain and visited iFixIt. I already had a laptop drive acting as an external. I cleared off the files and went ahead to replacing the drive myself!

I did have a problem with a stuck screw next to the hard drive. That is when I learned about a Screw Extractor. I don’t know the Arabic translation or name of the tool, but I went down to Ace and got me one.
naked powerbook 2
El7emdellah, my laptop is working great now! I just finished updating it yesterday.

Untill When?

A new movement has started called “?? ???..?”, also translates to “Until When..?”

Link: Student Forces
Facebook Group: ?? ???..?

I like that people are speaking up and trying to do something, but sadly I am a little pessemistic as to what these people can actually do. It takes a lot to make a change in this country, and if indeed these people can make a difference then that is great, if not, then they will slowly disolve into the many movements and organizations that tried to rise and make a difference.

These people, and all people, have to keep in mind that action speak louder than words. To simply talk about the issues will not help, everyone KNOWS the issues. The idea is to come together and do something that will enshalla make a difference, for the better.

The Vacation Begins

Last Wednesday was the last day at work for me. Since I quit my job, I have been fantasizing about this little break. It is about two weeks. It is 7:46am, and I’m wearing my bath robe, chilling. I think I’ll go have breakfast in a bit. The good life, don’t you think?

Family Matters

I loved that show very much. As much as I’d like to discuss Urkel and the Winslow family this is about families in general, and Kuwaiti families to be exact. I just received a call from a close family member who was telling me about some issues that were going on in the family. For some reason it felt I was in one of those Mexican Soaps– minus the business conspiracy and who’s after who’s money. I understand this is a fact that is related to large families and (not so) close relatives. It is simply unavoidable.

In this little issue I am supposed to play a certain role, and act differently than who I really am.. and for a very good reason. I certainly don’t feel comfortable doing it but it has to be done. It is like a game, they started, the Kuwaiti rules are already set, and thus I have to take on the roll of the typical Kuwaiti male who behaves in typical ways so as to expect typical results.

I’m an easy going guy, I really am. I dislike taking part in such activities, yet what has to be done just has to be done. *Sigh*

Note: I miss you my friend

Reserved, going to add something here later.