Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Typical, So Typical

Why is it that when a guy or a girl does something that we generally perceive as negative we say, “Oh, such a typical Kuwait!” We are so used to this phrase that we don’t even think to consider what is actually a typical Kuwaiti. Some may think, “Oh but we know what a typical Kuwaiti is.. it is a guy or girl who is superficial.. cocky.. got bad English.. blah blah” Really? It is generally that bad?

It recently dawned on me that most of the Kuwaiti population do not fit the profile so well. Could it be that those who hold on to nationalism and brag about it, and somehow believe that it gives them some holy right just because of their nationality are actually those who associate these negative attributes to the population? Possibly.

So who or what are typical Kuwaitis? Most (based on my knowledge) are good people, sincere, generous, and friendly people, they do complain a lot but that is what adds to their understanding of others. Are there qualities that you believe are real and typical of Kuwaitis?

Thoughts on Organization

Mult-tasking manI have a Google account with email, calendar, tasks, docs.

I have a Google Apps account with email, calendar, tasks, docs.

I have Evernote with notes and notebooks.

I have a Mac with applications such as; Stickies and Evernote.

I have a Blackberry with tasks and memos.

I have a mokeskin for note-taking.

I have scrap paper for scribbling.

I’m still chaotically organized. Something is wrong with this picture.

The World has made me old

Who would have thought that time would pass by so quickly. I dont mean that a lot of things changed since the last time I sat back to look at it, but I feel old, and not in the sense that my back hurts, but inside my chest is a feeling, a feeling old.

I cant say it is only because of time, because time does make a person feel old, but the World can have a much larger effect. A person can feel old just by noticing the world around them, and everything in it.

However, compared to an Oak tree in a forest, Im probably very young.

I imagine sitting on a lake with mountains in the horizon and the sun setting behind them. I feel young and refreshed. I know why I want to be there. I understand life, people, the world. I feel alive.

I imagine sitting in a bus, in a crowded place, looking at people around me and what theyre doing. Where are those people headed? Why are they going there? Where did they come from? Then I ask myself, Where am I going? What am I doing? Where do I come from?

I have no answer. Not to my questions at least.

I look into my chest and wonder, why is it that I am feeling older.

Official Country Ubuntu Mirrors

The official Ubuntu country mirrors for Kuwait ( and are now hosted by Qualitynet.

What does this all mean? That all you Ubuntu fans can enjoy full speeds when updating and downloading Ubuntu as you will be download them from a server at Qualitynet. Also, if there is an international cable cut, you most likely wont be affected if you wanted to update your packages. If you get bored during a cable cut, and can’t find anything else to do, download a distro of Ubuntu and play around until things get back up and running.

You can find more information on these links:

Who are you really?

“…And what were you before?” Do you know where that is from? A: Casablanca. Such a great movie. Now, on to the topic at hand.

Here is the question for today: Are you as people perceive you? Or do people perceive a totally different YOU?

We may walk the streets with a smile on our faces, interacting with the world around us and making people know us the way we like them to know us. We may not have a care in the world. Or we may, have all types of dilemmas surrounding us, yet we still smile and live on our lives without those around us suspecting a thing.

Don’t get me wrong, when I say how people perveive you I do not mean they know the intimate details of your life, but the essential information as to how you are like, what you do enjoy and who you like to be around.

So who are you really? Are you who you say you are? Really? Or do you wear a mask, that hides who you truly are? Criminals need not answer, as their answer would be obvious.

Select Star

Contrary to what you might think, “select star” is no more than a geek reference.

This is what happens in my head when I try to remember things. I imagine there are many SQL tables. I then do a “select * from faces” if I was to remember someone I might have known before.

Soon enough I get the message, “Error: MySQL server has gone away.” Huh? The query timed out. I then try a few other queries. “Select * from events where in (‘white’,'male’,'funny mustache’,'smiles a lot’)”

A few minutes later and there is a potential result, I can feel my brain working hard. Sadly there are no results even for a few more minutes. I then decide heck, I’m not going to remember this guy even if I run multiple queries on a memcached MySQL cluser grid.

# killall mysql && /etc/init.d/mysql start

And there it is, what happens in my brain when I try to remember someone’s face.

“Powered by MySQL”

Facebook Status Comment

N.: Eshrayech?

A.: Wisdom baby, Wisdom!

N.: Eh, afa 3alech bs!

A.: Sej wisdom kharbo6a, bs it’s still wisdom!

N.: A7la wisdom!


56586862 I was once told that I work in a very quiet and boring environment. I was told that my job as a Systems Admin doesnt have much action and I dont get to interact with  a lot of people. let me tell you something, I work in a very different environment that you imagine; Geeksville, that is where it is.

Sure, my office is a small cubicle with computers, a telephone, and some other office supplies. Yet, when I work, I enter the virtual space of the server and I wonder off and explore. It is a world like many others, but not accessible by anyone, only the privileged.

I get to meet the processor, oh the processor AKA CPU has a lot of jobs to do and is mostly quite busy but we get to chat a bit. I get to look at all the jobs the CPU is doing. I might sometimes give the CPU a hand and kill off any process that is troubling the CPU.

I get to walk around the file system. Oh the file system! What a great place, It is so easy to find a map and ask around for different paths. There are these little helpers you see, that give directions and information of the different paths and files all over.

Sometimes I design the place as I walk around making changes here and there, by moving files and paths around and create a file system that can do many different things! Other times I give the CPU more tasks to do and do what I can to make it work without being too overloaded.

My job as a System Administrator may lack the typical human contact element, but it is a world of its own out there, a whole world, Geeksville.

Banning Spammers

I haven’t been blogging much or following comments or anything for that matter. Lately I’ve been getting e-mail notifications of spam comments which go through. These spam comments were made by regular people in India and other places who were hired to comment on my blog.

Aksimet doesn’t detect them because they are normal people. They can bypass the captcha and every other spam blocking mechanism. Now, I’ve decided to block them completely before they even reach my blog, how? I’ll tell you.

I installed WP-Ban and added the following IPs:

121.246.81.* –

It is sad if a legitimate person in those segements was curious and decided to read and comment on my blog, but frankly spam comments are annoying. It doesn’t matter if you get a regular person to do the dirty work rather than a script, a spam comment is still a spam comment!

So there…

In another note, I’m more active on twitter than I am on my blog. 140 characters seem more than convenient for whatever I have to say. You can find me here;


*3aaaaah* Alright, now that was a good stretch. I feel like I have been hibernating all these months. True true, Im an impulse poster, who posts only when enthusiasm is at its highest. Currently enthusiasm has been pretty low. Reading news online has become a drag, my best news source is BBC radio. Work has been full throttle so I divert most of my energy there, no time to think or be philosophical and such.

I have mentioned earlier on twitter that I was planning on getting the company I work for to buy into the corporate social networking. Blogs, twittering, wikis, the works! Of course, it is not easy, neither will it be, but imagine the potential this strategy has.

What many do not understand is that building an image is not only the PR peoples job! We as a department that provide services to other departments and to our customers as well can have a great (positive) effect on the workplace. Sure, not everything is shiny and sure we are bound to be hit by a backlash, but why not? Dont people deserve to know about certain events? Im sure theyd like to see how we are actually working pretty hard on getting great services out there to the people.

Im working on it, we shall see where this will go.

P.S. Im very much contemplating posting about my extreme geekism, but Im sure Im going to lose my primary readers because it is too technical and geeky =P

Reserved, going to add something here later.